Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Christmas Jumpers: Love or Loathe?

Me wearing the best jumper ever and looking like a twat.

Yes my friends. The time has come. Christmas is fast approaching and this can only mean one thing...
The Christmas Jumper has returned.

I've never had a proper cheesy Christmas jumper before. I've done the whole fair-isle print thing. I blogged about it here a good two years ago, but never have I bought and worn a proper Christmas jumper. By proper, I mean garish, bright, gawky, geeky and silly...did I mention my jumper jingles (see the little bell on his hat!)
Anyway, I've decided, however, that I wont be whipping out my gingerbread jumper (from here) until the 1st of December and then from that point onwards, it will be the staple of my December wardrobe.  I will wear it with anything and everything. Tucked into skirts and with my pyjama bottoms, jeans, leggings, ankle grazers. You name it. Seen as though it will get no wear throughout the rest of the year, I'm just trying to get my money's worth.

So my question to y'all is,

do you love or loathe the Christmas Jumper?

Pleeeaaseee let me know.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Movies for Fashion Lovers

I thought that after a few outfit posts I would write something a little different. I was thinking about what inspires me and what I really enjoy. Well, obviously, as a fashion blogger I love fashion but I also have really got into films over the last couple of years. I'm not a film buff. I don't have the lingo down. I haven't seen every single film known to mankind but, I am working my way through and although I may not have the most insightful things to say, I can promise you that if you love fashion...you will like these films.

I first saw this film last year and it's definitely now one of my favourites. This is obviously a great movie for fashion lovers as firstly it has one of fashions biggest icons, Audrey Hepburn and secondly, is set in New York where the character, Holly Golightly [read as Go Lightly], is obsessed with Tiffany's. Prepare yourself for easy glam and effortless style. Saying that, I'm sure Audrey Hepburn could look elegant in anything.

Do not underestimate this film. It is not your average rom-com, even my 25 year old brother likes it! The story is a really interesting look into the fashion industry and cleverly  depicts a character that is supposed to be based on American Vogue's editor, Anna Wintour (written by former employee, Lauren Weisberger). The fashion is amazing but my favourite thing is how it feels like you're a fly on the wall in the offices the of Vogue and Elle.

I love the Edwardian fashion in Titanic. The beautiful silhouettes of the women; back in the days when they wore corsets under their extravagant dresses. The jewellery. The wealth. The style. Titanic gives you a glimpse of Fashion before women began to exhibit their bodies. It was the decade before fashion became fashion. A time when, only the wealthy had style. As well as this, the story is beautiful and as you already know, tragic.

This film is quite simply a masterpiece.
The costumes are spectacular! spectacular!
The music is beautiful.
The story is tragic.
Moulin Rouge, directed by Baz Luhrmann, is one of my favourite films.
Please watch...

This is pure 90's American fashion. It's a real easy watch so don't expect a film that's gonna leave you with new thoughts and ideas to ponder over. It won't play on your mind. It is enjoyable though and definitely inspiring if you have any upcoming 90's parties or feel like getting into the 90's trend that seems to still be popular. 

Typical Baz Luhrmann and much like Moulin Rouge, this film is filled with glitz, sparkle, glamour and theatricals. Adapted from Fitzgerald's, The Great Gatsby, this film has everything a person could want from a film. A gripping storyline, characters your invest in and music that pulls you into the moment. Similarly, this also has everything a fashion and twenties lover could ask for. The woman are gamine and beautiful. The styling is exotic and dazzling. As a film, it is simply quite bewitching. 

Possibly one of the saddest films I have watched but wow, does the cinematography make it worth returning for. The writing, music and costumes are beautiful as is the scene where Kiera Knightly runs out of the house in her iconic silky green dress. This film leaves you with more than thoughts of fashion.

Thanks for reading :)
Let me know what films you love!
Have you seen any of the movies above?

Friday, 15 November 2013

Restyle: a summer dress for autumn

Plus size fashion, Autumn, fashion blog, plus size fashion blog, fashion photography
Plus size fashion, Autumn, fashion blog, plus size fashion blog, fashion photography

Plus size fashion, Autumn, fashion blog, plus size fashion blog, fashion photography

Plus size fashion, Autumn, fashion blog, plus size fashion blog, fashion photography

Plus size fashion, Autumn, fashion blog, plus size fashion blog, fashion photography

Plus size fashion, Autumn, fashion blog, plus size fashion blog, fashion photography

Despite my nasty cold, I decided to restyle one of my summer dresses for autumn, in between blowing my nose and wishing I had scarf to wear with this outfit. When did it get so cold?! Anyway, I paired my lovely meadow Joe Browns dress (from Simply Be) with a bottle green cardigan (Evans), black tights (Primark), boots (Newlook) and swapped my bright red lipstick for a autumny plum wine hue (from Revlon) . Above are two photos, one of my dress in the summer (click here to see this post) and the other in autumn. I think it's important to buy clothes with an idea of how much wear you will get from it. For me, I knew this dress would be wearable for three of the four seasons and therefore its £38 was worth every penny.

Plus size fashion, Autumn, fashion blog, plus size fashion blog, fashion photography

Do you try and restyle clothes for different seasons?
Do you think this look works?

I'm setting you a challenge:
 Try restyling an old summer piece for autumn. Swap your bare legs for tights. Flats for boots and wrap up nice and warm!

Let me know your thoughts and I'd love to hear whether you're gonna try my restyling challenge.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Leaves have fallen at my feet...

Happy Sunday, Everyone :)

Hope you're all having a nice weekend? I'm lucky enough to be back home with my family for a few days. Today has been a lovely day. Partly because I really liked my outfit (here is an outfit post showing my tights, as promised - I've been wearing them all day and they are still ridiculously comfortable) and partly because we went to a lovely garden centre out in the countryside and my dad bought me the cutest blazer. I know, clothes from a garden centre sound weird but it's this lovely English heritage styled tweed blazer and it looks cool. I am determined to do an outfit post with it over the next few days. I think you'll like it.

This evening, me and my family plan to try out our new fire pit by roasting marshmallows and making s'mores, followed by fireworks. I'm definitely going to have to put some more clothes on though. I was freezing in tights. They are a lot colder than wearing jeans or leggings.

So in the outfit I am wearing, my dress, tights and scarf are from Primark, shoes are from Newlook and my cardigan is from Evans.

Let me know your thoughts on the pictures above and what you've been up to this weekend :)

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The joys of tights.

I have always passionately hated tights. Yes, I am self confessed tights hater. I have never found a pair that feel like they fit properly. If they are fitted nicely at the top, they are baggy at the knees. Usually though, I find they never come up high enough. They like to fall down throughout the day. They ladder and are just generally expensive pieces of material that never fit, frustrate me and ultimately end up collecting in my top draw for a year. I then throw them out, promise myself I will never buy another pair and 12 months down the line, I am getting deja vu.
I've tried so many places. Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Marks and Spencer, Evans, Simply Be, George, Tesco as well as strange online shops and they have always disappointed me. It's always a big fail. Well my friends, a break through occurred today. This happened in Primark, of all places. One of my best friends suggested Primark tights and I thought, "why the hell not!" I chose a black pair of 100 denier. They cost £2.50 and fit how I've always imagined tights should fit a person.

I'll be sure to do an outfit post in the next few days so you can see me in my new amazing tights... 

What are your experience of tights? 
Do you have a go-to place that never fails? 
I'd love to know your thoughts on this issue! 

Friday, 1 November 2013

Autumnal days

Above was my amazing Autumny weekend. My family came to visit me up in Cheltenham (my uni town) for two days and we spent them eating nice food, exploring the countryside and buying pumpkins. It was such a perfect couple of days; the highlight being the day we visited the farmshop.  

I wish every weekend could be this good but then I guess it wouldn't be special enough to blog about.

What's your favourite way to spend an Autumn weekend?

How did you spend Halloween last night?