Tuesday, 17 September 2013

St. Tropez, Daaarlings!

I have always wanted to visit Saint Tropez. I imagined it to be hot and sunny, filled with immaculately dressed people and beautiful shops and restaurants. It's nice to be able to see that it actually met my expectations. It was an amazing place to explore and an even more exciting place to capture with my camera. The highlight had to be walking down a long sunny street with all of the extravagant designer shops lining the sides. Dior. Dolce and Gabbana. Louie Vuitton. I could go on.The picture above is the Dior restaurant that I passed. Before my trip, I didn't know that a Dior restaurant even existed. It was one of the most beautiful restaurants I've seen (like something from a movie, set in the twenties) and part of me was desperate to stroll in and order myself a glass of champagne but I didn't feel dressed for the occasion, nor did I have the money to justify it. Below is the outfit I wore (Skirt - Next, Flip flops - Havaianas, Blouse - H&M, Hat - H&M, Bag - H&M, Sunnies - H&M). I needed something cool to wear as the temperature was creeping just over the 30 degree mark that day and the only place to escape the sun was in an overpriced restaurant or bar.
I saw this dress in a D&G campaign in my ELLE magazine and then spotted it while strolling around the shops in St. Tropez. The moment I saw it, I was mesmerised. I love the rich red colour and couldn't take my eyes away from the outstanding detail. I rarely see something I like this much so seeing it in the flesh was really exciting for me and so I obviously had to take a photo of it to share with you guys! Anyway, here are a few more photos of my trip to St. Tropez. These were taken on the boat trip we took around the harbour.
It's really strange looking back at these photos. Especially as in a few days I head back to uni and have to leave my family again. It's nice to know I've spent some quality time with them all and even nicer having these pictures to remind me of that.
Let me know your thoughts on anything and everything to do with this post!

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Lala H said...

what a beautiful trip love the pictures

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Diana Horsfall said...

you look so lovely! great post


blackberryfashion said...

wow, what a great trip! you look so pretty :)

Maddie said...

Ooh I would love to visit St. Tropez, sounds like a really great and luxurious place! And judging by the photos it really is!
You look really nice in those pictures, cute outfit too! :)


Nancy said...

looks like a great trip. That red dress is definitely stunning!