Sunday, 29 September 2013

No longer a fresher.

I got back to uni last Saturday and after a horrible goodbye to my family, I began to force myself to settle back in. I've been living back home at my parents house all over the summer and it has been such a great few months that the thought of leaving them was hard but I am back now and remembering why I love uni and my friends and Cheltenham. I feel like I've been here a month, not a week. It's crazy how the time flies by!

Above is a snap of my new living room (the boys weren't mad on the hearts...) and then my new bedroom. Both I think look pretty student-y but homely nevertheless.

Back to fashion...I thought I'd show you a couple of things I have bought recently since I've had a little more money in my bank account. I probably shouldn't have bought as much as I have but I have missed going shopping so it kind of just happened.

There was on offer on in Boots so I bought the purple tangle teezer brush which is amazing. I also bought the Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner as well as the two lipsticks shown in the photo below. The white nappy looking thing is not a nappy. It's a hair turban to put your freshly washed hair in and helps it to try quicker (also eliminates the soggy hair towel that usually ends up on my bed). If you look carefully you can see the tartan scarf hidden under all my new crap. I got it from Primark for £5 and I've been desperate for a new scarf as well as something tartan-y. The magazine and fluffy socks are something I bought to cheer me up cause I am ill at the moment.

The lipsticks are Revlon - Black Cherry and Bourjois Rouge Edition - 13. The dresses are both from Newlook.

Thanks for reading,

Friday, 20 September 2013

My ISME picks.

So I thought I'd take a little break from holiday photos and outfit posts to share with you a website I have discovered recently. Although I know that not all of my readers are here for plus size fashion, ISME ranges from a 6 to a 28 so there is something for everyone. If you are a 16+ you will know that finding fashionable and stylish plus size clothing isn't always these easiest thing. There are a few great brands out there but often I'm confronted daily with shapeless, plain sacks that I refuse to wear. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I have always made it clear that I believe fashion is for everyone and so I am very selective about what I buy. I love wearing pretty lace dresses, ankle grazer jeans, blazers, leather name it. Hence why it's great when I stumble across a website that gives me a bit of variety of styles, shapes, colours and allows me to have fashionable items to choose from. It's also nice to see a plus size range that has a wide range of sizes, from a 14 to a size 32 and not just up to a 20 or 22. Above are some of my favourite picks from ISME. Each item is something I have been coveting for A/W.

1. As you may have already noticed from my recent outfit posts, I LOVE patterns. The more colourful and floral, the better. I really like this printed top and can imagine I'd end up living out of it, teamed with my black ankle grazers and leather jacket I bought in Spring.
2. One of my most favourite things about this time of year is knitwear. I love big comfy jumpers to wear over leggings. As I seem to be a little grey obsessed this year, I thought this jumper would be perfect.
3..My favourite thing on my list is the quilted parka jacket as I have been dying to find one for Autumn. I can't decided between a black one (as seen above) or a khaki or navy coloured one because I love trying to cram as many Autumnal colours into one outfit as I can.!
4. I really like this plum lace dress as it will be great for evenings out in A/W (meals, theatre trips, bars etc) and will look great with a pair of tights underneath if it's cold. I am also always drawn to vibrant colours and it's refreshing to have something over than black to pick from.*

What items do you want for the new season?
What's your favourite item of mine that I've picked?
Have you ever bought anything for ISME?

Please leave a comment below and let me know your answers, guys!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

St. Tropez, Daaarlings!

I have always wanted to visit Saint Tropez. I imagined it to be hot and sunny, filled with immaculately dressed people and beautiful shops and restaurants. It's nice to be able to see that it actually met my expectations. It was an amazing place to explore and an even more exciting place to capture with my camera. The highlight had to be walking down a long sunny street with all of the extravagant designer shops lining the sides. Dior. Dolce and Gabbana. Louie Vuitton. I could go on.The picture above is the Dior restaurant that I passed. Before my trip, I didn't know that a Dior restaurant even existed. It was one of the most beautiful restaurants I've seen (like something from a movie, set in the twenties) and part of me was desperate to stroll in and order myself a glass of champagne but I didn't feel dressed for the occasion, nor did I have the money to justify it. Below is the outfit I wore (Skirt - Next, Flip flops - Havaianas, Blouse - H&M, Hat - H&M, Bag - H&M, Sunnies - H&M). I needed something cool to wear as the temperature was creeping just over the 30 degree mark that day and the only place to escape the sun was in an overpriced restaurant or bar.
I saw this dress in a D&G campaign in my ELLE magazine and then spotted it while strolling around the shops in St. Tropez. The moment I saw it, I was mesmerised. I love the rich red colour and couldn't take my eyes away from the outstanding detail. I rarely see something I like this much so seeing it in the flesh was really exciting for me and so I obviously had to take a photo of it to share with you guys! Anyway, here are a few more photos of my trip to St. Tropez. These were taken on the boat trip we took around the harbour.
It's really strange looking back at these photos. Especially as in a few days I head back to uni and have to leave my family again. It's nice to know I've spent some quality time with them all and even nicer having these pictures to remind me of that.
Let me know your thoughts on anything and everything to do with this post!

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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Monte Carlo, Monaco

[Dress - Joe Browns, Denim shirt- Newlook, Pumps -Newlook, Sunnies - H&M, Basket - from a French Market]
Having stayed only an hour or so from Monaco, we decided to take a day trip down to Monte Carlo and spend the day enjoy the sun and sights. On first arriving we saw straight across the bay, extravagant buildings scattered down the mountain side. The sea was covered in beautiful yachts and the sky was clear and met the ocean like a mirror. I have a vague memory of repeatedly saying, "Oh my god," as I leant out the car window and attempted too capture it all on my DSLR. My pictures are lovely but seeing a place like Monaco, in real life, is totally different. The weather was reaching 30 degrees plus and I was thankful to be wearing a nice light summer dress. I didn't keep the denim shirt on because I think I would've passed out. It was that hot. Maybe I should've tried passing out and prayed a wealthy and handsome yacht owning man would come to my rescue. Oh well. Too late now.

Let me know your thoughts on my outfit and also my photos!

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Adventures in the Cote d'azur

I totally forgot to mention in my last post, that I wouldn't be posting for a couple of weeks because I was going away on holiday to the South of France. Well I'm back now (as of yesterday evening) and as per usual, I'm feeling a mixture of emotions. It's nice being back and understanding signs and driving on the left side of the road but I'm missing the beautiful weather. It was practically blue skies and a minimum of 28 degrees everyday. Whereas England is more around the 20 mark and not quite as clear but I shouldn't moan cause it's actually pretty good weather for us. I'm gonna miss eating breakfast outside in the sunshine. Fresh croissants and coffee. But it's nice to have my room and my double bed back. Anyway, I thought I'd share a few pics of my holiday with you and then I'm gonna do a few separate post over the next couple of weeks of some of my favourite outfits and day trips from my holiday.