Friday, 26 August 2011

Gossip Girl: Serena Vs. Blair

I don't know if you watch Gossip Girl, if you don't then you should. Even if you hate their voices or the fact that they are rich and self absorbed , the fashion IS amazing. My friend Katie, who got me into it, always raved about the amazing clothes the two main girls wear. I'm talking about Serena and Blair. What is so great about them, is the fact they they are both stylish but in a completely different way. Every episode I find myself subconsciously putting them (mentally) in a fashion fight against each other and seriously asking myself, who would win?

Blair (on the left) dresses sweetly. Lots of pastel colours, lady like blouses, silk or lace gloves, bows, cute pumps and elegant evening dresses exuding old Hollywood glamour without the tackiness. If you can believe it, her style does not in anyway resemble her personality. She could be described as manipulative, scheming and at times; brilliant. Her fashion is always refreshing because she somehow makes innocent and diplomatic ensembles sexy. She doesn't wear short skirts every week or revealing dresses. Although that will not be to some peoples taste, I definitely believe, at times, that in terms of both sexuality and fashion, less (flesh on display) is more. However, in some cases, their is nothing better than a mini dress or a low cut cocktail dress - it's just nice to see something new. Here are some of my favourite outfits throughout thee series' (all of these imaged have been taken from Google and do not belong to me):

Serena's style is sexy, glamorous, modern and chic. Every outfit is feminine and yet has a slight androgynous feel. Having the longest legs in the world, she tends to have them on display...not that you can blame her...with short, sassy dresses or tight jeans. I have to say my favourite thing about her, is the effortless of all her outfits. She looks casual and yet her outfits can go from day to night; restaurant to bar. She also has a natural coolness to how she wears her outfits, with her boho blonde locks and natural make up (clear skin, glossed lips and light smoky eyes). Her outfits are always season appropriate and I would argue, could look high fashion in a bin bag. Here are my favourite picks of her outfits through out gossip girl:

So which is better? Well my winner has to be, 100%... Blair!
She is different, feminine, current and yet classic. She experiments and has such a signature look that I am inclined to do a Blair Waldorf outfit post!!

Who is your winner and why?

Thank-you for reading,

P.S I am heading up to London's famous Carnaby street! I am going to be setting out with my Camera and snapping up some great street style shots. It should be next week or the week after, so I can't wait to show you all the work I have done.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The L word (Lingerie)

Any ''fashionista'' (a person who has single-handedly stabilised the fashion economy)  knows the importance of the L word, in other words, lingerie. Choosing the right thing for the right outfit is nearly as important as waxing your legs, doing your hair and applying your make up before a night out. When I was younger, I under-valued the importance of choosing the right bra and the difference it makes to how a dress fits and suits you. Like most people, I am picky about where I buy it from. Certain places just seem right for you. It's not just about comfort. We all feel better when we have pretty underwear on, only me? I don't believe you.

Every week, whilst browsing through shops online, I seem to quickly build up a a wardrobe of things I want/ need... depending on my frame of mind. This week, besides a good pair of espadrilles I am dying to buy some nice underwear. It has been so long since I have splurged and bought myself a proper set. Sadly, money is still low. Saving for this Australia trip is driving me mad! But then I remember that in 4 weeks and 1 day (or 4 weeks and 19 hours, 25 minutes!) I will be boarding the plane and beginning my first big adventure!... Anyway. Back to lingerie. Before I go off on my travels I am going to get myself a nice, pretty set, you know, something to wear out in the evening and leave my boring, generic, white bra at home. For a bit of extra money, I will even cut out my weekly magazine trip (as I said, stabilising the fashion economy) and swap it for a good book.

At the moment I am loving some of K&Co's underwear. I love it because not only does it have straight sizes but also a great Plus Size Lingerie section. I like my blog posts to appeal to all my readers and having both plus size fashion bloggers and straight size fashion bloggers - I am hoping everyone will find some interest in it!? My three favourites at the moment are:

I love them because of the colours, the material and because they are soo pretty! Much more interesting than  plain. white. bras... 

Let me know what you think of the pictures above? and your opinion on lingerie? What's more important, comfort or style? Does a good fitting bra make all the difference? Where do you like to get your underwear from?

P.s Sorry about the lack of posts recently, I have been away on holiday with my family in Brittany, France - pictures to follow!