Friday, 19 September 2014

a big catch up

It's been a while. Yes, I broke my schedule. I feel bad about it but honestly I had nothing to post about on here. I'm not sure this counts as much but I felt like I needed to write it. Give y'all a little update as to what's changed since I last blogged.

I've returned to uni.

I'm in a new house with people I like.

I live (in what sounds like a sitcom) with two men and a dog called Larry.

I have a Hogwarts jumper that I plan to spend all Autumn in (see silly pics of me below wearing it with my pjys!)

I now spend a large amount of time worrying about my dissertation and what I'm gonna do.

On my first day back, I, literally, fell off a public (my friend snapchatted the pic at the top to me).

I've started wearing my Autumn wardrobe although I need some more clothes!

I've started swimming.

I got a membership to make myself go.

I now start the day with peppermint tea.

I'm using hair oil for my bleached ends!

I watched the first series of Gavin and Stacey in an evening. 

I've began to watch the eighth series of Doctor Who.

After ordering Dirty Dancing on Amazon two years ago (and it never arriving), I finally bought it in Tesco.

I finally finished The Book Thief (it was amazing!)

I hung funny pompom things in my room.

I covered one of my walls in 1930s travel pictures.

I temporarily became a vegetarian for 16 days but now I'm back to meat.

I tried a fig...

and I hated it.

So yes, I am back at uni now so I may miss the occasional post but I will definitely try and keep to my schedule! Another big problem I have is that I have no photographer here which concerns me. I don't wanna overly do the whole mirror snap thing so maybe I'll buy a tripod and take the pictures in my garden when my house mates are out.

Anyway let me know what you've been up to!

Friday, 5 September 2014

grey & pink

plus size fashion blog, fashion and beauty blog, plus size fashion, winter pastels, autumn fashion

plus size fashion blog, fashion and beauty blog, plus size fashion, winter pastels, autumn fashion

plus size fashion blog, fashion and beauty blog, bills, bills afternoon tea

I still have some holiday photos to post but I thought I'd take a break from them and show you an outfit I wore on Tuesday when I went out with my mum, my little brother. It was really nice to go out, just us three, and make the most of the sunshine. We did a bit of shopping (and I got the most beautiful dogtooth blanket jacket from Debenhams!) and then headed over to my favourite restaurant, Bills, for a spot of afternoon tea. Needless to say I drunk my bodyweight in early grey.

I'm a little obsessed with midi skirts at the moment and as the weather is still summery here, I decided to style my favourite blush skirt with just a light grey and black tee. I love the combination of grey and pink together. There's something lovely and romantic about it. Usually I'm not a massive fan of pink but I love blush and nude tones. Although they're still quite girly, they just seem a little more tasteful than pink (I'm really not a fan of those garish fuchsias and overly bright reddy pinks everyone seems to love). I decided to add in a slouchy black bag to accentuate the black print on the top and just slightly toughen the outfit up. This is quite a normal 'just going out shopping' look for me. I seem to live in a state of dressy-casual. Anyone else have this problem?

On a side note, I head back to uni today. This evening my parents are driving me back and we're all staying over at my new house until Sunday. It's gonna be strange getting back into uni work and even stranger not seeing them (my family) everyday but thankfully I have a good even balance of nerves and excitement!

Happy Friday!

What are you all up to this weekend?

Monday, 1 September 2014

holiday style #pinkswingdress

tenerife, uk fashion and beauty blog, palm trees, beach, summer
fashion and beauty blog, plus size fashion, asos curve, swing dress, 90s plus size fashion, summer fashion, tenerife
beach, summer, tenerife,
fashion and beauty blog, plus size fashion, asos curve, swing dress, 90s plus size fashion, summer fashion, tenerife
fashion and beauty blog, plus size fashion, asos curve, swing dress, 90s plus size fashion, summer fashion, tenerife
tenerife, uk fashion and beauty blog, palm trees, beach, summer
As I sit and write this post, I am sat beside a lamp all wrapped up in a blanket with my glasses on and listening to Birdy (as you can see in the pic above, I love her). I have a big mug of tea beside me and I've just finished watching a Harry Potter film (Half-Blood Prince). Outside the weather is damp and dark and the only thing worth doing with weather like this is hiding from it. But writing this just got me thinking of how different my day has been today, compared with the day captured above. It was hot and sunny. Just the occasional cloud. Probably in the late twenties, maybe approaching thirty degrees. We were exploring the island. I found and drunk pineapple Fanta. I paddled on the beach and applied sun cream every half an hour or so. Believe it or not, I did actually get a bit of colour. Not much by the standards of a non-pale person. Whenever I get back off holiday, someone will always say to me, "you haven't got much colour" or they will show me their amazing tan and then look at my skin and say nothing. The stupid thing is that these people are judging me by their colour. No, in comparison to you I don't have much colour but in comparison to how I was before I left!

(my outfit deets)

Dress Asos Curve
Sunglasses Dorothy Perkins
Flipflops Havaianas 
Necklaces Fiorelli & Accessorize

Anyway, as mentioned in my last post, I thought I'd share another story of weird things that happened to me while I was away. This story is titled, Mr Stare on the Stairs.

Mr Stare on the Stairs 

You know how when you're on holiday, you end up noticing certain people. There isn't much of a reason as to why these people stand out to you but nevertheless, everywhere you go you seem to see them. Well there was a particular man on holiday that I saw everywhere. The difference with this man was that I had a great reason for noticing him. He liked to stare. Everywhere I went, there he was staring. Just staring at everything and everyone. And then, when he saw me, he would stare until I was no longer in sight. Quite appropriately, and rather quickly, I christened this old man as 'Mr Stare' and whenever I spotted him I would whisper to my family, "Misstterrr Stare!" It became a bit of an in joke between us.
Throughout the two weeks this happened a lot. Every time he stared I was tempted to go and confront him but, you can't just go shout at some old man. Especially one who doesn't speak English. And anyway, if I shouted at every person that stared at me on holiday, I'd spend a large portion of my day shouting. Still, it annoyed me but I just put up with it. Then, on the second to last night of my holiday, something very bizarre happened. (When you finish reading this story, you may wonder why the hell I'm sharing it with you. It's weird and maybe a bit embarrassing but if I'm honest, I just find it funny. Funny that I seem to attract these bizarre situations. So anyway...) As it was approaching midnight, we (my family and I) decided to head back to our room's for bed. Drinks had been drunk and cards had been played. My parents and my brother decided to take the lift but, as I always did, I took the stairs. They were a little dark and no one seemed to be around but I didn't have too many to go up so I took my time. When I got to the top I saw Mr Stare standing there. This time I decided that I would stare back. Give him a taste of his own awkward medicine. So there I was, climbing the stairs and holding his stare. When I walked past, he approached me and I thought he was going to speak so I stopped. He didn't speak but, instead he came closer and closer. All this time I was wondering what the hell he was doing. Eventually he got so close to my face that I thought he was going to kiss me. Yes, a seventy year old man. As a reflex (thank god for my reflexes!) I took a step back, horrified, disgusted and a little confused. To this, he gave me the biggest and strangest smile. I continued up the stairs and luckily, he seemed to head down in the opposite direction to me. 
I have no idea what he was thinking or doing. Maybe he was trying to freak me out, in which case it worked. I don't know if he was drunk or maybe senile but I most certainly hope he wasn't going to kiss me. Imagine that. A twenty-one year old and the nearest thing to a holiday romance was an old Spanish man named Mr Stare. God. 
For some strange reason, and a day or two after this all happened, I imagined myself pushing him away and him falling down the stairs. I don't mean that in a 'oh btw I'm a murderer' kind of way but more that I usually react to things quite strangely and impulsively. I rarely do the thing that is socially expected. I just act on instinct. When I spoke to my friend about it on the phone, he asked why I didn't just move and walk away. The thing is, I think I just froze. Lucky for me, I chose to leave. If I hadn't, this story may have ended up with a very different title and possibly may have been written from inside the walls of a Spanish prison.

(I did say it was a strange story)

Happy September 1st!

Friday, 29 August 2014

holiday style #midiskirt

fashion and beauty blog, plus size fashion, asos midi skirt, kimono, newlook, ootd, tenerife, summer fashion

summer, tenerife, peurto de la cruz, spain, holiday

fashion and beauty blog, plus size fashion, asos midi skirt, kimono, newlook, ootd, tenerife, summer fashion

Well two weeks went fast! 

Seriously. Where did two whole weeks go?

I got back off my holiday from Tenerife on Tuesday night. Normally I'm really upset to leave but for once I felt okay about it. Not because I had an awful time, in fact I had a really lovely holiday. I enjoyed lots of sunshine (got a bit of a tan for me), spent some time swimming and best of all, I read some amazing books. Strangely, I just felt ready to come back  and get on with my life here. Besides this, I always love returning to my bed and eating English food again. Anyway, above is one of the outfits I wore during the beginning of my holiday. Even in the summer I can't resist layering. I bought this dusty pink skater skirt from Asos for around £20, I believe. I just thought it'd be really comfy and light in the heat but also quite versatile for wearing during the day as well as the evening.

Seen as though so many bizarre things happened while I was away, I thought I'd share a couple of stories alongside my holiday/outfit posts. The first is called...

The VERY Enthusiastic Spanish Salesman 

 Every evening after dinner, a jewellery stall with local jewellery and bags would be set up in the hotel foyer for the guest to look at, try on and buy (if they wanted). Being a girl who likes jewellery and bags, every evening, I'd always have a little look and occasionally I bought a couple of things. On this one particular evening I was greeted by a VERY enthusiastic Spanish salesman. 
My mum was looking at the jewellery and although I'd quickly decided that it wasn't really to my taste I continued to look with her. She had her eye on an owl necklace. To inspect it closer, I picked it up off the table but before I knew what was happening, the necklace had vanished from my hands. Stood behind me was the VERY enthusiastic Spanish salesman who was lifting up my hair and putting the giant owl necklace on me. Before it was even on, he told me I looked beautiful in it. 
Awkwardly, I stood there as he struggled to do the necklace up. Looking back, I think I only allowed him to do it up because I was just so surprised. To make things even more bizarre, I realised he was also removing my earrings (!?) and trying to put in a pair of matching owls. I stood in a weird daze as I felt him stabbing my ear with an earring and not successfully finding the hole. Feeling a little sick, I pushed his hands away and put the earrings in. Despite the irritated look on my face, he took this as encouragement and held up a table mirror and exclaimed, "You like them!"
"They're nice," I said, "but not really my style." 
He looked confused but continued to show me my reflection. 
"It's very chunky. I like my jewellery more...delicate," I said, removing the necklace and earrings. He held up a hand and told me he had the perfect necklace for me. To stay where I was. He returned a moment later with an even bigger necklace that was somehow more ugly than the giant owl. This time I refused to try it on.
How I find myself in these awkward positions, I have no idea...needless to say, I didn't buy anything from him and made sure to hide the following week when I saw his jewellery stand back in the foyer.

Kimono New Look
Vest top George
Midi skirt Asos Curve
Necklace Tatty Devine
Tassell bag Accessorize 

Happy Friday!

Monday, 11 August 2014

what's in my hand luggage?

fashion and beauty blog, fashion, beauty, travel, hand luggage, new look, river island, ted baker, plus size fashion blog, travel beauty essentials

Tomorrow I'm heading off on holiday to Tenerife for two weeks! I'm excited and a little bit nervous. Excited because I plan to soak up as much sun as is physically possible so I have something that resembles a tan (I believe for redheads it's usually just 'a healthy glow') and also to read until I've forgotten my name. I love books and the sun so it shouldn't be hard. 
I'm nervous because I haven't flown since my gap year trip to Australia which was back in 2011. So three years ago! You're probably thinking, if you can do a 24 hour flight on your own then surely a 4 hour flight with your family will be easy-peasy. Well firstly, you haven't met the stress that is my family (sorry if any of you are reading this) and secondly, I much prefer long haul flights. You somehow manage to forget you're on a plane because it just becomes normal. It's the thought of sitting on a cramped plane for 4 whole hours and feeling every second of it that really concerns me. I just pray I fall asleep and when I wake up, I'm there. Anyway! I decided to make my last post for two weeks a glimpse into what's in my hand luggage. I always like to have a good (virtual) nosey around bloggers bags/hand luggage so I thought you might too...

fashion and beauty blog, fashion, beauty, travel, hand luggage, new look, river island, ted baker, plus size fashion blog, travel beauty essentials

Black leather look rucksack from New Look

River Island purse to hold my lack of Euros
Keys on my worn out Cath Kidston lanyard 

Retro style reading glasses

Much needed Tictacs

Large Paperchase notepad

Essential and easy going book. Naturally has to be John Green.

Company magazine (I couldn't find a summer Cosmo)

Detangler brush 

Little perfume

Earphones (for my iPhone which I stupidly left in the pocket of my rucksack...oops)

Pocket tissues and wipes because I believe in hygiene

Summer Ted Baker make-up bag (see below for the contents!)

fashion and beauty blog, fashion, beauty, travel, hand luggage, new look, river island, ted baker, plus size fashion blog, travel beauty essentials

Stylefile in case I break a nail.

My Benefit eyebrow kit in case my eyebrows become uncontrollable...

A nice moisturiser for my face (cause flying really dries out your skin!)

Burt's Bees lip balm and nail cream (see reason above!)

Mascara in case I need a top up when I get to my destination!

Blotting tissues are just an essential anyway.

Hand gel should be taken everywhere. Especially when public toilets are involved.

My wonderful-can't-live-without colour correction cream (Benefit's lemon aid) just in case my eyes have dark circles or I wanna hide an out of nowhere spot!

I won't be posting on here over the next couple of weeks, but hopefully when I'm back (on the 26th) I'll have heaps of nice holiday outfits and pics to share.

See you in two weeks :)