Thursday, 22 November 2012

Orange and green should always be seen.

I know guys. It's been ages. I can only say sorry again and make another promise to try and be a better blogger! Here is the outfit I am wearing today. It's pretty simple. I just love the different colours. I love green with my hair colour and I, strangely, love orange too. I think it works well on me. Also perfect for Autumn. I just teemed it with leggings, grey flats and a black cosy cardigan. Oh and my cross earrings of course. (Dress, cardigan and flats - Newlook, Scarf - Monsoon, Leggings - Next, Satchel - H! Henry Holland, Earrings - ASOS)

Not sure whether anyone else has read this, but a big trend in hair at the moment, is clipping your fringe to one side. I can be a little lazy with my hair so pull this trick quite often. What do you all think of it? Have you done it before?

So to catch you all up, Uni us going well. Deadlines are fast approaching as are the Christmas holidays.   It's cold and wet here. I have pretty fairy lights up. I bought the cutest novelty hair clips on Monday. We have a Christmas tree. Caught up?

Here are a few pics for y'all.

My study area. Where I write.
The tree. How pretty is it?

The hair clips!

Can't wait to hear/read your thoughts!