Thursday, 8 March 2012

just driving.

Tuesday morning we left for Oxford! It was really nice to get away and escape this area for a bit. My dad had a meeting up there and we decided to head up with him (my mum, brother and myself). We just explored the city and went round the shops were I bought a polka dot shower poncho!! The sun was shinning beautifully, as you can see in the pictures, and you could actually feel that the weather was warming up a bit for Spring. I decided against taking my camera around with me because I don't have a good bag for it at the moment. I just used my iPod touch as a slightly lame substitute. It doesn't take a bad picture though, I should cut it some slack. I drunk two pots of tea in my favourite coffee shop and also found a Boost Juice. I drunk so many in Australia and couldn't believe I actually found one in England. It was seriously, an dream come true. After all this excitement! we drove to our Travelodge.  After a freshen up we went next door for dinner and then headed back for a nice early night.
Another snap of Oxford
Coffee time -My nail varnish and new ring
Me and my Watermelon Crush
The next day we drove up to Cheltenham and looked round my potential University. It was amazing. The course sounded perfect, the campus - so picturesque and the vibe was really friendly. It was definitely a successful day.
Gloucestershire University

We had a really nice couple of days away and as we drove back (3-4hours) we listened to our favourite radio station, Magic. My favourite song to listen to whilst driving home has to be Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. I always wish we could keep driving. I just love being in the car, especially at night. Seeing all the lights in the distance, watching cars woossh past, the music in the background and feeling like a million miles away from everything. I can't explain it.

On the drive home

Hope you are all having a great week! Let me know what you have been up to? What is your favourite song to listen to on long car journeys?


christine said...

It's always nice to go away even for a few hours. Your pictures came out really nice!! It's great to see places through other people's eyes (and blogs). Makes me want to travel more.
Tracy Chapman - Fast Car?! Love that song!!
Don't have a song in mind that I HAVE to listen to when driving, but I need upbeat songs so that I don't fall asleep. BTW- love the nail polish!



Emmanuella said...

Thank you for this pleasant post, really enjoyed. It's good to take a rest sometimes and spend a lil time with ourselves

Maiken said...

have to agree with Emma - a superb post. I also enjoyed reading it and could imagine all those emotions and places, even the warm spring air. this sure was a perfect day and I also love days like that (road trips are my favourite!). now I'm waiting for my spring vacation even more than before :P
oh, and btw, I think we have this Boost-thingy here in Estonia too, though I haven't tried anything from them.
anyway, beautiful pictures! hope you're enjoying your day :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Juneli said...

Lovely pictures, hon, an it is always so ice to be able to travel, whether it is a short trip, a vacation or just a long drive!! Tracy Chapman's Fast Car is one of my all-time favourites too!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a really nice get away.. :) the pictures are gorgeous, love the one of the tree and the building! Hope you have a great weekend.
Much love, Gabriele. xx

Heather said...

Oh I just love your ring and the way it plays off your gorgeous nail polish!


TheUrbanUmbrella said...

Lovely photos! sometimes its nice to just have a mini getaway!
Love your nail colour BTW, really fab!

The Urban Umbrella

Amy said...

The only thing I listen to anymore is dance or electronica music. My FAV is 'Amelie' by Butch. If you like dance music then you might like this one..


Cindy said...

Oxford looks so gorgeous! I've always wanted to visit, maybe we should do a swap haha. Loving your nails and ring comb also xx

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous, the blossom is cute. Love the ring !