Thursday, 29 March 2012

My Birthday: Part 1

My Birthday cake and candles
So I concluded on Monday evening (my Birthday), that I am one lucky Hayley. My presents were wonderful and my family, their usual colourful selves. I had a birthday coffee, a lovely cheese and wine brunch and then for dinner, an Indian feast...oh and Cake! By the time I went to sleep I felt well and truly stuffed. It stayed that way until the next afternoon. It is compulsory to have nice food on your birthday right!?

Birthday Lunch
Wanted to show you the lovely things I was given because it is all very fashionable! Here are a few snaps I took:

a Country Road bag

For those of you who haven't heard of this make, you have are now in on one of Australia's best kept fashion secrets. Walking round Sydney, I could easily spot half a dozen of these every minute - Melbourne, Perth and Cairns being the same. They are tote bags with the versatility of acting as a holdall or handbag. As you can see from the picture, mine is pillar-box red. I have been wanting once since back in 2009! It is beautiful and was sent from an even more beautiful person, my big sister Carly.

the green Henry Holland satchel

Maybe you read my post on this bag. It may have been 2 weeks ago now but I received a lot of positive feed back and many of you wished I would get it! It seems all your wishing did not go to waste. I am now it's proud new owner. Another perfect bag.

the entire DVD Harry Potter Collection

I am in the process of planning out my Harry Potter movie fest'. Is it possible to fit 7 movies into one day...hmm lets see...each film is about 2 hours long, so if I times 2 by, right so that's...2 X 7 = 14...*continues important sums in head*


Maybe I haven't written too much about books on here but seriously, when I go shopping I often come back with more books than clothes. They make me excited, they take me away from all the little problems life can present and they improve my writing and widen my knowledge. Books are magical.

other DVD's

I read the Twilight Saga when I was back in Secondary school. At the time they were my favourite! No, I wasn't a "TWI-HARD" as my friend Kristin would say, but I really loved it. The films are something that I can fall into, I mean ''they ain't gonna win no Oscars'' but they keep me entertained and remind me of people and moments I love. I watched Twilight back in 2009 on a trip to Italy with my school. Everyone had fallen asleep and it must have been 3am. Me and my best friend Katie managed to get on to the TV and awkwardly watched it with one of the teachers who hadn't been able to sleep (I think I should add that he wasn't bad looking either...)

Midnight in Paris was my favourite film of 2011. Me and my sister went to see it in the same cinema. There is something magical about watching a film set in a beautiful city set in the 1920's and filled with people walking in the rain as we are sat in a 1920's cinema in a wonderful city and then proceed to walk home in the rain. Atmospheric is the only word I can use to describe it.

Just a snap of my lovely cards!
I had such a blast on my Birthday, and the best part has to be turning 19. I move out of my house in September when I go to University so this year is going to be quite important for me! My party is tomorrow night so pictures will follow soon in 'My Birthday: Part 2'. It worked for the Harry Potter and Twilight films so I thought I would give it a go!

Cannot wait to hear back from you all! 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

my first picnic of the year.

Me with my sunnies on! (Glasses - H&M)

(Left to Right) Beckie, Sammi and myself
My mint shoes - Primark

Me posing in Beckie's 'geek glasses'
A big plate of food
Our feast of a picnic
Me and my friend Sammi (Dress and cardigan - Newlook, Leggings - Evans)
Hugging my friend Beckie!
Today, me and two of my best friends headed out in the car to Abbots Wood. It is a beautiful woodland set in the Sussex countryside just a short drive from our town. We laid out our blankets in the warm Spring sun and gobbled down all the food we took with us in our picnic. We have had abnormally warm, sunny weather here at the moment so we decided to make the most out of it. Lazing about in the sun, we caught up, listened to music and played games. Later on in the afternoon we attempted the assault course and went for a stroll through the woods. It was a perfect day.

I really like the outfit I wore today. My new blue floral dress is ideal for Spring and Summer, teamed with leggings and my cardigan kept me warm but still with a Summery edge. I styled my hair messy with two parts pinned up at the sides. You will all have seen my mint coloured pumps on previous outfit posts by hey! they are perfect for kicking about in and match my nail polish and ring so amazingly. This is the exact kind of outfit I love wearing when the days warms up. It is casual, comfortable a little bit glamorous and the dress is insanely versatile.

To make things even more exciting, it is my 19th Birthday tomorrow!! Cannot believe I am nearly 19, 20 next year. Where has all the time gone? Well I will be sure to take a lot of photos of tomorrow and will share them with you next week.

I hope you have all had a wonderfully sunny Sunday today! Let me know what you got up to this weekend...

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Coloured Locks - Love or Loathe?

Nicki Minaj with her Barbie Pink Barnet (I do not own this image)
Rihanna with Orangey Red locks  (I do not own this image)
Kelly Osbourne with Pinky/Lavender Locks  (I do not own this image)
Katy Perry with her Bright Blue locks  (I do not own these images)
Are you bored with your Brown hair? Well maybe you should take a leaf out of the Celebs books and dye your hair a vibrant violet. Throughout history, hair has been as big a part of fashion as clothes, bags and make-up. If you are invited to a 60's themed party, you may think of styling your hair in a cute bob or a Bridget Bardot up-do. In the last couple of years with Celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry hitting our screens we have seen some very experimental fashion, eccentric make-up and crazy hair styles. So should I die my hair pink? It is difficult because part of me loves these crazy colours and another part thinks it can look a bit cheap. Well maybe instead I could try a slightly less in-your-face look and dye the tips of my hair a light pink like Dakota Fanning...

Dakota Fanning with Pink Tips (I do not own this image)
So my question to you all is, Do you Love or Loathe these kooky colours? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Hailes Hearts Henry Holland.

As I was walking through Debenhams (high-street department store) I stumbled across a new range of clothes. I saw the name Henry Holland and immediately thought I must be mistaken. But sure enough it was him and practically everything I saw, I fell in love with instantly. I came across this green satchel with a bright orange lining and reluctantly looked for the label. It was £35 but is now down to £26.25!! Both pretty reasonable prices. (Sadly) I put it on my birthday list so I can't really justify buying it in case someone else has had the same idea.

I really like this bag because I could mix it in with so many different styles. Versatility is a key when picking a day bag. It could be thrown on with a tea dress and pumps or jeans, a baggy top and fitted blazer. The satchel never fails to let me down and the fact that this one is such an unusual colour (similar to the Mulberry Satchels) makes it even more exciting and eye catching.

The collection this bag is from is called H! by Henry Holland and is is full of tea dresses and blouses mixed with a sporty edge of accessories. The Sport Luxe trend is so big here in England. I am putting it down to the Olympics being held in London this Summer. Everywhere I look, somebody is talking about it! I haven't been too thrilled by the examples I have seen of this trend on TV, neon clothes and random zips aren't really my style. Although I do like to occasionally throw in a 'current look' - this collection has the right mix of vintage, sport and androgyny with all the peter pan collars! This collection is perfect for me.

Make sure you check out his collection at your nearest Debenhams or online (click here).

Saturday, 10 March 2012

a sunny saturday in spring.

Today has been really sunny and instead of going out and basking in Spring air, I spent a lot of the day in my room, in the sun, reading 'The Help'. Such an amazing book. Anyway, I really like this outfit and knew I had to share it with you all! My outfit posts are few and far between but I am trying to mix up my content a bit - you know, keep you all interested. Whilst getting dressed I kept wondering whether it was season appropriate? it definitely has an Autumnal vibe but the material and print of the dress reminds me a lot of an African Summer. The colours are vibrant, my hair is beach-y and I am wearing Floral perfume. That counts, right? If I am honest, I love wearing trends, feeling modern and up to date but I also believe in wearing what you like and feel comfortable in. Today wasn't warm, it may have been 14 degrees so the leggings and jacket were essential! It was sunny however and I started to wish I had taken my sunnies out with me!

Full length outfit; Leggings - Evans, Dress - Newlook

Earrings and nail varnish - Topshop

Leather Jacket - Newlook

Brogues - Evans

Satchel - Primark

Orange bracelet - Newlook, other bracelets - Unknown
After taking some photos in my garden, we then headed to a small Sussex village called Alfriston. I bought some amazing cutlery for University (see below) and also purchased some rosy apples from the village sweet shop. I love going to little villages here in England, especially down in Sussex where I live. Everything is so authentic and it feels like stepping straight back into the 1930's. 
My new cutlery, rosy apples and the book I am currently reading - 'The Help'
I hope you are all having a great weekend!
Please let me know your thoughts on this outfit or on the book I'm reading. I am always up for discussing books!!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

just driving.

Tuesday morning we left for Oxford! It was really nice to get away and escape this area for a bit. My dad had a meeting up there and we decided to head up with him (my mum, brother and myself). We just explored the city and went round the shops were I bought a polka dot shower poncho!! The sun was shinning beautifully, as you can see in the pictures, and you could actually feel that the weather was warming up a bit for Spring. I decided against taking my camera around with me because I don't have a good bag for it at the moment. I just used my iPod touch as a slightly lame substitute. It doesn't take a bad picture though, I should cut it some slack. I drunk two pots of tea in my favourite coffee shop and also found a Boost Juice. I drunk so many in Australia and couldn't believe I actually found one in England. It was seriously, an dream come true. After all this excitement! we drove to our Travelodge.  After a freshen up we went next door for dinner and then headed back for a nice early night.
Another snap of Oxford
Coffee time -My nail varnish and new ring
Me and my Watermelon Crush
The next day we drove up to Cheltenham and looked round my potential University. It was amazing. The course sounded perfect, the campus - so picturesque and the vibe was really friendly. It was definitely a successful day.
Gloucestershire University

We had a really nice couple of days away and as we drove back (3-4hours) we listened to our favourite radio station, Magic. My favourite song to listen to whilst driving home has to be Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. I always wish we could keep driving. I just love being in the car, especially at night. Seeing all the lights in the distance, watching cars woossh past, the music in the background and feeling like a million miles away from everything. I can't explain it.

On the drive home

Hope you are all having a great week! Let me know what you have been up to? What is your favourite song to listen to on long car journeys?

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Favourite Spring Trends.

I know that not every follower of Fashion, follows trends. To me, following trends isn't about wearing what magazines tell you to wear, it is simply about choosing the pieces that suit you and instantly catch your eye. When it gets to Spring, Floral print suddenly re-appears in the shops. Dresses, skirts, bags, tops, tights, name it...and I will find it in Floral for you. That is obviously why it is my first Spring Trend, simply because it is timeless.

(I do not own this image)


Floral print makes me happy. It reminds me Summer is on its way and Winter is over. It tells me my Birthday is coming and that the weather will soon warm up and the days, lengthen. It is such an easy thing to pull off and never fails to make me feel like I have made a statement. Here are a couple of my favourite Floral items.

ASOS - £55
I like this because it is different. The fringing makes it feel less girly and gives it a harder edge. It can be worn as a light jacket or over top of swimwear; Jeans, leggings, tights - you name it, it is such a diverse piece.

Topshop - £36
This dress is light and so carefree. I love sun dresses anyway, add floral into the mix and I am sorted. You have so many colour choices with a dress like this. The floral print is subtle, the yellow is delicate but together quite powerful. The shape is also unusual and to me is almost reminiscent of the 20's dropped waist.


The pastel trend is synonymous with both Spring and Summer. To me, this is one of the reasons it is a favourite of mine. From March to August, this trend is effortless. When in doubt - just add some pastel into your outfit.
Newlook - £16.99
Pastel jeans are something that not everyone will feel the can pull off. I particularly like this lemon sherbet colour but think I would probably choose a cornflower blue or lavender for myself. It is such an comfortable wear, easy to accessorise with and makes such a cool statement. I would wear these jeans with a loose fitting bird print, collar shirt and some cute pastel pumps. Perfect.
ASOS -£6

This belt goes great with your pastel jeans, a high-waisted skirt, dress or over top of a cardigan. It is something that can transform an outfit and take it from simple to chic.

Head to Toe 

Whether it is floral print, bird print, pastel or leather - wearing a style head to toe is really in for this Spring and Summer. Usually we see a splash of print, however wearing a style from head to toe is daring, exciting and gives a high-fashion feel to the most high-street of outfits. Mix up your prints and colours - the messier the better!

(Taken from the Vogue website)
The Twenties

We all have an idea of what the 1920's were all about. We think of feathers, layers, dropped waists, flapper dresses, Daisy Buchanan and if you are anything like me - beautiful women swaying to jazz music with men in dapper suits. Okay so that was slightly too vivid but hopefully I have captured your attention? Fashion really started gaining recognition in the 1920's and defined more than just wealth, it began to showcase sexuality. I know some would disagree, but I always think that some looks from the 20's have an almost androgynous feel to them. Androgyny creates an allure of sexiness and more importantly dominance making it a strong trend for the modern woman.

                                             (Gossip Girl -1920's inspiration)

Let me know what you think of the trends I have chosen and the items I like! I cannot wait for Spring to begin and to finally ditch my winter wear!!

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