Saturday, 2 February 2013

Mixing it up a little.

Okay, so this is going to be a crazily mixed-up-post. There is so much to say so I guess I am just preparing you all...

  • I suck. How have I not posted in over a month? It's disgraceful.
  • I have missed my blog so much. People know me as a girl with a blog, if I lose it...I will just be that girl blog? (erm how awkward). I'm at risk of an identity crisis!
  • I am at university still. It's going well, I guess. 
  • I have a new hair cut. I'll bombard you with photos and promises now. 

I recently had a full fringe cut in, where I live here in Cheltenham. It;s a little more blunt than I've had in the past. It's also a little longer than it has been in while. Above are the most common ways I wear my hair. In a messy bun, tousled, straight (occasionally) and plaits (alternating between fishtail plaits and school girl).

In terms of fashion and clothes, I have no money at the moment so my fashion is feeling a little old. I have exciting visions of myself walking around in new clothes, looking a little hipster, but sadly this cannot come true until I find myself a job...which is proving difficult. I decided to create an outfit though, to show you all what I wish I could be wearing. Darn student poverty. 

Oh gosh. I guess here comes another promise. I can't be sure I will post every week, but at least every two weeks seem reasonable? I will do my very best.

Thanks for reading and i'd love to know your thoughts on my new hair cut, this outfit I wish I could buy (all from Newlook by the way) and my beautiful snowy University.  


ellie said...

Love your update. I'm glad things are going well with you.

Jasmine said...

I love your new haircut :) You call those casual heels? I would end up in casualty with a broken heel if I wore those hehehe. Welcome back to the blogger world. I am one of your new followers.

Ella said...

Great to see you blogging again. Your new haircut looks lovely xx

Maiken said...

nice to see you here.. again, hehe :P
I think your hair looks lovely and what a coincidence that on Tuesday evening I will visit a hairdresser too! I'm pretty excited about it.
oh and maybe you can visit thrift stores and find cheaper versions of your dream clothes from there :) good luck!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Fashion R&D said...

I love your new hair! The fringe is very pretty on you! I also love the blog design! Good luck with the job! Ugh!