Sunday, 29 December 2013

Winter Wardrobe #3 Outfit

As promised, I wanted to show you guys what I am wearing over the festive period. It's a shame that the background is lacking. I wish I could present you with an England that has bright blue skies and power fresh fallen snow. Sadly in reality, it has been wet, windy, cold apart from Boxing Day which was beautiful...hence the pictures I took below on a seaside stroll with my Dad.
I really liked this outfit (although I wish the pictures were more exciting) and I love this jumper. It is so soft and looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. Would you believe me if I told you it was only £16? I decided to dig out my body-con jersey skirt to team it with and then added tights, boots, my leather jacket  and a scarf to match my dark red lipsticks. 
This ensemble keeps my dry, warm 

Skirt - Asos
Tights - Primark
Jumper - George
Boots and jacket - Newlook
Scarf - a friends (...I really should return it!) 
Watch - Fossil
Lipstick - Revlon

What are you wearing to survive this horrendous season, or are you lucky enough to live somewhere nice and warm/actually snowy and wintery?

Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Day 2013 #2 Outfit

Thought I'd show you a snap of my outfit on Christmas Day!
Instead of wearing my usual pretty dress and smothering myself with glitter etc, I opted for a more casual ensemble that made the most of my Christmas Jumper! Like all seasonal attire, a christmas jumper's day's are numbered so I wanted to get as much use out of it as possible. I will wear this right up until New Years Eve and then it will be packed away, ready for next Christmas!
Anyway, here is also a snap of the pretty lights in my house and the Christmas dinner I cooked! My first year as the cook and I felt the pressure after my mother and grandmothers wonderful cooking. I actually think I did a rather good job.

Jumper and skinny jeans - Newlook
Slipper boots - Accessorize 

Did you choose to dress up smartly or christmassy on the 25th?

Let me know!
Anyway, hope you guys had an amazing Christmas Day and are enjoying Boxing Boxing Day!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Winter Wardrobe #1 Outfit

I liked this outfit because...
The different styles of each item seemed to work so well together. Also, I am obsessed with cosy jumpers, tartan and my leather jacket at the moment. I have really felt the cold this Winter so getting all snuggled up in a jumper has been my way of surviving. I just wish the pictures were better. The lighting was low so we ended up using a flash which is never a good idea. Anyway they aren't too bad, they're all in-focus and showing my outfit sufficiently, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered posting them. I can only promise the next lot will be far superior!

I bought the...
Skirt, leggings, biker jacket, bag and shoes at Newlook.
Jumper at George.

As I am rather happy with my wardrobe this winter, I thought I would show you the outfits I am wearing over Christmas. I seem to be a little more daring with my fashion at the moment and if you read this blog regularly, you will already know that I have a...particular style...usually incorporating leggings, dresses, darker and brighter colours (never white!) and I avoid jeans and jumpers. This season has been totally different. I have a proper pair of blue jeans which I love and I have purchased three new jumpers! As well as this, I am also wearing tights and dressing in different colours from my usual black, green, grey and ox-blood. What has happened to me? 
Well whatever the change is, it is worth me documenting.
I like seeing how my style has developed.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the exciting build up to Christmas!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Home for Christmas.

After a long, intense and challenging semester at uni, Christmas has finally come and I've returned home. It's taking me a little while to settle back in (longer than it did last year) but it's been so lovely being back. I can't decide what is making me the most happy, but it's between my double bed and the amazing shower. Only joking. Of course it's being with my family. But both those things are bonuses. Did I mention my mothers cooking? Anyway, thought I'd share a few pictures of my beautiful Christmasy home and the occasional snap of me in my new onesie (thanks Mum!) 

I hope you liked the pictures of my home and our decorations!

Watch this space as I will be doing a few outfit posts over the next couple of weeks to show you guys what I am wearing for the festivities!

Merry Christmas...

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Five ways to beat the beauty winter blues

For me, this time of year seems to ruin the things I like about myself during the rest of the year. My skin, my lips and my hair all fail me. My hands get dry and sore and crack. My nails become even more brittle. My hair get's dry and loses volume. My lips get sore and red and chapped. The redness can work to my advantage but usually they just look nasty. As well as this, my skin really dries out in the cold weather and needs a good moisture for the approaching day. Here's how I beat the beauty winter blue.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All products were purchased myself and the opinions expressed are my own!

Hand Food - Soap&Glory
I've heard so much about this product. I'm sure you have as well. The fact that it keeps my hands really soft and moisturised throughout this harsh weather, makes me very happy but a bonus is the fact it smells amazing. I'm used to having bleeding and cracked knuckles. It's gets that bad. I got mine for £2.50 from Boots last week. I could have got a better deal and paid £5 for more than double but I wanted a small bag size hand cream to trial out. After being very impressed, I'll definitely be reinvesting into this when I run out.

Moroccan argan oil - Organix
I started using this haircare range when I first back to uni for my second year. I have both the shampoo and the conditioner but the reason I'm only posting on the conditioner is cause it really helps to keep my hair healthy, moisturised and strong. It doesn't require too much of the product to sort my hair out and the bottle has lasted me quite a few weeks. Only now, have I had to get my next supply for my next hair wash.

Carex Hand Gel
Is this a beauty product? I'm sure not sure but I decided to include it because the two things scare me this time of year (other than uni assignments of course) are
dry hands and getting ill. This allows me to protect myself and attempt to avoid colds and winter bugs but it also moisturises my hands. What is nicer the soft clean hands?
Nothing, I hear you say?
Well, exactly!

 Cherry Chapstick
I had a tough choice when I buying this. Did I go for strawberry or cherry? I ended up picking cherry simply because it's iconic and smells yum. Running with the chapped theme of this post, this lipbalm is a lifesaver. My lips don't do well this time of year and I usually use Vaseline but all it does is cover my lips but not moisturise. I decided to break away from this product after how disappointed it always makes me and invest into a chapstick. I debated Carmex because I hear such good things about it but the chapstick was *ahem* cheaper...

Seaweed Day Cream - The Body Shop
You have seen so many posts about this. I featured it on my blog over the summer and although it has an SPF which is great for the hot and sunny months, it is also really important to protect your skin during the rest of the year. Sun damage doesn't just happen when it's hot. Anyway, I love this product. It smells great. Sinks into my skin nicely and keeps it refreshed and life-like. I hate how my skin can go sallow and dry during the winter months and this is the first year I have routinely used a moisturiser. If you don't have one, invest!

These are my ways to beat the beauty winter blues. Hopefully they'll help you get through the coming months! 

Let me know your thoughts by commenting below and also...

Happy December!