Thursday, 29 December 2011

Fair-isle obsessed.

Okay, well it is fair to say that when it comes to Fair-isle print I am obsessed. I wear too much of it, wear it a little too long after Christmas and talk about it like a hero (as you are about to see). It's popularity and credibility shot to an all time low after being unfairly linked to the Bridget Jones Jumper and labelled incredulously as a 'Christmas Jumper'. Luckily the fair isle knitted jumper has made its come back in the last couple of years and is now the winner I always knew it was. Maybe its just me but I see them everywhere I go! As I stroll down round the shops I see people, both men and women of all ages, wearing them. To those out there that like to call them geeky (and mean it simply as an insult) - 'Geek Chic' is a much loved and followed trend by majority of Fashionista's world wide *breathes* So hah! Okay so that sounded a tiny bit obnoxious but I just drank a badly made dirty Martini and it appears to be having a peculiar effect on me.

I do not own this images, extracted from GOOGLE.
Anyway, this is the outfit I wore today. It was pretty cold so I wrapped up warm! Snapped on my iPod Touch, I wore a long, grey fair-isle knitted jumper dress, a pair of black leggings, a skinny red belt and a matching scarf and fingerless gloves. I also applied a touch of red lipstick to match the belt and add a festive touch.
The red belt and fair-isle print

Jumper, scarf and my red lips

A close up of my belt

Me and my little brother in the car

A full length picture of my outfit

My dirty Martini
So let me know what you think of my outfit. Do you love or hate Fair-isle knits? Does a dirty Martini have a similarly obnoxious effect on you...
Hope you all had an Amazing Christmas,
Thank-you for reading!

P.s I have now reached 68 followers. I have only 3 days to reach my target of 75!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas brings people home!

So now that Christmas is fast approaching, all my friends have returned from University. Last night we went out for our Christmas meal and after not seeing some of them for 3-8 months it was a welcomed reunion.
Below are a few snaps of our cosy gathering. As you can see, my friends are pretty fashionable people!

A crap picture of my outfit. I took it in a rush as I was leaving the toilets! 
Merry Christmas Everyone! 

Hope you all enjoy seeing family and friends again. Better to think about all the people we are being reunited with rather than the people we are still missing!

Let me know what you have been up to recently, always great to hear from you all.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

PHONE SNAPS - Christmas Shopping!

Today I went shopping in Brighton. Even though it wasn't snowing, it was still so Christmas-y, Wintry and magical.  I went to finish off my Christmas shopping and to get my Secret Santa present and strangely managed to find almost everything I needed. I would write and show you the presents I bought today but I know that my family and friends occasionally check out my blog so to be on the safe side, I will have to show you after Christmas. Below are a few photos snapped on my mobile. The quality is awful, especially when my blog is used to my Digital SLR camera but I didn't have it with me. You can kind of see my outfit in one of the snaps. I wore a black dress that has a cute collar with a winter jumper over top, leggings, ankle boots and my leather jacket. I did have a waist belt on but took it off because it kept falling down and drove me slightly mad. Anyway, we walked through the beautiful Lanes all lit up by the spectacular lights and froze to death in around 0 degrees. Hope you like my snaps!
A proper English Street Light!
Christmas tree in the town centre.
The clock tower is Brighton.
Dad,  Mum and Josh.
Me and my little brother! You can't really see my outfit!
'Merry Christmas!' in the Cath Kidston window!
UPDATE: My target of reaching 75 followers by New Year is well under way. I am currently on 62, that is 14 followers in last week!!!

Merry Christmas Readers!!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Chunky Knit kinda girl!

This is the outfit that I wore out for a brief amount of time. Only my road would have witnessed its delights but it was too cold to hang around, hence, why the rest of the photos were finished off indoors! Warmth! Sadly I don't actually have any full-length photos. I have no one to take them and as previously mentioned, my poor tripod has died. Anyway, I thought this outfit (what you can see of it) would be pretty cool for just hanging out in, it is ridiculously comfortable! I am wearing black jeggings, ankle boots, a long black vest top with an Aubergine knitted jumper, my black leather over top finished with a monochrome chunky knit scarf and a struggling top knot. I say struggling because my hair is a bit too short at the moment and it took me a while to get it to stay up.

Scarf - An old Christmas Present & Leather Jacket - New Look 

Jumper - Evans

Nail Varnish - Virgin V

Ring - Lovisa
Anyway, let me know what you think of the outfit. Whether like me, you LOVE chunky knitted clothing or if it drives you mad!?

P.p.s I am now up to 56 followers!! Only 19 more until I meet my target!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Just a cute blouse.

Today I decided to wear one of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe. Last year, Pussy Bow Blouses were everywhere. Tucked in to your favourite jeans or high waisted skirt, chucked on with a pair of full length leggings and your warm winter boots - the blouse was an easy but versatile statement. I bought mine last year and I still love it as much. I don't think this outfit is Amazing, just a nice casual outfit. Also, excuse the quality of these images. I had to take them myself and my tripod has broken. I was planning on taking them outside with my black ankle boots and leather jacket on but it was too cold to stand around in. I'm a wimp, I know.

Necklace - Tiffany's
Jeggings - Dorothy Perkins, Blouse - Evans
Nail Varnish - Virgin V, Watch - Fossil

Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone :)

Just an after thought
Lastly, I just wanted to say that today I have finally reached 50 followers. It has been a target I have been aiming for, for a while now. To make a change, I actually have the time to work on my blog at the moment so am officially setting myself a new target. By the End of this year, I want to reach 75 Followers. I am going to do more outfit posts and write more frequently! Wish me luck and thanks for all your help so far!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Such a fashionable Christmas.

My tree is pretty fashionable this year. We got most of its accessories from John Lewis and the beautiful flowers from Fortnum and Mason - pretty house hold names here in England. So yes, apparently my tree can afford to dress in designer but not me. Our recently decorated living room is cream, gold and a wine red with a splash of brown leather sofas. My mum artistically coordinated our tree with the room and I think it looks amazing. Above are a few snaps of it, in all its Christmasy Glory.

What is your colour theme this year? Is your tree out doing you on the Fashion scene? Let me know what you think of my images and would be great for you to show me your beautifully decorated houses.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Party Season = Party Dresses!!

Sadly I have no money to buy any Party Dresses but HEY! a girl can still look, right? A girl can also still post about it. Looking is free thank goodness. So yes, as I was saying...I'm poor. So poor, that I am attempting to stretch £10 further than it will ever possibly go. I'm making jams and chutneys, jewellery, cards and sweets - believe it or not, I have at least 9 people to buy for! Normally it would be more like 15 but my friends and I have decided to just go out for Christmas this year and leave presents. We all could do with saving a few pounds and Christmas is about the company not the presents. Well that's what they say anyway!

Back to fashion. I love buying myself a couple of new dresses around Christmas and knowing that I have at least two of my outfits sorted. This year however, buying presents has to be my priority. I like to buy something quite colourful or sparkly and also something quite simple and versatile. Then I can mix the outfits around and make a few different outfits out of two dresses. This year I am making use of the clothes I already have. Luckily I have plenty of dresses so I should be at the majority of events I attend...

Here are a few of my favourites:

And then again in purple...




Let me know what you think of these dresses or post the links to your favourite party dress! Can't wait to see what you guys have to say! Thanks for reading.

P.s will soon be posting what I have made for Christmas so far and also some outfit posts of my favourite party dresses in my closet.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Fancy paying a visit...

to my new blog 'In nobody's eyes but mine'? It is all about photos. A photo-blog I guess. It is very new, not even a day old! So please give it a visit, leave a comment or follow me if you really do like it. Tips and suggestions ALWAYS welcomed. Just drop me a line and you can expect PRETTY PICTURES (see below)...