Saturday, 28 July 2012

Chilling out by the pool.

So as previously mentioned, I am on holiday in France, but like the good blogging girl I am, I am attempting to keep up with my blog and do a couple of posts! (as I type this on my iPod touch, I am sitting on a wall by the bar, taking advantage of the ONLY wifi spot I have found so far) Today I have spent the whole day chilling out at the pool, taking a break for lunch and the occasionally chocolat chaud (hot chocolate). Thought I would share a couple of snaps with you! Most I have posted on Instagram :)

How are you spending your hols'?? Let me know!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

So yeah, I'm on holiday!

Hey guys! So I'm on holiday sunning myself in Brittany in France. Plenty of photos are being taken and I can't wait to share my new outfits with you all (my denim dress, sparkly flip flops, trilby hat and my fav Aztec swimming costume). Wanna see this all a bit sooner? Please follow me through my Instagram account @hheartsfashion

On a side note: This is all being done via my iPod touch - hence the crappiness!! Hope you like my pic below!!

Au Revoir!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

D.I.Y - So I made a retro hair band.

I love pretty floral hair bands. The retro look is something I regularly try and recreate! I always used to struggle with keeping hair bands in place and ended up using a million grips that didn't hold. Then they started to bring out these beautiful hair bands that had wire inside to keep it in place and voilà! the problem was solved. Well I really wanted to make my own one so that I could chose the exact material and this weekend I did just that. Here is my little D.I.Y story...

The making process.

The finished piece.

The finished look.

I found this material for 70p in the 'scrap' basket of the material shop and knew I had to finally make my hair band. I then bought some wire to help mould the hair band along with some cotton and needles! It was easy enough to make and only took me an hour. I'm thinking of making another one in the next couple of weeks now that I know what I'm doing. Maybe I will try and make a tutorial if any one is interested?

This was my first real attempt at a bit of D.I.Y, admittedly it was simple but the point was never for it to be complex. It worked out cheaper and most importantly, I have a one of a kind hair band...I think that's pretty cool.

Let me know your thoughts!
What do you think of my home-made hair band??

Sunday, 8 July 2012

a brief look at eBay.

Is it worth all the fuss?
eBay has been one of the most successful websites in the short history of the internet, it is right up there with Google, Facebook and YouTube. Only recently have I taken an interest in eBay although I have always been aware of it. I have been a member since last Friday and already played an active member in both the buying and selling community. Buying two bags and selling three dresses and one cardigan. I decided to share my small experience of eBay with you guys as well as the two newest editions of my bag collection. One is very sparkly and the other, somewhat metallic.

This is my first ever eBay purchase. I saw this and thought it would be really perfect for going out clubbing/drinking etc, but also on the beach for my money and iPod. Previously used, the bag is clean and has a fully functioning zip (read on and all will become clear!). Definitely worth the small price of £2.75!!

I bought this lovely sparkly clutch bag, originally purchased from Topshop, for only £3.86. Although brand new with the tags still attached, the bag arrived looking great (clean & new inside and out) but having a bit of a tricky zip. I opened it up to examine the inside and now haven't been able to close it since yesterday afternoon). I'm sure I will sort the zip out, it's caught up in the lining at the moment. Any suggestions, advice or handy little zip tips - please share!! I have mixed feeling about it. On one hand, I am sure I can get it fixed and then all will be solved but I feel like it shouldn't have been sold to me in such a condition.

I have decided that I'm not gonna buy anything else on eBay and just purely use it as a means of selling. From just four items, I have made a minimum of £26 and each still has a few hours to go! I am an honest person and won't sell anything I don't think is in good enough condition if not new! I know now that you cannot trust that others will share the same opinion. So, my original question as to whether it is worth the fuss? Yes in terms of selling and probably not in regards to buying. When I go into a shop, I know exactly what I'm investing my money into whether it be £5 or £50. If it is damaged or breaks I have the option of returning or exchanging it. You don't get this kind of reassurance with eBay and for that reason, I don't see it as a risk worth taking.

What are your views on eBay? 
Do you have any positive or negative stories?
Most importantly, what do you think of my bags!?

Edit: my sparkly bag is now fixed!!!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Vintage Vs. Vintage style - what's the difference?

''Vintage clothing is a generic term for new or second hand garments originating from a previous era.''

"Vintage style usually refers to clothing that imitates the style of a previous era.'' 

We all know there is a big difference between something being vintage and vintage styled. These days, you can walk into any shop on the high-street and find dozens of 'vintage inspired' pieces! Vintage clothing was once for a niche of fashion lovers, people wishing to recreate certain eras (the 20's always having been a big favourite!). However, in the last 5-10 years, sourcing vintage clothing has become undeniably mainstream and therefore everybody wants to be part of it. Buying a vintage flapper dress will set you back a much larger amount of money than an imitation from a place like Topshop. The good thing is, you know it will be in excellent condition because it is new but also to the untrained eye, will appear like a vintage one of a kind. My issue though, is with everyone buying into it, after a while you start to see everyone wearing that dress. I guess though, some could say it is the same as buying certain products from the high-street that are inspired by the latest designer catwalks. That same untrained eye will be unlikely to tell the difference between a Chanel quilted bag and your average high-street quilted bag. 

What really inspired me to discuss vintage fashion on my blog was my introduction to eBay yesterday. Yes, you heard right. A 19 year old fashion lover only just familiarising myself with the world of eBay seems crazy but the truth is, I was worried about having another place to over spend. After a few serious inner monologue discussions, I talked myself round. Whilst browsing I noticed that as I searched for vintage pieces, many of the items listed were actually vintage styled. They were from current shops and maybe only bought a few months back but came up with the real vintage pieces. 

For me, it isn't an issue. I buy into both. The shoes, sunnies and necklace in my photos are vintage style whereas the dress and scarf are real retro pieces (I was also wearing two vintage rings but stupidly didn't think to take a picture of them, partly because my tripod has broken!). I do think that certain things on the high-street don't work as vintage though. Creating something that looks new and old at the same time is admittedly tricky, but when done right is very effective. Therefore it is important to do it right, Topshop for example pull this off effortlessly. Others however end up with cheap looking products that don't quite fit into either category, therefore who is going to buy them? I am a big advocate of fashion being available to  everyone and I think the beauty of vintage is that you can pick up some amazing finds in charity shops because they probably weren't too expensive the first time around. Buying original couture dresses etc are unlikely to ever be within my reach because like a good wine, the older it gets, the more expensive it becomes. Even if I end up earning a nice wage, I cannot see it being something I could afford, or justify, splashing out on.

How do you feel about vintage inspired fashion? 
Which do you prefer to buy into and why? 
Which stores do you feel do it best?