Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Easy Glam.

The Up-do

An up-do like this is so easy and ads instant glam to the simplest of outfits. Today I wore this hairstyle with black ankle grazers, a black vest top, a ox-blood coloured bat-wing cardigan , some vintage-looking jewellery and some navy pumps. I think this looks great, no matter what your hairstyle is however it needs to be long enough to put up without layers falling out. I'm thinking of doing a tutorial post for how to do the perfect top-knot (your thoughts??).

Statement Nails

You cannot beat a great nail varnish to liven up any outfit. My friend recently bought me this as an early birthday present and it's great. It had a wide brush that makes applying it really easy and only needs one heavy coat. The make is Rimmel London and the colour is called Desire. The great thing about a colour like this is that it's bold and regal, adding quick glam to your outfit. I've had so many compliments on it and best of all, it lasts (chip-free) for 10 days.

Cute Jewellery

The best thing about jewellery is that you don't to wear a lot to make a statement. I love rings at the moment and think they are great to add a bit of fashion into your outfit. Particularly as I have no money at the moment, it's easier to justify a pair of earrings as oppose to a new dress or a handbag. This ring was given to me by a friend for Christmas. It's one of my favourite brands, Bobby Glam (to see my post on Bobby Glam, click here).

On a side note: I hope you all had a lovely pancake day. I have two pancakes which were lovely and during my munching, I decided to try lent this year (despite being very much not religious). I am attempting to go forty days and forty nights without swearing. Usually this wouldn't have been much of task for me but since coming to Uni, I am surrounded with obscenities on a daily basis and have consequently become a more frequent swearer. So yes, I'll keep you updated. I also got two results back at uni. Two 65's which are both a 2.1 which to those who don't know what I'm talking about, I basically got a B. So yes, I am very happy with my results.

Have you given up anything for lent (if so,please share!)?

What are your quick tips for instant style and glam?

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Mixing it up a little.

Okay, so this is going to be a crazily mixed-up-post. There is so much to say so I guess I am just preparing you all...

  • I suck. How have I not posted in over a month? It's disgraceful.
  • I have missed my blog so much. People know me as a girl with a blog, if I lose it...I will just be that girl blog? (erm how awkward). I'm at risk of an identity crisis!
  • I am at university still. It's going well, I guess. 
  • I have a new hair cut. I'll bombard you with photos and promises now. 

I recently had a full fringe cut in, where I live here in Cheltenham. It;s a little more blunt than I've had in the past. It's also a little longer than it has been in while. Above are the most common ways I wear my hair. In a messy bun, tousled, straight (occasionally) and plaits (alternating between fishtail plaits and school girl).

In terms of fashion and clothes, I have no money at the moment so my fashion is feeling a little old. I have exciting visions of myself walking around in new clothes, looking a little hipster, but sadly this cannot come true until I find myself a job...which is proving difficult. I decided to create an outfit though, to show you all what I wish I could be wearing. Darn student poverty. 

Oh gosh. I guess here comes another promise. I can't be sure I will post every week, but at least every two weeks seem reasonable? I will do my very best.

Thanks for reading and i'd love to know your thoughts on my new hair cut, this outfit I wish I could buy (all from Newlook by the way) and my beautiful snowy University.