Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cheerio England, G'day Australia!!

Tomorrow I am finally off to Australia! I cannot believe how quickly it has come around. It has been so great getting my summer dresses, sun glasses and flip flops back out. I'm heading to Sydney, where my sister Carly lives and even though I am leaving Wednesday 21st September at 22:20pm English time, I don't arrive in Australia until 08:45am Friday morning. However, I am stopping half way in Hong Kong for a few hours, but that only adds like 4 hours to the journey. It just sounds like it will take forever... I'm guessing it will feel the same way too! Besides being nervous and asking myself 'why have you done this?' I am feeling pretty excited. My outfit is sorted and my bags; packed (almost). Most of my good-byes have been said and now it's just left to saying goodbye to my parents and my brothers. Its going to be worth it though I am sure. Anyway, I obviously wont be posting for the next couple of days and haven't posted as recently as I would have normally liked because of being so busy, sorry! When I get there and settle in, I will post pictures from my sisters birthday out in Sydney and finally get the chance to wear my new red dress!

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

My Guide to the Little Red Dress.

It seems that red is the colour of the moment. Magazines are telling us to forget about our LBD's (little black dresses) and update our wardrobe by finding ourselves a LRD (see title*). Every show on TV is talking about the red trend and so after a while I decided to take a leap and go for it. Having red hair, people are always telling me or 'advising' me that I should avoid red. I have tried my hardest to ignore the berry reds every Winter and pass by the bold reds in the Summer but this year I have decided to stop avoiding it and give it a go. Below is my simple and stylish guide to finding a Red that suits you...

Which RED is for me?

If you have Fair Skin...a Blue undertone red will suit you better. It is hard to describe this kind of red, but it is a light, cooler colour that verges more into the blue/ purple spectrum. Dark burgundy reds tend to suit you well and add depth to your colouring. 

If you have a Medium Skin tone...an Orangey red is probably best. The warmth in your skin compliments the warmth of the colour. It would probably be best to avoid cold reds as it could wash the warmth out of your skin but there are always exceptions to the rule.

If you have a Dark Skin tone...any colour red will suit you. You can go as dark or light as you like it's just about finding the colour you like the best. Pillar box red is perfect as it has a strong balance between being both bright but also bold.

As previously mentioned, there are ALWAYS exceptions to any rule of fashion. It used to be frowned upon to mix patterns and now it is all over the catwalks. Horizontal stripes are supposed to add pounds whereas on me, they always seems to flatter.

These are my favourites from some of my favourite shops:
Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins

Miss Selfridge
So this morning my red dress arrived in the post. Excitedly I tried it on and to my surprise, I loved it. It was comfortable, complimented my shape, the colour surprisingly suited me and was perfect for dining out when I go to Australia. Below is a picture of the dress I bought, pictures to follow in my next post (soon).

Evans £50

What do you think about the Red Trend and have you/are you going to buy into it? What colours do you think look best worn with Red?

Let me know what you think about this post or any of the things I have said by leaving a comment below!

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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Today's outfit: Retro and Rainy.

Cardigan - Tesco, Umbrella - Primark
Lip Stick - Bourjois
Dress & Tights - Evans
Shoes - Newlook
I can't control the weather, in case you didn't know? But it seemed to be on my side today, as was the neighbours fence. Last night I decided I would do an outfit post today, and hoped I would be able to use my umbrella. When I woke up, the rain was pounding down and the oak tree in our garden waving back and forth. Putting on my polka dot dress, red lipstick and heels I headed down stairs with my camera in hand and shocked my mother. Into the garden we went and I lamely tried to pose for the camera. You see, I come across so many blogs with amazing outfit posts not just taken in a bedroom mirror and since I have started my blog, have really wanted to give this a go. Today I did and it was fun and wet, but mainly wet. I edited some of the photos because, I thought they looked more effective. However some are natural.

Let me know what you think of this post and today's outfit?

Thank-you for reading!!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

A typical Sunday.

Cardigan - New Look, Top - Target Australia, Leggings- Evans, Skirt - Dorothy Perkins

Belt - an old belt of my Granddads 

Close up of my simple make-up

Silver Tiffany Necklace

BarryM - Berry nail varnish

Sundays are never too exciting in my house, but I like that. It has been raining all day so I decided not to go out or do anything. Just a casual outfit. Here I am wearing a plain black vest top, a black cardigan, a high- waisted tribal printed skirt, full length leggings, a simple heart pendant and lilac nail varnish. I straightened my hair for a change! I am so used to leaving it loosely natural and then clipping it up into a messy bun. Even more strangely, I clipped my fringe back because it has been so hot today. You know the kind of day were its raining outside but your house feels like a sauna no matter how many windows you open? I decided to keep my make-up as simple as my hair by wearing Benefit cheek primer and Lemon Aid eye correction cream, Vaseline lip balm and a light flutter of Max Factor Mascara.

Anyway, for people that view my blog regularly, you will know that I tend to shy away from outfit posts. I didn't post this outfit because it was particularly amazing, just because I felt good in it today and started to wish I had somewhere to go this evening - so why not share it on here? My plan, after posting this, is to watch Bridge to Terabithia. It has to be one of my favourite films ever and completely perfect for a Sunday evening with a cup of tea (how English does that sound!)

Thank you for reading...and please let me know what you think of my outfit? Or anything I said during this post, just pleeaaaseeee, do not tell me you hate Bridge to Terabithia!?