Monday, 29 November 2010

High Street Vs. High Fashion

There is no getting away from it. Anyone who knows their fashion could tell the difference between high street and high end fashion in their sleep. From the quality to the quantity, there are both differences in the materials used and it's aesthetic quality. But the big question is, which is better? For years, fashion was for the wealthy and the famous however, fashion has become much more realistic and aimed at the wider public. So now that it is more accessible, who does it better?

What I believe makes high street fashion so wonderful, is that it is consistently versatile. It has somehow created fashion for the unfashionable. You see people on the street effortlessly looking like Top Shop models. And luckily, we are seeing less 'chavy' track suits and more ASOS play suits. These days, fashion plays a much bigger role within society, but is it significant because we are wearing it more or have we become interested because it is more relevant? Whatever the answer, fashion is an industry that is blossoming around us and a world that I am desperate to break into.

However, isn't there something romantic about designer pieces. The idea that a person designs a garment for one person to wear only... or a select few. Each piece hand crafted. When I look into a designer shop window, I feel insanely jealous. ALL the outfits capture my attention, as well as making me feel like I need/ can't live without each piece.  The tailoring is hard to miss as are the dresses.

It's difficult to say which is better but for me, If I had the money, I would mix and match. Something's, in my opinion, seem stupid to pay out £500 when they will be out of fashion as quick as they came in.

What do you guys think?!! Which is better and why?

P.s sorry for the lack of posts recently!!!!!!!