Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Beauty Test: Seaweed Skincare (day 2-4)

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So in case you didn't read my post last Thursday, here is a brief catch up...or alternatively you can click here to read the first post.

I have decided to test out a new skincare regime by The Body Shop, the Seaweed range, that is for combination skin. It is supposed to reduce excess oil, moisturise dry patches and overall, give a more clear and matte finish. I am using the seaweed cleansing facial wash, the seaweed toner and then there is also a day cream and a night cream in the range that acts as the moisturiser. As well as this, I also bought the tea tree blotting tissues. Before I started this test, my problem areas were as follows:

Beauty Blog, Blogging, Blogger, Fashion, Skincare, The Body Shop, Review, Seaweed

Results from day 2-4

Since starting this skincare regime on Thursday, I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin. I feel as though it has started to clear up the small breakout I had on my chin. Whereas before it was a little red and bumpy to touch, it is now clearer and softer. As well as this my chin, forehead and nose are definitely less oily (although my nose could be less so I'm hoping I quickly start to see a drastic change). I've been using my blotting tissues daily and find they help reassure me when I am out and about. They fit nicely into my little make up bag that travels around with me in my handbag and are easy and discreet to use. My skin has a nice glow to it and there is definitely more of matte finish. Another positive I have found is that I don't feel as though the products (especially the moisturiser) linger on my skin. It seems to quickly absorb and feels clean, fresh and soft afterwards. In the past I have used the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop but I found the cream very heavy and it made my face perspire more as it was coated in a thick product that my skin refused to absorb. My mum tells me it's better for drier skin, like hers (sorry mum!) as she  found it absorbed quickly on her and had a very different experience. This furthers the point that choosing the right skincare range is vital to it achieving what you want from it. In terms of negatives, I am yet to have any. The process can be time consuming and takes a lot of dedication but I have actually been enjoying doing it everyday. I have found very little reason to complain but I'm aware that it is still very early days and that a little further down the line, I am likely to find something I dislike.

Here is the latest picture of my face (excuse its bareness). Can you see much of a difference from the first post?

Beauty Blog, Blogging, Blogger, Fashion, Skincare, The Body Shop, Review, Seaweed

I'll next be posting about my skincare routine in four days time, so make sure you come back on Thursday and follow my beauty test!

Let me know any of your thoughts regarding this post or anything I have said in it. If you have any tips to share when it comes to skincare then please comment below. 

Thanks for reading!

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Joyce said...

Great review! I have the toner but that's it, now i kinda want to try the other products as well:)

Sadee Butt said...

very informative
very nice blog im following you
SadeeStyle While you’re visiting, follow along so we can keep in touch!

Maiken said...

I'm glad the seaweed range is working well for you and you can see some positive changes. I hope the final outcome will be even better and to be honest I think I will give their toner another go when my current one from Lumene is empty. I remember I really-really liked it when I had it the last time!

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