Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I need your thoughts?!

Okay. So usually when it comes to my outfits, I am good at making decisions but on this particular occasion -  I seriously need all my bloggers opinions! I know I could throw a rock in cyber space and hit 10 fashion bloggers at once so am expecting an abundance of well informed and trustworthy opinions. This question is to EVERYONE though. I wanna hear all of your thoughts. I am going out for drinks and clubbing. I'm not the kinda girl who wears a micro dress and heels. I like to look a bit different. I love every part of this outfit but need to know whether you think it works together. I think I love it but the colour scheme is so very different to anything I have worn before.

Does this outfit work?

My dress (taken by moi)

Shoes, nail varnish, bracelet, ring, clutch bag, dress

My dress (picture from the website)
Gone Fishing - Minty colour nail varnish

The colours are a minty green and a vibrant orange. Sounds weird. Something about it works for me though. It is slightly miss-matched but modern and most importantly a statement.

Let me know your thoughts guys!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Heel VS. The Flat

So you are planning to head to the town for a night out at the weekend. Maybe you will have a few drinks, hit a few bars and reach your last and final stop of the evening at the club. Maybe you are going out for a meal with your family or you have a job interview in the week. Do you decide to wear heels or flats? For me, it is always a hard choice. I usually end up choosing heels but after last time I went out, I have decided to opt for flats Friday night.

ASOS - £22
The timeless Heel.

It goes perfectly with my outfit, makes me taller and lengthens my legs. It stops me from being 'the short one' in my group of friends and gives me a little bit more confidence. All of these things are, of course, a positive but I hate it when I get to that point in the night where the pain hits me. My feet ache and all I want to do is take my heels off and chuck them at someone (preferably a girl who is managing to conceal her distress better than me). I can walk in heels but it gets to the point where I struggle to mask my absolute hatred for them. I then become conscious of my, suddenly, approachable face.  However, the next day when I look through photos of the night before, I am happy I wore them and resisted the temptation to hurtle them across the room. I am also very happy that they are off my feet...until the next time of course.

The effortless Flat.
Topshop - £19

I love my flats. They are comfy. I can walk, dance, run, skip and cartwheel in them (okay so maybe not cartwheel but I can do the rest). They are like tiny pieces of fashion hugging my feet. They are cute and so beautifully effortless, but  more than that - they are usually cheaper than heels. My biggest problem is that being one of the shortest in my group of friends usually means that heels leave everyone towering above me. Most of my friends wear heels when we go out and it creates an even bigger difference in the level of their head and the level of mine. They aren't as fun to walk in, don't compliment your outfit as much as some feisty heels and certainly do not lengthen my legs. I prefer my legs to be lengthened. I never regret wearing heels though when other people are moaning about how their feet are killing them. I just look down at my flats and feel like I made the best choice! If only I could do a cartwheel...

What is your opinion on The Heel VS. The Flat? Which do you usually chose and why? Maybe you mix it up and wear both (obviously not a the same time!?)

Let me know what you think - or maybe you have an alternative to both? I am very interested in hearing what you all think.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Lunch in the Lanes.

Today I met up with two of my friends for Lunch in Brighton. We headed down the Lanes and stumbled across an Italian restaurant we went to a few years back called Donatello's. The atmosphere was amazing, the food delicious as was the price. £7.95 for two courses. I had Aubergine Parmigiana and Chocolate Truffle Gateau for desert. Had a really great day :) and finished it off by browsing round Cath Kidston and buying a beautiful big sketch book in Paper-chase. Here a few snaps taken on my iPod today (no pictures of me because I was the person behind the camera!)

Hope you are all having a great weekend! I think tomorrow will be a chilled out day for me - just some movies and a bit of artwork in my new sketch book - maybe I will do some painting!

ASOS Fashion Finder.

My new, beautiful obsession is ASOS Fashion Finder. In the last couple of months I have started assembling looks by building an outfit using all of ASOS' products and presenting it as an online mood board. It is hard to explain. I love it though and it gives me so much inspiration, especially browsing through other peoples designs. It feels like being a virtual stylist except minus the scary person paying and critiquing your ensemble. Anyone can join. It costs no money and will most likely consume some of your valuable time! It also has competitions where it will ask you to style a 'Novelty Outfit' or a look perfect for 'London Fashion Week' etc etc. If you want to have a go, just click here!

Here are a few of mine. Opinions please!

Summer City Break Look

London Fashion Week Look

Off to the Airport Look

College Days Look

So what do you think of the looks I have created - Let me know!

P.s Also off out to Lunch tomorrow to meet up with a friend at University. Catching up in Brighton so hopefully I will be able to get some sweet pictures of the Lanes and maybe my outfit.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

a new love.

TopShop has become a house hold name in Fashion. It has revolutionary pieces, celebrity collaborations and is spreading like a tropical disease across the globe. TopShop used to be our little secret here in the UK but now everyone is on to it. As much as I love the clothes and beautiful accessories, the thing that I covet most is the nail polish. You know when you find an amazing dress and you imagine a very specific nail polish colour but no where seems to have this magical colour of your wildest dreams? Topshop has become my answer to this ever so frequent problem. Other than the variety, the originality and the price - the names of them are beautiful and make me feel happy for no particular reason. Here are my favourites (all ranging from £5-6.50)!

Blue Monday
Parma Violet
Gone Fishing
Geography Teacher
Country Bumpkin

Smashing Pumpkins

Let me know what you think of the nail colours above? Have you got a favourite!? 

Mine has to be Blue Monday, although I am rather partial to Parma Violet!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

an adventure in London.

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to London yesterday. It was great. I always stupidly forget how big it is every time I go there though. The more I go to big cities, the more I realise that I am a bit of small town girl. I want to be more of a city girl but honestly? it seriously tired me and my friend out. I know that the more time I spend in cities the easier it will become but it is going to be a big adjustment if I ever move there. When I was in Sydney last year, the city had such a different vibe. To start with it is smaller and less populated but anyone who has been to London and braved travelling in rush hour will tell you that it is kinda like volunteering yourself to get beaten up...on a tiny train miles beneath civilised society. No I am not exaggerating. The risk of getting hit by a taxi goes up about 90% and the feeling of being crushed is frequent. Despite all of this, please do not be put off. It is exciting, vibrant and full of stunning landmarks and beautiful shops. A place that although I do not frequently visit, is everything I have ever aspired to reach.

So we headed up to take some photos, explore London a bit more thoroughly and just have a nice day out. This was our adventure in London.

I am sad to say I never got a picture of my outfit on my camera but my friend may have taken one when I wasn't looking. I wore my leopard print collar black 60's dress with leggings, ankle boots, my new baggy red cardigan and my trusty satchel. I had such a great time just strolling around the city, taking photos and exploring. I hope you like them. I love getting the chance to share my photography on here and use my DSLR for what it was intended - capturing beautiful sights.

Let me know what you think! 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

A little note about tomorrow.

I have had such a busy week so far. Haven't had much time to share things with you but I am heading up to London tomorrow! Exciting. With London Fashion Week starting I am hoping to see all the fashion lovers out in the city and get some great snaps. I can't wait to just have a day to chill out, do some photography and visit some of London's most established sights. I have seen the whole Buckingham palace thing before but I have never been to Harrods.

Will be sharing my day's adventure though my photos over the weekend and will try and get a few snaps of my outfit if possible!

Also, I reached 100 followers this week. I have been waiting for this for such a long time and almost cannot believe I have finally got here. I want to have gained another 100 throughout this year - that is my mission.

Have a great Friday tomorrow :) I can't wait for mine!!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Today I am wearing - 11/02/2012

Yes. This is an outfit post. I actually took photos of my outfit away from my bedroom mirror! I was brave. I was courageous. I...just really liked this outfit. ''Live a little'' I told myself and so here I am sharing my outfit with you. It was comfy and unique for me. I love my leather jacket so much that at times, it's hard to get me out of it! Today I left the mirror, leather and iPod touch camera behind. This could only be the work of my DSLR.

So, back to today. As you can see in the pictures below I wore a blue printed tea dress, my new extra-baggy granddad cardigan, leggings, boots and my new snood. Although I look warm and happy I was very cold. I moaned about being cold most of the day! Thank goodness pictures cannot talk. Anyway, I really like this outfit. I think the colours work really well together and are unusual for me. I tend to avoid red because of my hair so it was really nice to look a bit different. I also straightened my hair and carefully applied my make-up.

Dress - New Look, Leggings - Matalan, Ankle boots - New Look

Snood - Accessorize, Cardigan - New Look
Satchel - Primark

Also thought I would add a picture I took today whilst I was out. We stopped at the seafront to have our lunch! We ate it in the car because it was so cold. Even though the temperature was low, it was a really beautiful day today as you can see. The sky was clear, the air crisp and the water blue.

Okay well I have to go. Pretty Little Liars is on and after a 3 month wait, I am finally going to get to see the rest of series 1!

Happy Saturday :)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

a letter to you all RE: IFB

Dear Readers,

I hope to share something with you all. Maybe you already know about this and maybe you don't. It is history in the making. The world of Fashion Blogging is changing.

Have you heard of IFB before? Something tells me you have. Well I discovered them maybe a year ago and never really utilised all the amazing tips and information they have to teach us Fashion bloggers until around 7 or 8 months ago. I now check them daily, read their latest posts and indulge in the wealth of knowledge they have to offer. It has helped my blog more than I would have ever known possible offering advice on all the things that, at times, make my head feel dizzy. When it comes to business, my understanding wasn't too informed when I first started out. Along the way however, my knowledge has grown. It has to because essentially, we are running little businesses.

So my dad runs and owns a small company and has offered me lots of advice but his knowledge is very specific to the area he works in. I started reading and researching the business in blogging on the Internet. Eventually I came across IFB but had no idea what it was all about. A few months after signing up I decided to really look through the website and came across all the things I had been looking for in one place. Questions that had been pulsing through my brain since the birth of Hailes Hearts Fashion. It was like being in a room with everyone person you need to speak to. People you know will be able to answer your questions, or at least give it a good go. Since making this discovery, it has undoubtedly taught me a lot in terms of improving my blog, retaining inspiration and applying the knowledge of business to fashion. I know that some of you aren't fashion bloggers but we read each others blogs because in terms of interests, we aren't one dimensional. I love fashion but I also love reading the amazing on-going stories people post, following a person as they travel and learning to make weird and wonderful things from the craft blogs I read.  IFB will be able to provide all of you with some helpful tips so please give their website a check out.

I was soon be sharing my notes from watching yesterdays LIVE IFB conference. I posted it on here so you all had a chance to watch it. Maybe you viewed it through a different source or maybe you didn't catch any of it but it was filled with inspiring panellists, useful tips and helpful answers to those questions that have been infecting my mind.

I hope you have found this post to have been to some interest. I hope IFB can help you all with blogging as much as they have helped me.