Saturday, 31 July 2010

Street Style WHO, WHAT, WHERE!!

I recently entered a competition funded by It was to snap street style that inspired me and then write general details about the outfit. I went into my local town - Eastbourne and accompanied by two friends asked people if I could photograph their cool outfits. I had been warned that people could be rude but everyone said yes and were really friendly! I set off with the aim of returning with a mixture of male and female models but unfortunetly came back with seventeen female outfits and two(yes two!) male. Here are some of my favourite snaps...

Who: Thuy
What: Shirt and shorts - Zara, Scarf - Dorathy Perkins, Sandals - Primark
Where: Eastbourne

Who: (Wanted to remain anonymous)
What: Top, trousers, shoes and bag - Primark, Blazer - Vinatge, Belt- Charity shop
Where: Eastbourne
Who: Vicky Bass
What: Necklace - Made by herself, Top - Topman, Shoes - Office
Where: Eastbourne

Who: Alison
What: Jacket, leggings and shoes - H&M, Top - Topshop
Where: Eastbourne

Who: Ali
What: Scarf - H&M
Where: Eastbourne

These photos are certainly not my best out of the photos I took. I entered the best ones but am not allowed to publish them anywhere as they have to be exclusive to VOGUE.COM (if I don't win they will be posted on here). The people in my photos were all chosen because of their natural flare for fashion and how effortlessly they pulled their outfits off.

Let me know what you think of the pictures and outfits I have posted!

Thank you,

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Mixing denim! LOVE it or LEAVE it?

When I think about mixing denim, 90's quickly springs to mind. At first I cringed at the thought but then, as most shocking new things in fashion, I grew to love it and then... to wear it! I haven't quite managed to take my mixed denim look outdoors just yet but I'm working on it.

Whether you love it or would prefer to leave it, I am sure we can all agree on the fact when done wrong(an easy mistake) it is a ''let the ground open up and swallow me'' kind of embarrassing! [as shown below]
(I do not own this image)
However, then we have Chloe on runway do it totally right (below). Its brave, bold and if done well - an amazing look for almost any season.
(I do not own this image)
But I wanna know what you guys think of it? Do you LOVE it or would you rather LEAVE it?

Monday, 12 July 2010

An Amazing H&M!!

(I do not own this image)
Last May I went to the most amazing H&M.
Ever! It was a four story building and the decor was like a piece of art work in itself. It literally felt like walking into a fashion museum except you could buy the clothes! This particular H&M was in the heart of Madrid. Each floor had a different purpose, style and atmosphere and yet somehow the whole place worked together completely effortlessly. Any fashionista would have died and gone to heaven. A whole section devoted to beautifully odd accessories, hats, bags, jewellery and make- up. It took me at least an hour and half to make my way right round. Even the shopping bags were though through and I seriously was dying to purchase one but the language barrier stopped me. It is a place I am definitely going to have to return to armed with some good friends and a high account balance.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

My Favourite Fashion Snap!!

(I do not own this image)
This is one of my most FAVOURITE! pieces of fashion photography. Being an aspiring fashion photographer myself, I hope to one day capture the beauty of the ever changing fashion industry as a timeless and relatable piece. This iconic image was taken by a man named Peter Lindbergh in 1990, and perfectly captures the 'Supermodel Generation'. This was when models such as Naomi Campbell, Linda Evalgelista, Ttjana Patitz, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford were the celebrities of the world.

Karl Lagerfeld has said, ''His photographs will never be regarded with any condescending emotion in thirty or forty years' time.''

Monday, 5 July 2010

An introduction...

(I do not own this image)
Fashion is one of those things. People either love or hate it. If you're a hater then this blog is not for you, however, if you are like me and love everything that fashion entails, then keep reading.

People may argue it to be a world full of shallow people but in my opinion, you come across shallow people wherever you go. Me? I try to embrace the negativity and put it down to their own insecurities - if all else fails, a soccer punch should do it! But I am trying to show fashion from every angle. It is not just for the skinny and the unbelievably beautiful, it is also for the everyday men and women as well. Every size. Every colour. And every character. Whether your gothic chic to a sports wear fanatic! - fashion can be for you. Fashion is all about showing your individualism and creativity so don't let trivial matters hold you back.

I am certainly not skinny, and most definitely not conventional. I love leggings. I live out of dresses and I relish in mixing up styles. Some people may hate my look and others may fall in love. But when it comes down to it, all that matters is that I feel comfortable, love what I'm wearing and feel like it reflects my mood. To me, there is nothing better than wearing a beautifully laced neck floral dress, leggings, a pastel coloured cardi, some statement jewellery, black nails, messy hair and dark smudged eyes. But I know, as previously mentioned, that this is not everyone’s 'cup of tea'. It is easy to hide behind shapeless tops and jeans because ''Who can criticise me for such a plain outfit?'' No one!! But more importantly, who can complement me?

Life is all about taking a risk. Being who you are and working what you have, that is quite simply, why I love it.