Sunday, 30 October 2011

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I love photography. Photography is a big part of fashion and both are an even bigger part of my life. My camera is great. It wasn't expensive but it serves me just fine. One day I will buy it some new lenses and be able to expand the content and quality of my photos but for now I am just an unemployed 18 year old, travelling in Australia during my gap year and documenting all the amazing things I am getting to see. To check out some of my work, visit:

Sydney - Hyde Park.

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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Have you read Frankie Magazine?

Frankie is an Australian magazine and could only be described as inspiring. It is so nice to read something different to every other magazine on the market. I can't say I always agree 100 % with the points of view expressed but as an individual with very much my own mind, I rarely agree with others. Nothing offends me. Nothing shocks me but everything interests me. An article about working mothers caught my eye and I loved the boldness of the article. The fact that it didn't oppress women and criticize them like many media outlets tend was refreshing. The point was so simple. You can be a good mother and have a good career. I believe in that. Why do we have to give up one dream for the sake of another? Why isn't the sky our limit? I don't get it. In a modern 21st century society why does it sometimes feel as if we are still pushed into making so many sacrifices. No. I am not a feminist, well maybe a liberal feminist in the loosest of senses. I just want things to be equal.
I do not own this picture. Taken from the website.

So what else is Frankie about? Well if you love art, culture, travel, history, literature, fashion, photography, crafts, music, cooking and being inspired then this is the magazine for you. The articles are interesting. Written by both men and women, different issues are raised and opinions expressed. The magazine is modern but with a clean and kitsch vintage feel. It has a young, fresh voice teamed with a bit of wisdom. Perfect for so many different ages and different types of people. It might not be for you. But there is no harm in checking it out.

Let me know what you think or whether or not you decided to check it out? Feel free to argue against any thing I have said during this post or to let me know if you agree with me. Hearing from you guys is always good!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Trying out the city life.

I didn't grow up in a city. I grew up in a small town, near a slightly bigger town which is close to a small and buzzing city called Brighton. You may have heard of it? Well I have always wanted to live in a city. For years I have been obsessed with them. The fashion, the lights, the noise and the rush. Now I am living in a bustling city for two months and seeing it from a different side. I'm in Sydney and I'm sure you have heard of it. The fashion is amazing, with price tags to match. I love the shops out here and the different brands that just mirror Australia's exciting but down to earth spin on life. Country Road; A collection of clothes and well known bags that despite their modern and popular edge have an easy vintage feel. However, although I love the shops, I miss the English High Street. I miss popping into H&M, New Look or DP's. Maybe heading down to my local charity shop to find a good buy or down the Brighton Lanes to find a one of. I miss English prices. Maybe London will be a good city for me? But despite all of this, I love city life. I have bought a couple of things since I have been out here as well as the new purchase I stuffed my suitcase with. All I seem to do is daydream about cool city outfits I could put together. Some casual, some smart--casual and another maybe more dressed up for an evening. I picture myself sauntering  through the busy streets, sun blazing down; skyscrapers around me. Modern buildings next to grand old buildings. Quiet locations and hectic locations. Sitting outside a coffee shop with a drink or reading my book in the park. This is the plan for my future and somewhere amongst this all is a job in fashion that I work hard at and love. Below is a skirt I recently splurged out on. I think this look is effortless and has a real summer city vibe. But I will leave you to agree or disagree with that comment.

Skirt and Cardigan - City Chic, Top - Newlook, Belt - Stolen from my sister

A close up of the belt, top and skirt combo

Simple make up, defined eyes and postbox red lips

Watch - Fossil
I know the quality of these pictures aren't great. I struggle to take photos of myself without my tripod and had no one to assist me. I love this outfit but would prefer to have pictures of me wear it out....with shoes....and a bag! I will get a few snaps of me in it whilst out in the city one day.

Thank-you for reading,

Please let me know what you think of this post and the outfit above!?

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The City life is for me.

Lil'old me in Sydney!

I cannot believe how long it has been since I have posted on here but I have been so busy and haven't had a lot of access to a computer. I arrived in Australia the Friday before last to be exact and it is so amazing here. I spent 4 days at my sisters in Sydney, then we went up to Cairns to visit a friend and are still here. The weather has been unreal and the heat unbearable but the trip so far has been fantastic. On to a Fashion note, today I bought a skirt from City Chic but took a few pictures of me in a dress I tried on. Below are also a few pictures of the amazing things I found.

Stripped nautical dress

Cute red skinny belt

Black and Gold sparkly embellishment

Cream embellished prom dress 

Cute Leopard print cardi with embellished back

More posts and pictures to follow soon. Cannot wait to show you my amazing new stripped maxi skirt from City Chic. Let me know what you think of this post and the pictures above.

Thank you for reading,