Thursday, 23 August 2012

a taste of Autumn...

Yes, I know! A lot of you guys out there call it Fall right? but here in England we call it Autumn. Saying this though, I do tend to fall (haha!) into the habit of saying Fall when I'm referring to fashion and Autumn when I'm talk about the approaching season. For example, I might say, ''I really love the fall trends this year!'' or ''It's really starting to smell like Autumn outside...''. I'm just one of those people who picks up traits, accents, expressions (you name it!) when I spend a lot of time with a person. It's a bit awkward though because people give me a really funny look when I say Fall here but I guess it was bound to happen. So many of my favourite blogs are American or Canadian and I spend a lot of time flicking through them through the day!

So back to the point of this post...Pretty much every fashionista loves Autumn, well what's not to love! A pallet of new striking colours, textures, starting to look for your Winter coat...and my personal favourite - digging out your most comfortable pair of boots. Above is just a little mood board of an Autumn look I created. I guess you could call it a taster! As you may or may not know, I love to blog every season about upcoming trends and these are often my most viewed blog posts so keep an eye out for my Autumn Trend Report. I will be posting it within the next two weeks!

To run you through the outfit above, I love this outfit because it draws on so many different trends, textiles and colours that all combine to make the perfect Autumnal outfit (for me). The fitted jeans add a bright berry flash of colour which is then toned down by the dark blue over sized jumper. The boots and bag add a real woodland theme, drawing on the burnt oranges and browns of fallen leaves. I think the statement necklace adds a real modern fashion vibe to the outfit, finished off with a pop of bright lip stick (colour: Brighton Rock)!

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

'You wanna be on top?''

I don't know if you have watched Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, but I'm sure you've seen America's. They have a pretty similar set up with Elle McPherson in the role of head judge, the same position held by Tyra Banks. The have a challenge, they have a photo shoot, they are judged and then one is eliminated, sounding familiar?  The difference between the two shows is quite simply their attitude. The American show challenges bullying and doesn't stand for divas. The British show however, seems to indulge both...

To start with I feel I should say, I have a lot of belief in British fashion, designers and models. I think our high-street is the best in the world and London's style easily rivals that of Paris, New York or Milan. However, since watching the most recent series of the show, I have seriously started to question what the producers and audience see as other words, I am losing faith in humanity. Modelling is a hard and competitive job. Fashion is undeniably, a tough industry - you enter into it knowing that you need either a thick skin or a hearing problem to survive. Fashion takes no prisoners so you can't quit every time someone criticises you. There would be no one left if this were the case. This however, doesn't excuse rudeness, favouritism and in extreme cases, bullying!

In the last episode I watched, there were 'certain girls' storming out of challenges, questioning the importance of tasks and generally being ungrateful, childish and outspoken. For every brat, there is a girl trying her hardest, just wanting to learn and taking every piece of advice she can get her hands on. Who gets rewarded? Who leaves the competition? I think you know the answer to both. After watching last night's episode, I really don't know how I feel about continuing with watching the series. I don't find diva behaviour amusing and similarly, I can't stand to see a hardworking person be humiliated and pushed out because she isn't obnoxious. Maybe they should re-name it Britain and Ireland's Next Top Bitch because they way the show is going they are putting attitude over talent and there is nothing fashionable about that!

The media loves to rave on about the eating disorder epidemic and creating positive body image for young girls. ''Let's challenging size 0!!'', but what about this bitch culture that seems to have been created simultaneously that no one seems to want to challenge? You know those pictures of celebrities looking 'fat' in their bikinis or person A's spotty face...that is the bitch culture. What kind of moral code are these magazines instilling in their readers? For me, this program is showcasing similar attitudes that disgust me. Attitudes that are breeding a generation of ignorant, rude and judgemental individuals that use this, as their way of climbing to the top. I don't want to see and read about these people in my favourite magazines - I will just stop buying them! I don't want to wear clothes worn by bullies - I would rather wear a bin bag. Most importantly, I don't want to watch the undeserving process of them become successful on TV - yeah, I'd rather read a book. I have no time for a beautiful model if she is only beautiful skin deep (these people are supposed to be role models?).

So many people criticise Fashion, accusing it of being shallow, trivial and cruel. The problem is, the beauty gets lost behind the ugliness of the people creating and wearing it. How sad is that?

What is your opinion or thoughts on this subject?
Do you agree that mean models are ugly models? 

Let me know your thoughts...

P.s I know that this isn't my usual topic for discussion but my blog is a place to express myself and this is an issue that I am keen to hear all your thoughts on...

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Summer Style: Keepin' it Coral and Floral

This was an outfit I wore on Holiday to a little fishing town (I have been dying to share it with you all for ages, but couldn't seem to find it!). I absolutely love peachy/coral tones and thought this kaftan styled jacket would look really cute over this floral dress. I loved the way it picked out a shade of coral in the dress so perfectly and thought it just looked a bit different.

Fashion is quite simply all about aesthetic and visual inspiration so I have been pushing myself to create more outfit and style content this Summer. For while, I have been thinking that I spend so much time talking about what I wear and not enough time showing you all. You see, my favourite type of fashion blog is one that provides bright, beautifully bold pictures. Outfit posts, are always what draw me to certain blogs. When I stumble across a new blog, I am searching for an amazing outfit that makes me want to get to know more about the blogger. Consequently, I have decided to set myself some goals. Take my own advice. From now on, every post I create must:

  • Have an eye catching visual element (photos etc)
  • Inspire
  • Create a reaction (whether it be positive or negative)

What goals would you like to set for your blog?
Do you think Fashion blogs need a lot of pictures and visuals?
Do you think photos or text is more important?

Please let me know your thoughts on my outfit, my post and also my questions :)


Saturday, 11 August 2012

i'm off to see the planes...

Ever since I can remember, every Summer, my local town holds a big air show called Airbourne. It features planes from the Second World War doing tricks in the sky along the promenade. Thousands flocks to the seafront to watch, some coming from all over England! I haven't been every single year for various reasons, but we headed down their today and it was as magnificent as I always remembered.

[Denim Dress - Newlook, Blouse - Ann Harvey, Leggings - ASOS, Pumps - Newlook, Sunglasses - Dorothy Perkins, Bag - Newlook]
This was the outfit I wore to Airbourne. You may be thinking that you recognise my denim dress. Yes, it featured similarly in my last post but remember two things, one, that was nearly two weeks ago and two, it is the first time I have worn it since! I layered it over a mint green blouse, leggings, pumps and tote. My sunglasses are also new. I bought them for £2 at Dorothy Perkins in the sale (similar ones here).

Below, are some pictures of the beautiful planes on show this weekend. I'm such an ignorant girl when it comes to planes so I can't tell you what any of them are...other than planes of course. My favourite were the two red planes that left such a beautiful smoke trail in the sunshine. They literally danced in the sky and came unbelievably close, close enough to see the wing walkers (if you look close enough). The weather was unusually great and the noise from the jets, as loud as always!

Do you have any similar annual shows, where you live?

Let me know your thought on my pictures as well as my outfit!

Thank you for reading,

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

those dusty denim days

[Denim dress - Newlook, Floral dress - Newlook, Belt - ASOS, Footless tights - ASOS, Flip Flops - Accessorize, Sunglasses - H&M]

This is an outfit I wore on one of my last day of my Holiday. At the moment, I am still attempting to get through all my dirty washing so my current attire is old pjys or one of the few dresses I didn't wear on Holiday (not exactly blog material!). I loved this outfit because firstly, it kept me cool and secondly because I tend to steer clear of layering in the Summer but somehow felt it worked this time. I can wear this denim dress on its own but really enjoyed putting it over dresses or skirts cause I felt like it gave a real laid back vibe as well as being on trend. I can't say I am one of those girls who looks flawless, you know? Perfect make-up, hair exact, ironed dress and polished shoes (not that you can polish flip-flops...) I always considered myself to look a tinsy bit messy. Personally, I think it works for me and so many others but sometimes it would be nice to look perfect. For everything to be just so. But we are who we are and I guess I should just go with it.

Do you prefer the polished look or that 'rough around the edges' style?

Let me know what you think of my outfit? 

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Summer Style: the skater skirt.

As my previous posts have informed, I have been in the beautiful Brittany region of France for the last two weeks doing a crazy amount of reading, swimming, sun worshipping and of course, photography! I went to the beach, explored the coast line, swam, walked, star-gazed, ate, drank, read a total of 5 and a half books (still reading the second half!) so, all in all, a brilliant holiday. But now I am back in England, home, and can enjoy the build up to University and current Olympic games that seems to have gripped everyone's attention.

Skater skirt - ASOS, Belt - ASOS, Leggings - ASOS, Sunglasses - Accessorize, Backpack - Accessorize, Vest - Newlook, Shoes - Newlook, Cardigan - Next, Hair band - Handmade
These pictures were taken outside the Town Hall of Plonovez-Porzay. Stumbling upon it whilst looking for somewhere to grab lunch, I knew I had to have my outfit snapped here. It was sunny although not particularly warm with beautiful flowers and made such a quaint little location for a town girl such as myself, it seemed a good fit.This was one of my favourite outfits I wore on my holiday, mainly because of the skater skirt. The temperature was all over the place, so I felt relieved to have brought some warmer clothes. One day I would be wondering around in just a beach dress, the next wrapped up in my hoodie. Oh, the joys of holidaying in Europe!

For those of you who are regular readers of my blog, you will know I often put a slight retro twist on outfits. I am obsessed with creating a modern retro vibe by mixing styles as well as different pieces. I like to think I have a unique style that really reflects me. It isn't always the easiest thing, finding trendy plus size clothes, but there are such great brands online, my two favourites being ASOS Curve and Newlook Inspire. I refuse to be a baggy jeans and t-shirt girl or live in an oversized smock dress just because I'm not a size 10.

 Anyway, I hope you like the pictures as well as my outfit! Now I'm gonna do some catching up on my favourite blogs so...let me know your thoughts! :)