Tuesday, 27 October 2015

things i love about autumn

[Jeans & satchel - Asos, Pumps - Evans, Jumper - Simply Be, Scarf - Forever 21]

Bonfire night 

It's finally soup season

Fluffy socks

Jumper weather

Every outfit requires a scarf

Pumpkins and gourds galore

Instagram becomes overloaded with autumn snaps

Every path is sprinkled with a confetti of leaves

The air smells cold and fresh and smokey

Seasonal drinks (gingerbread lattes, praline flat whites and orange hot chocolates..ughhh)

Time to dig out my ankle boots

My black cherry Revlon lipstick (see above)

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

my body; my fashion

The last few months have been busy. I've been working a lot (in a where-the-hell-are-all-the-post-grad-jobs job which has been...well yeah you get the drift) and, also, my sister came home from Australia for five weeks (and flew back last week) so we've been hanging out and going out shopping and drinking coffee and baking so it hasn't been all bad, but despite doing lots of lovely things I haven't updated my blog which I don't feel too good about.  The truth is, I've felt uninspired. Despite having money to buy myself a beautiful autumn wardrobe and feeling very inspired with my style etc, I've not known what to post about on here. I think my brain has just been a bit cloudy the last few months.

I decided the solution was to start a new blog. Get a fresh start and put all my spare time and energy into it but, when it came to posting on my new blog I realised it wasn't the solution and that like before, I still had nothing to write. I felt like this blog had a lot of issues and I wanted a chance to leave those issues behind however, this blog has been a big journey so far. Since starting it in 2010 my style has developed so much, as has my confidence (not just in what I wear but in how I view myself). When my blog first started out, I only posted photos of my face, having always avoided photos that showed my body and now I post full length photos, wear things I never would have worn and I don't give a crap about what people think. My body; my fashion.

Anyway, this is just a welcome back to my blog and I can't wait to show you all the beautiful Autumn pieces I have bought so far.

[leather - new look, skirt - simply be, scarf and crop top - forever 21, shoes - evans]

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

5 couldn't-live-without beauty products

clinique, herbal essences, john frieda, sanctuary, the body shop, beauty products, beauty blog, beauty review, beauty

You know that game you used to play when you were kids...the one where someone would say, if you were stuck on a desert island and could only take one person/food/book etc with you, what would you take? Well this post is kind of similar except, it's about beauty products and I refuse to only pick one so I've narrowed it down to five...

Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash (£8.50)
If you have been following by blog for sometime, you will know that a couple of summers back I did a beauty test (see here) where I trialed out a new skincare regime. Despite not being a fan of either the day or night cream and being somewhat indifferent to the toner, I loved and have continued using the cleansing facial wash. This facial wash leaves my skin feel clean and fresh and does an amazing job at stopping my skin from producing too much oil. It also doesn't have a strong fragrance to it which, for me, is essential as I like facial products to smell light and fresh and natural, not overly perfumed!

clinique, herbal essences, john frieda, sanctuary, the body shop, beauty products, beauty blog, beauty review, beauty

Clinique Moisture Surge (£34.00)
I'm not one to jump on beauty bandwagons but when every blog I read and vlog I watch recommends a product, I find myself being subconsciously drawn to it while I'm out shopping. Every time I ventured into town, I would, somehow, find myself lingering at the Clinique counter, sampling out this product and being talked at by the sales assistant, each one describing it as a "drink for your face". One even sneakily gave me a tester pot and after trialing it out for a couple of weeks, I found myself desperate to purchase it. However at this point I couldn't justify the price but, at the start of last month, I finally bought myself a pot and I have been using it daily.
 This moisturiser sinks into my skin quickly, leaving it feel soft and fresh. It doesn't feel sticky and you don't have to use much to get a good coverage. Despite it being expensive, it is also said to last a long time which is great as I couldn't afford this price too regularly. Over the years, I have had an endless struggle with finding a good moisturiser that works for my skin, so now that I have found one, I plan to stick with it until it is discontinued or I find something better.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Leave-in Conditioner (£5.89)
This time last year, I got my hair ombred blonde for the first time (see here). Before this I had never dyed my hair or anything close, so bleaching it really scared me. My hairdresser told me that my hair would feel dry and it was important that I gave it as much moisture as possible so, being the nervous nelly that I am, after my hair appointment, I walked straight into town and headed for the John Frieda section of Boots. I bought this leave -in conditioner (as well as deep conditioner) and have used this product religiously after every hair wash. Even though the blonde has worked it's way out over the year, the tips are still blonde and beside this, the product suits me. It has built in heat protection and helps to keep my hair healthy and hydrated...did I mention it smells amazing?

clinique, herbal essences, john frieda, sanctuary, the body shop, beauty products, beauty blog, beauty review, beauty

Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask (£10.50)
I first purchased this when I was out shopping with my sister. We each bought a couple of tester face masks and planned to try them out that evening after we got home. As soon as we walked through the door, I was running upstairs to apply this. I loved the idea that it was a warm mask and I remember hoping I hadn't been a victim of false advertisement but sure enough, this product exceeded my expectation and since, it has been my go-to face mask. It leaves my skin feeling fresh, soft and visibly clearer. I have tried other products and have liked their results but nothing beats this mask. In fact, writing this post made me desperate to apply it (hence the picture above...attractive, right?) so I took a break and gave myself a little pamper session.

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Intensive Mask (£4.79)
I have a tried a few deep conditioners over the years. All of them have been more expensive than this one (some a lot more and others only a tinsy bit) but none have given me the same results. Despite being an inexpensive drugstore/supermarket product, this hair mask/conditioner is amazing. Firstly, it smells like summer holidays in a bottle, all coconutty and tropical but it's not just about the smell. The conditioner immediately hydrates and leaves my hair silky, tangle free, shiny and, strangely, brings out the blonde in my hair. Also, a lot of heavy conditioners can weigh your hair down and leave it looking limp and lifeless but this products gives movement. In my opinion it is worth a lot more than £4.79 so go buy one before Herbal Essences catch on to this! 

Beauty products are complicated. Each person has their own issues and struggles but the important thing is to do plenty of research (fellow bloggers and vloggers are a god send) if you are thinking of buying into expensive products. However, I think it is also important to try and be open minded. There are some amazing lower-end products out there so don't assume that you have to pay up to get a good product, especially if, like me, you don't have an endless budget for beauty (or fashion or food or just life in general).

Anyway, I hope you liked this post and please let me know which five beauty products you'd take to a desert island with you?

Saturday, 18 April 2015

dressing appropriately

Although I write about a variety of different things on my blog, this post is a little more personal than usual and is, somewhat, mixed in subject matter. It is 50% about my holiday and 50% about how I dress for things which sounds vague and a little pointless but, stay with me and all will become clear...

plus size, plus size blogging, plus size fashion, beauty blog, body confidence, fatshion, body positivity, eff your beauty standards, mountains, france, chamonix, snow, french alps, winter fashion

When I was younger, and a lot less confident than I am now (mainly during the latter of my teenage years 15-19), I struggled to dress for occasions. By this, I mean, I had a set few items of clothes I limited myself to and that I felt comfortable in and unfortunately it became a one-outfit-fits-all-occasions kind of situation. I mostly wore leggings, a dress of a certain length, a cardigan and ballet pumps because that is how I thought I looked best. When summer came I didn't lose the cardigan or the leggings so I was crazily hot. A terribly embarrassing example of this occurred while I was away on holiday one year in Spain. I must have been about about 15 and we were spending the day on the beach. I remember being sat under an umbrella in a maxi dress with a cardigan on and under my maxi dress I had on a pair of leggings! It was the middle of August and the weather must've been 30 degrees Celsius (or more) and I was feeling so hot, I almost felt sick. I wanted to be in my swimwear like everyone else and go and swim in the sea but I didn't have the confidence so instead I just put up with the heat and it was a miserable day and needless to say, I must've looked ridiculous. Looking back on this makes me feel annoyed and sorry for my old self but also happy to be in a better place. 

Things weren't much different when the winter came, I hated how boots made my legs look short so, once again, I used to wear pumps and freeze my feet off (even when it was practically snowing I didn't let up). Autumn and Spring were easier months because they were less radical but throughout the rest of year, I always felt fed up with how I looked and felt. In scenarios where casual clothes (jeans, t-shirt, trainers etc) were appropriate I would stand out and when things were more dressed up, I could make my outfit a little more dressy but still, I felt bored by it.  

plus size, plus size blogging, plus size fashion, beauty blog, body confidence, fatshion, body positivity, eff your beauty standards, mountains, france, chamonix, snow, french alps, winter fashion, chanel,

I've loved fashion since I can remember so restricting myself so much was frustrating and pretty crappy. Then I reached an age where things seemed to change and I gained a better perspective of things. This change probably began when I first read Gabi Gregg's blog Gabi Fresh (which was then called Young, Fat and Fabulous). I began wearing season/weather/situation appropriate clothing and from this, I started enjoying things a little more.

As I said at the start of this post, the point of this wasn't just about my confidence in the past, it was also, somewhat, about the holiday I just got back from (which actually prompted me to write this). Whilst I was away this Easter in the French Alps, I realised that I was actually wearing appropriate clothing that I felt happy in. I found it funny when I thought back to how I would've dressed had my 16 year old self come instead of my 22 year old self. It just felt like a bit of progress that for some reason, I decided I wanted to share! Although I didn't get any decent photos of my outfits on my DSLR I got some pretty good ones on my phone that I shared on Instagram (follow me @hheartsfashion) so I decided to share them on here as well. Don't get me wrong, my outfits aren't amazing and my make-up and hair were low key but that's the whole point, I guess. 

plus size, plus size blogging, plus size fashion, beauty blog, body confidence, fatshion, body positivity, eff your beauty standards, mountains, france, chamonix, snow, french alps, winter fashion

plus size, plus size blogging, plus size fashion, beauty blog, body confidence, fatshion, body positivity, eff your beauty standards, mountains, france, chamonix, snow, french alps, winter fashion

Anyway, if you made this far, thanks. This was a slightly longer post than usual but hopefully it was worth the read!

Please let me know your thoughts and feel free to share any similar experiences or comment about the craziness of me wearing leggings on a beach!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

s/s 15 menswear style guide

It's seems to be rare to find people discussing men's fashion online and when they do, it seems to focus more on high-end fashion as opposed to high-street. Where are all the high-street fashion blogs for men? Anyway, I've been desperate to discuss menswear ever since I started my blog in 2010 so I decided I'd start by creating my first spring/summer style guide. I've done lots of style guides for women's fashion over the years but I've decided to try my hand at men's fashion and, luckily, I managed to rope my brother into helping me create a mini lookbook. His outfit was inspired by the upcoming trends for spring and summer, focusing on the French Riviera vibe that seems to be in at the moment.

Sourced from Google (Left: Christopher Kane, Right: Cavalera)  

Trend one: accessories

The great thing about accessories is that they enable outfits to be more versatile and, I always think, have the ability to make a plain outfit a bit more fashionable

Pocket squares, summer scarves, braces and sunglasses. All seeming to have a retro vibe to them, particularly the 70s which is on trend right across the board at the moment. There seems to be a lot of quirky and garish prints being styled up with tonal or quite simple outfits (see the accessories used in the images above).

Sourced from Google (Kate Eary)

Trend two: the seventies

I briefly touched upon this in the trend above but 70s fashion is everywhere at the moment. In the last few years, 90s fashion made a huge come back but as it's very inspired by 70s, it was only logical for the 70s to get the spotlight.  

Large open collared shirts, vivid hallucinatory patterns, large patterned silk scarves and over-sized garments for a laid-back hippy style.

Sourced from Google

Trend three: sporty vibe

The sports vibe for s/ is to menswear, what floral prints and pastel colours are to women's. It's a standard trend for that season and although it isn't ground breaking but this trend will have always been, somewhat, reinvented. The term 'sporty vibe' is inclusive of almost every sport from sailing to polo to skating so this trend is extremely versatile. The skater look we saw in Bobby Abley's collection for s/s works well with the 70s trend, whereas the polo look is more suited to a preppy vibe and could fit in well with the accessories trend and the stripes. I decided to use this trend (combining the polo and sailing look for a French Riviera look - scroll down to see more) for my lookbook. 

Anything from rolled up chinos, deck shoes, skater shoes to board shorts.

Sourced from Google (L: Craig Green, R: E.Tautz)

Trend four: outerwear

Whether it's men's fashion or women's, the spring/summer coat is going to be very popular this season. More so for the spring because it's unlikely many people will take a coat with them on their beach getaway. There is an abundance of lightweight jackets and coats on the high-street at the moment that are perfect for chucking over a pair of shorts and a shirt to keep you warm as well as in style. From a practical viewpoint, the s/s coat will also be a fantastic transition piece from Summer into Autumn so don't be worried that you'll only get one seasons worth out of it!

Over-sized, drapey, long, tonal.

Sourced from Google (L: J Crew, R: E.Tautz)

Trend five: stripes

Stripes are a big trend for the upcoming season and I'm not just talking about Breton tops. The great thing about this trend is that it's versatile so everyone should be able to find a way to make it work for them.

Pinstripes, colourful stripes, wide/thin stripes, striped suits, tops, trousers, jackets and pretty much whatever else you can think of that has stripes.

Mini Lookbook

As mentioned at the start of this post, I got my brother to create a mini lookbook with me and we chose to go with a French Riviera theme. This included some of the trends that are mentioned above (turned up chinos, sporty/sailing vibe with the deck shoes, striped shirt). 

As you'll notice in the pictures, the outfit wasn't shot on the most beautiful French Rivera-esque day. Instead it was chilly, overcast and the sea was rough (so just a normal British day in March really!) but strangely I think the weather added something to photos. However, I'd advise that until the weather picks upm you should probably think about wearing a coat if you venture out on a day like this, Maybe a nice navy duffle coat would have complimented this outfit well!

mens fashion, menswear, mens fashion trends, menswear ss15, mens style guide, fashion blog, polistas, chinos
mens fashion, menswear, mens fashion trends, menswear ss15, mens style guide, fashion blog, polistas, chinos

mens fashion, menswear, mens fashion trends, menswear ss15, mens style guide, fashion blog, polistas, chinos

mens fashion, menswear, mens fashion trends, menswear ss15, mens style guide, fashion blog, polistas, chinos

mens fashion, menswear, mens fashion trends, menswear ss15, mens style guide, fashion blog

What he wore:

Chinos - Polistas @ House of Fraser  (find them here)
Shirt - H&M (see similar here)
Deck shoes - Clarks (see similar here)

Let me know what you think of the look above!

Would you like to see more menswear features here?

What's your favourite menswear trend for Spring/Summer'15?