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Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Beauty Test: Seaweed Range (day 5-8)

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I have now been doing this skincare routine for a week and have definitely noticed some changes (mostly positive) in my skin in the last four days so I thought, instead of a big heavy paragraph, I'd update you by writing a brief list below of how everything is going as well as a picture. It is also worth mentioning that my next post in this series will be next Thursday as I want a chance to post different content between now and then! So anyway, back to my skin update...

Fashion Blogging, Plus Size Fashion Blog, Beauty, The Body Shop, Skincare, Seaweed, Review

  • Over the last few days I have noticed a couple of small blemishes on my face but I think that's normal when starting a new skincare routine.
  • My chin is definitely less oily now and the small breakout I had before has cleared up.
  • My forehead and nose are less oily then when I started this but I'd like to see a bigger change over the next week or so. I may also buy the exfoliator from the same range to see if that helps (it's important to mention that it has been very hot here which doesn't help in terms of having a shinyer face than usual!).
  • My skin is smoother and looks more fresh and healthy...yay! 
  • I'm also considering buying a different moisturiser (see here) to use during the daytime in the summer as it has an SPF which I can use instead of putting oily sun cream on my face. 

How do you keep your face protected from the sun during the Summer?

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Disclaimer: All photos in this post are unedited and have been taken on the monochrome setting of my DSLR. All opinions expressed in this post are mine and there is no third party involved.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Beauty Test: Seaweed Skincare (day 2-4)

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So in case you didn't read my post last Thursday, here is a brief catch up...or alternatively you can click here to read the first post.

I have decided to test out a new skincare regime by The Body Shop, the Seaweed range, that is for combination skin. It is supposed to reduce excess oil, moisturise dry patches and overall, give a more clear and matte finish. I am using the seaweed cleansing facial wash, the seaweed toner and then there is also a day cream and a night cream in the range that acts as the moisturiser. As well as this, I also bought the tea tree blotting tissues. Before I started this test, my problem areas were as follows:

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Results from day 2-4

Since starting this skincare regime on Thursday, I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin. I feel as though it has started to clear up the small breakout I had on my chin. Whereas before it was a little red and bumpy to touch, it is now clearer and softer. As well as this my chin, forehead and nose are definitely less oily (although my nose could be less so I'm hoping I quickly start to see a drastic change). I've been using my blotting tissues daily and find they help reassure me when I am out and about. They fit nicely into my little make up bag that travels around with me in my handbag and are easy and discreet to use. My skin has a nice glow to it and there is definitely more of matte finish. Another positive I have found is that I don't feel as though the products (especially the moisturiser) linger on my skin. It seems to quickly absorb and feels clean, fresh and soft afterwards. In the past I have used the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop but I found the cream very heavy and it made my face perspire more as it was coated in a thick product that my skin refused to absorb. My mum tells me it's better for drier skin, like hers (sorry mum!) as she  found it absorbed quickly on her and had a very different experience. This furthers the point that choosing the right skincare range is vital to it achieving what you want from it. In terms of negatives, I am yet to have any. The process can be time consuming and takes a lot of dedication but I have actually been enjoying doing it everyday. I have found very little reason to complain but I'm aware that it is still very early days and that a little further down the line, I am likely to find something I dislike.

Here is the latest picture of my face (excuse its bareness). Can you see much of a difference from the first post?

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I'll next be posting about my skincare routine in four days time, so make sure you come back on Thursday and follow my beauty test!

Let me know any of your thoughts regarding this post or anything I have said in it. If you have any tips to share when it comes to skincare then please comment below. 

Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Beauty Test: Seaweed Skincare (day 1)

The Body Shop Seaweed Skin Care, fashion and beauty blog, plus size fashion blog

The Body Shop Seaweed Skin Care, fashion and beauty blog, plus size fashion blog

I've decided to conduct my first beauty test on a new product I bought today from The Body Shop. The seaweed skin care range is supposed to help "rebalance moisture and sebum levels" and give a "shine-free, matte finish." As well as this, I also bought a pack of blotting tissues to help remove any excess oil on my face (as in the last few months I seem to have noticed my skin isn't as clear as it used to be). I originally went into The Body Shop with the intention of buying the tea tree range, however the lady in the shop advised me that it was for people with bad break outs and very oily skin. Apparently, I have neither of these things which did make me rather happy. She then advised that I buy the seaweed range which will help with any excess oil but wont be as harsh as tea tree.

The Body Shop Seaweed Skin Care, fashion and beauty blog, plus size fashion blog

My plan  
My plan is to see how and if my skin improves over a month period. I have chosen a month because I think we should be able to see a real change within that period but also, I only invested in a small pack of the skincare regime so I can't imagine it will last me more than four weeks. In five weeks I go away on holiday so if it has good results I will invest in more to take away with me. Throughout the next four weeks,  I will track any changes, both positive and negative, and will attempt to post twice a week. I will track my progress with pictures as well as detailed descriptions of how my skin feels and looks.

Here are the first results:

The Body Shop Seaweed Skin Care, fashion and beauty blog, plus size fashion blog

I don't think you can see much of a difference in the photo above (I tried to keep the lightening the same) although I do think the matte finish is a little visible and also my skin looks less oily. As well as this my skin feels cleaner and certainly softer. Unlike the tea tree, the scent of this skin care range is very delicate but nevertheless pleasant. I also used the tea tree blot tissues before I used the cleanser, toner and day cream (which is essentially a light weight moisturiser) and it certainly revealed that I had some access oil as it turned the translucent tissue a little more transparent. 

Have you tried any of these product before and if so, what did you think of it?

Let me know any of your thoughts on anything I have said during this post!

Disclaimer: It's important to mention that I am not being paid (or asked) to do this post by any company or third party. It is an independent project and all opinions expressed and photos taken, belong to me.