Sunday, 8 July 2012

a brief look at eBay.

Is it worth all the fuss?
eBay has been one of the most successful websites in the short history of the internet, it is right up there with Google, Facebook and YouTube. Only recently have I taken an interest in eBay although I have always been aware of it. I have been a member since last Friday and already played an active member in both the buying and selling community. Buying two bags and selling three dresses and one cardigan. I decided to share my small experience of eBay with you guys as well as the two newest editions of my bag collection. One is very sparkly and the other, somewhat metallic.

This is my first ever eBay purchase. I saw this and thought it would be really perfect for going out clubbing/drinking etc, but also on the beach for my money and iPod. Previously used, the bag is clean and has a fully functioning zip (read on and all will become clear!). Definitely worth the small price of £2.75!!

I bought this lovely sparkly clutch bag, originally purchased from Topshop, for only £3.86. Although brand new with the tags still attached, the bag arrived looking great (clean & new inside and out) but having a bit of a tricky zip. I opened it up to examine the inside and now haven't been able to close it since yesterday afternoon). I'm sure I will sort the zip out, it's caught up in the lining at the moment. Any suggestions, advice or handy little zip tips - please share!! I have mixed feeling about it. On one hand, I am sure I can get it fixed and then all will be solved but I feel like it shouldn't have been sold to me in such a condition.

I have decided that I'm not gonna buy anything else on eBay and just purely use it as a means of selling. From just four items, I have made a minimum of £26 and each still has a few hours to go! I am an honest person and won't sell anything I don't think is in good enough condition if not new! I know now that you cannot trust that others will share the same opinion. So, my original question as to whether it is worth the fuss? Yes in terms of selling and probably not in regards to buying. When I go into a shop, I know exactly what I'm investing my money into whether it be £5 or £50. If it is damaged or breaks I have the option of returning or exchanging it. You don't get this kind of reassurance with eBay and for that reason, I don't see it as a risk worth taking.

What are your views on eBay? 
Do you have any positive or negative stories?
Most importantly, what do you think of my bags!?

Edit: my sparkly bag is now fixed!!!


ellie said...

I hear crazy stories, but then I hear good things too.

These are very cool.

christine said...

I've never sold anything on eBay before but I have purchased several things and even won several auctions. I try to choose stores with the top seller ratings or at least high ratings and good reviews. I pay a lot of attention on the reviews and what people say. So far I've had a great experience and most likely will be purchasing through eBay. However, I haven't purchased anything out of the country yet. I do ask for advice from others which is a great resource like what you're doing through this post. Great bags-- especially the glittery one! cute cute!

Maiken said...

I don't even have an user account there, so I'm definitely not the right person to share opinions, stories, advice etc. but when it comes to zippers then I know some bags (or actually not only bags) do have bad zippers which get stuck, so it's definitely not a miracle that something like this happened. I'm glad you got it fixed though! and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing some outfits where you rock your new shiny accessories! ;)

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Danielle said...

I think that as soon as someone agrees to purchase something from ebay, they should be well aware that there may be some faults with the clothing, after all, it isn't a 'shop' as such, just random people! I buy LOADS from ebay and everything has been to a good standard, if not perfect! A few things haven't been as good quality as the picture leads you to believe but when I'm only spending up to £5 on it, I'm not really bothered! Things like shoes are amazing to buy on ebay, so many companies are set up on ebay that sell EXACTLY the same shoes as popular high street stores such as Linzi... I got a pair of wedges from ebay that were £35 in Linzi and £10 on ebay! I only ever buy things that are 'brand new' and 'buy it now', I use ebay shops instead of auctions/people selling their old stuff! xx

Laura Go said...

I love ebay, but I rarely buy because I'm really trying hard to be more supportive of handmade products. If I want something trendy though, I use ebay to get a better deal. Love the purses you got!

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Joyce said...

Wow I love the things you got! So shiny and sparkly :) I actually just bought a necklace on ebay (first purchase from ebay ever!) a few days ago :) I can't wait for it to come.

Fashion R&D said...

Great stuff!! I haven't sold anything on ebay yet but I've bought tons of stuff. So far, so good and it's MUCH cheaper than retail! Hope your good luck continues!