Monday, 24 December 2012

When Christmas comes to town...

Christmas is only a day away, can you believe it? Although I haven't been posting, I have certainly be
en celebrating and enjoying the build up. I have been watching all my favourite Christmas films: The Grinch, Home Alone, Nativity. I've been going to Christmas markets, listening to festive music, having festive dinners and get-togethers with my friends (uni and home friends), present shopping and today I did some last-minute-festive-cleaning, while dosing myself up on painkillers to get through another icky cold I seemed to have caught. What can I say, besides all of this I have been doing my work for University and handing in assignments. Above are pictures of The Bath Christmas Market and  The Cheltenham Christmas market (both a couple of weeks ago). Honestly, it is so lovely wandering around a market, sipping hot wine, eating hot cashew nuts and looking at things I wish I had money to buy. Seriously. Taking photos was fun. I rarely find the time to just get my camera out and focus on photography (no pun intended).

I will be posting more throughout the festive period, so keep an eye out guys!

Merry Christmas :)


ellie said...

Lovely post!

Love your hat!

Happy Holidays!

Maiken said...

hey, you! nice to see you here again. and I agree, it's so strange to be at home and not have to go anywhere.. though the day after tomorrow is a workday again and Friday too :P
anyway, I like your Christmassy photos and especially the third one which is simply gorgeous! :)

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Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

This is seriously beautiful! <3 The light displays are breathtaking!

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Benlovesting said...

Lovely blog! x

Fashion R&D said...

Great to see you again since I've been MIA too! Ugh for school! Great pictures and I hope you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!!

Milex said...

that's almost too good