Saturday, 22 March 2014

pinterest drooling #90sgrunge

(I do not own this image, click here to be taken to original source)
(I do not own this image, click here to be taken to original source)
(I do not own this image, click here to be taken to original source)
(I do not own this image, click here to be taken to original source)
This is what I've been doing all day. Besides work of course. I just keep typing in variations of '90s grunge american fashion' on Pinterest and drooling over the results.
 The torn distressed denim and plaid and bag tees and chokers and little round sunglasses and grunge and long natural hair and uh, it is just lovely.
And the music! Nirvana, The Cranberries, R.E.M, No Doubt, U2.
The 90s were a great decade.

What're your thoughts on 90s fashion and music and yeah, just in general as a decade?

Saturday, 15 March 2014


barry m peach melba, plus size fashion blog, fashion and beauty blog
See what I did there? No...well I merged the word spring and fingers. Springers...sprin-gers. Never mind! Today I thought I'd share with you my lovely spring fingers. I can be a little crap at actually doing my nails and when I do, I forget to take a photo and share it but I'm having a loungey day that's consisting of reading (Of Mice and Men), popping down the shops to get some food (bananas, yoghurt, rice cakes etc) and then painting my nails whilst drowning out building work with meditation music. Oh! and Pinterest.

I decided to paint my nails in a lovely peach colour and then go over a random nail on each hand with my sequin nail polish. The peach one is really easy to use but I don't find the sequin nail polish very easy. The sequins clump together so the nail doesn't look smooth which annoys me a little! However I think the effect is good and although I am far from being good at nails, I'm quite happy with the result.

I used:

Barry M - Peach Melba & SNE White (Sequin Nail Effect)

barry m peach melba, barry m white sequin nail effect

barry m peach melba,

barry m white sequin nail effect

I took some inspiration for my nails whilst browsing Pinterest.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

today i'm wearing daisies

You may have noticed that my pictures aren't quite DLR quality. While visiting home I completely forgot to bring my camera back with me so I've been using my mum's digital camera. 

[dress, leggings, boots - newlook, nail varnish - topshop, rings - h&m, cardigan - primark, necklace - accessorise]

Monday, 3 March 2014

today i'm wearing zig-zags

[leather jacket, boots, leggings,skirt, jumper - all newlook and my necklace is from accessorise]

Here's a snap of me outside my house today. Just one picture cause I think you can see everything quite nicely. I'm not a fan of taking fifteen pictures where each is barely identifiable from the next. Like, I've moved my hand slightly and somehow this gives you such a fresh outlook on my style! But dare I say I may have gone too extreme in the opposite direction. I should and could have taken a couple more...
I will work on this.

Happy First Monday of March!
Happy Pancake Day tomorrow!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

pebbles, piers and pink skies.

(This month I turn 21)

So I haven't been back home since the Christmas holiday. That's seven weeks since I've slept in my lovely comfy double bed. Seven weeks since I've had a decent shower (my student shower sucks!) but most importantly, seven whole painful weeks since I've been by the sea. Growing up on the coast makes you form a certain attachment with it. You yearn for it when you're away. It's like a breathing thing. Pulling up to the seafront, I put the window down and took a deep breath of lovely fresh sea air. My lungs started to work again. 

Anyway, I'm only back for a few days but I'm planning to make the most of it. Today we went to Brighton and had a late lunch beside the seafront. It would've been nice to go for a walk but it was crazily cold so  instead we went down to the beach and took some photos of the pebbles and the pier and the beautiful pink sky. I also managed to get my reluctant father to take a couple of snaps of my outfit. As you can see, I am wearing a mint green jumper. I am currently really into my pastels and so excited to wear lovely spring colours when the weather perks up and the heat rises above freezing here. Below are the details of my outfit. I am so ashamed of my obvious Newlook obsession. Don't judge.

[Jacket, Skirt, Jumper, Leggings, Boots - All Newlook, Necklace and scarf - Accesorise, Gloves- Matalan]

Anyway, let me know what you think of my outfit, my pictures and if you live by the sea, do you long for it when you're away or am I just crazy?

P.s as you may, or may not, have noticed, the quality of my pictures aren't quite as good as normal. That's because I stupidly forgot my lovely DSLR and instead had to use my mums rather good, but not as good, digital camera.