Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Beauty Test: Seaweed Range (day 5-8)

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I have now been doing this skincare routine for a week and have definitely noticed some changes (mostly positive) in my skin in the last four days so I thought, instead of a big heavy paragraph, I'd update you by writing a brief list below of how everything is going as well as a picture. It is also worth mentioning that my next post in this series will be next Thursday as I want a chance to post different content between now and then! So anyway, back to my skin update...

Fashion Blogging, Plus Size Fashion Blog, Beauty, The Body Shop, Skincare, Seaweed, Review

  • Over the last few days I have noticed a couple of small blemishes on my face but I think that's normal when starting a new skincare routine.
  • My chin is definitely less oily now and the small breakout I had before has cleared up.
  • My forehead and nose are less oily then when I started this but I'd like to see a bigger change over the next week or so. I may also buy the exfoliator from the same range to see if that helps (it's important to mention that it has been very hot here which doesn't help in terms of having a shinyer face than usual!).
  • My skin is smoother and looks more fresh and healthy...yay! 
  • I'm also considering buying a different moisturiser (see here) to use during the daytime in the summer as it has an SPF which I can use instead of putting oily sun cream on my face. 

How do you keep your face protected from the sun during the Summer?

You can catch up on my skincare journey by reading the last two post listed below...

Disclaimer: All photos in this post are unedited and have been taken on the monochrome setting of my DSLR. All opinions expressed in this post are mine and there is no third party involved.


Rakel said...

great post!

Would you like to follow each other? let me know!

CoastWithMe said...

Hey girl! Thanks for sharing this! Unfortunately, my skin is in major breakout mode lately! I tried clearasil and it made it much worse (maybe it was too harsh for my skin). Keep us updated on the progress! I'm dying to know how this works for you! Btw, following you now;)!

Eleanor Danks said...

These look lovely, I love body shop products, seaweed sounds so interesting to use! thank you for commenting on my blog, I am now following you :) xx

Courtney Erin said...

I find I'm still hunting for the perfect set of skin care products and routine...but I switched things up about a month ago and am, so far, very happy with the results.

Courtney ~

Maiken said...

well, when I sunbathe I sometimes use an Australian Gold SPF 50 face guard sunscreen stick. I also use it to cover my birthmarks and tattoos. and that's pretty much it, to be honest. oh and since most of the time I spend at work then sun isn't an issue anyway ;) + today our weather turned crappy. it's cold and rainy. looks a lot like autumn already :(

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