Monday, 29 November 2010

High Street Vs. High Fashion

There is no getting away from it. Anyone who knows their fashion could tell the difference between high street and high end fashion in their sleep. From the quality to the quantity, there are both differences in the materials used and it's aesthetic quality. But the big question is, which is better? For years, fashion was for the wealthy and the famous however, fashion has become much more realistic and aimed at the wider public. So now that it is more accessible, who does it better?

What I believe makes high street fashion so wonderful, is that it is consistently versatile. It has somehow created fashion for the unfashionable. You see people on the street effortlessly looking like Top Shop models. And luckily, we are seeing less 'chavy' track suits and more ASOS play suits. These days, fashion plays a much bigger role within society, but is it significant because we are wearing it more or have we become interested because it is more relevant? Whatever the answer, fashion is an industry that is blossoming around us and a world that I am desperate to break into.

However, isn't there something romantic about designer pieces. The idea that a person designs a garment for one person to wear only... or a select few. Each piece hand crafted. When I look into a designer shop window, I feel insanely jealous. ALL the outfits capture my attention, as well as making me feel like I need/ can't live without each piece.  The tailoring is hard to miss as are the dresses.

It's difficult to say which is better but for me, If I had the money, I would mix and match. Something's, in my opinion, seem stupid to pay out £500 when they will be out of fashion as quick as they came in.

What do you guys think?!! Which is better and why?

P.s sorry for the lack of posts recently!!!!!!!

Monday, 11 October 2010

My MUST haves!

There are soooo many things I am IN LOVE WITH at the moment. Too many to count and way too many to buy. But here are a few things I must have, somehow. Now I know that all these things don't go together but as individual pieces, they all make a beautiful autumnal statement!
Heeled boot - New Look

Oatmeal knitted scarf - Dorothy Perkins

Lace PeterPan dress - TopShop

Ponti Sixties shift dress

High waisted balck pencil skirt - ASOS Curve

Beth Ditto, Khaki maxi dress - Evans

Rib socks - ASOS

Thank you for reading!
Hh Xx
p.s sorry for the lack of posts recently! I have been soo busy with homework and coursework but I promise to keep my posts more regular!!!!!

Friday, 24 September 2010

My Top 5 Fashion Icons.

In magazines the same fashion icons appear. Obviously, its different depending on your location, but here in England we see the same people each week. Honestly? I do love the majority of them but they start to become a bit clichéd when they are the only thing people can talk about. Here are my 5 favourite fashion icons, the people I believe that truly inspire my styling and the world of fashion. Some may be what you call 'the usual' however, If they are on here, I love them.

Brandon Flowers

He is gorgeous and amazingly talented but that is not why he is on my top 5. Every item he wears is a statement and more importantly he's a man! Although many of the best and top designers are men, we don't often see too many (straight) male celebrities embracing fashion. And if we do, it isn't on the same level as us women. Through his clothes he effectively pushes the boundaries by mixing up a masculine indie 50's look with glamour. Glamour, another word that isn't often associated with men. He is a showman, a musician and in my opinion, the best male fashion icon currently around.

Alexa Chung

Okay, she is a usual in Company, Cosmo and Vogue UK magazine but there is a reason for that. Her style is effortless. Every time I see her, I am overcome with jealously. I am just being honest. She is beautiful, quirky, unique and isn't a generic model. She does high street perfectly, as does she designer. Alexa is often snapped wearing an outfit with both high end and high street fashion, making every garment look expensive, fresh and youthful... exactly what fashion is supposed to be. An icon that doesn't aim for perfection but rather rocks the 'rough around the edges look', many have tried and many have failed. She embraces culture and different styles - therefore creating a personna that most could relate to in some way.

Leighton Meester

Another beautiful woman that occasionally, I want to attack at the same time of being crazy jealous of. Most known from Gossip girl where she looks equally as perfect playing Blair. She is a classic beauty. A perfectly proportioned figure and face. She wears the 1950's Movie star look, effortlessly, as if she could have stepped straight out of a Hollywood film set. Her outfits are simple but stated. Like her on-screen character, she gives a preppy feel to most outfits and still manages to look completely sexy.

Zooey Deschanel

Looks-wise, she is probably my most favourite female icon. I love the picture above, utterly obsessively, because to me it sums up her naturally beautiful 70's look. Her wavy hair with the earth coloured sheer blouse and natural make-up take us right back to an all American hippie twist. She somehow looks current and dated at the same time. In all her films she plays a character that transports us right back to the 50's, 60's and 70's. Whether she subconciously portrays these eras or maybe is chosen for her classically beautiful and versatile face, it always works for her and us. I predict she is someone that will only get more beautiful and talented as she ages.

Katy Perry

She is crazy. But at the same time shockingly stunning. With her dark quirky hair, porcelain skin and emerald green eyes she is definitely naturally beautiful (a word I have used too much in this post). Her style was a cute 1950's pin up girl (hmm I wonder what my favourite era is?) but is now transgressing into a dark indie-chic look. She has a figure to die for (not a size zero either) and dresses herself in completely unique ensembles. She is another person that I will be keeping an eye out for in the future.

These are my top 5. The people that consistently inspire my style. Let me know what you think of this post and the icons I have chosen. Also, it would be great to hear who inspires you and your clothing choices. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

My obsession Badgley Mischka...

Hey guys! I can't believe I haven't posted in so long. I feel awful for neglecting my blog and followers but I have finally found something to write about that fills me with excitement and allows me to make some time. Since I last blogged I have discovered the delights of Badgley and Mischka an American fashion label. I don't know if you have heard about them before? They are two designers, Mark Badgley and James Mischka, who design 40's affluent inspired, glamour wear. I love their style, the detail and their approach to casual clothes, no approach. They stormed New York Fashion week were Badgley said "The clothes in that movie could have stepped off the screen and onto our runway,". Me? I love glamorous clothes. I rarelly do the whole casual thing. If I had the money...and the figure, I would live in these clothes. Also, the great thing about them is they also do Bridal wear! The dresses are so beautiful, exactly the kind of thing I would wear. Anyway, I couldn't paste any photos in to show you there latest collections but here is the website -

 Feel free to check it and let me know what you think!!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Lacey afternoons.

These are the first of my photos on my blog. I have been so nervous to put them on, worried about bad reviews but then I decided to go for it, how do I know if I'm good or bad if no one ever sees my work. The girl in these photo's is one of my best friends. Unedited. Beckie. T is wearing a cream lace dress from West One with a vintage lace bolero and nude high heels. The look is supposed to suggest a late lazy afternoon, simplified with a 1920's aristocratic glamour. I was obviously going for a Lacey theme. I think it works, and I hope you guys do too.

Please let me know what you think of my photos. Thank you for Reading... or do I mean looking? :)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

My New Season must-haves are...!!!

This is where you finish the sentence with two or three of your Autumn/ Winter staple items.

My New Season Must-haves are... a quirky duffle coat with toggles. (Both from Dorothy Perkins)


A chunky knit (neutral/ camel coloured) cardigan or jumper. (Middle cardi -Top Shop, Outer two - Dorothy Perkins)


A leather satchel bag. Brown, Navy or Ruby red preferably. (All from Topshop) 

These are Three of my New Season Must-Haves.

Let me know what yours are and what you think of mine?!

Thanks for reading :) 

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

I do not own this image
I am so excited for Autumn. I love summer, I do, but the thought of going into the next season and wearing different colours and styles makes me quite excited. The expense of it doesn't as much but I try to forget about that part. I have already started buying into my Autumn wardrobe (the days are drawing closer!!). Yesterday I purchased a deep ribena purple creased dress, the colour is so Autumnal as is the material and now, I am dying to wear it. I also bought some brogues. A beautiful beige suede. September is looking up.

The trends that are in this coming Autumn are easy enough to wear and follow. Even though, yes, I do try to keep up with current fashion, I believe that you should also wear what you feel comfortable in. If they say one season ditch your cream for white then I will still wear my cream as well as white, why? Because I love it.

5 simple style trends

Trend 1

Buttons are out. D & G to Vivienne Westwood are using alternate methods to fastening cardigans and coats. Safety pins, badges and medals(?!) have all been used. An easy trend.

Trend 2

I do not own this image
Back combed and big hair are in for A/W this year. Its an easy look to style and a harder look to wash out. From Chanel to Mulberry models have all been seen wearing frizzy, big hair down the catwalk.

Trend 3

We've seen the tangerine trend this summer. And thank god its lasting throughout A/W. Asos described it as adding a 'ZING' to your style, so whether its a tangerine bag, nail polish or pair of shoes - give it a go.

Trend 4

One word. Tassel's. Add it to your outfit, bag or shoes. Simple.

Trend 5

Cinch in your chunky knits with a skinny belt. This instantly shows of your shape and adds texture to your outfit.

Next seasons colours

1. Caramel, mushroom, beige and mink. Mix up the textures in any of these colours

2. A burst of berries. Lilac, blackcurrant, blueberry, plum and raspberry. Bright, fun and wearable. Gives our Autumn wardrobe a juicy touch.

3. Dark hues. Charcoal, platinum, navy, and black. Once again mix up the textures and cuts of these colours for instant style.

Autumn Make up

I do not own this image
Lips should be Berry, Cherry soda, 80's and full.
Eyes should shout Strong, powerful, full of attitude, smokey and smudged.
Keep it simple with pink, playfully youthful cheeks and nutty/grey eyes.
Get frosty, give the ice cold, glistening snow queen effect. Keep it magical. Silver, grey, even pale blues (and I mean pale).
Keep brows natural. Shaped but not over kept.
Keep all the looks well textured and but not mixed. Can I state that im not suggesting all of these at once, heavy eyes, lips and cheeks is a bad combo unless your going for a clown-inspired look?


Lace meets tailored. Wear your lace top with tailored trousers, or a lace dress with a military styled jacket.

I do not own this image
Leather. Go big collared, fur lined, brown/ black leather jackets, trousers, shoes, bags and even dresses. If it's leather it's in.

Wear your coat as a cape. If its cold, wear a jumper or cardi underneath for warmth and drape your coat over your shoulders.

The Maxi is still in. Thank goodness. Just opt for more Autumnal colours and we're set.

Grunge glamour. We've seen grunge before. But this season is less dark (which is odd) and more delicate natural tones (which is great). Slouchy cream jumpers, camel coloured skinnies, beige over sized knitted cardigans and earthy coloured coats.

Let me know what you think of the A/W trends? Or have you got more to add to my post?

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

My Vintage Finds!!!

This is a post about vintage items :) One of those things that like most in fashion you will LOVE or HATE. I hope if you are a hater then my take on it can turn you to the dark side, so please read on and let me know what you think.

I'm sitting here casually listening to MGMT (currently a favourite band) and suddenly I start thinking about vintage clothes. I love vintage. I don't wear it too much because I rarely find things I like enough to spend my money on. I always hear that somebody has found their amazing dress/bag/coat/hat/shoes in a charity shop or in reclaimed vintage. So off I go to my local charity shops and more often than not I come away disappointed. A few months back however I was flicking through my Vogue when I read that Eastbourne (a local town of mine) was one of the best places to find vintage. The next I caught the bus into Eastbourne with a friend and (shockingly) found so many amazing things. My favourite item was a 1940's War style tea dress. It is navy with white, grey and red flowers on. It cinches in at the waist and had (yes had) long puffball sleeves. I wore it like that a few times but then decided to customise it. It is still in this process
but I have included in this post anyway. When it is finished I will
re-post it to show you what I have done to it. This is it to the right.


The next item I found was a pair of indie boots. I had been looking for brown ones everywhere and unfortunately these were black (off black) but also only £3 in comparison with £40 at Topshop. They are comfy, cool looking and practical - what more could you ask for in a shoe?

I then also found an amazingly cool red and black dog tooth jacket. It sadly, didn't come out as beautiful in my photos as it looks in really life. Looks a bit frumpy and orange-like. Oh well. It has cute little gold and black vintage buttons, is a lovely material and makes me feel slightly like Emily Gilmore from The Gilmore Girls but all in all - I love it. It cost me £4!! And I thank the stylish granny who decided it wasn't for her anymore.

These are my vintage items. I am planning to do a feature on my latest reclaimed vintage maybe every month of two? I can't imagine me finding stuff worth buying too often! So get out on the street. Look in your charity shops because you might find something stunning or even designer (it has been known). No harm in looking and if it's not for you then that's fine but give it a try.

So, Please let me know what you think of this post and my items above. If you hate them, let me know! If you love them then I would love to hear why. 

Thursday, 12 August 2010


I don't know if you know about ASOS.COM?? If you do, then I'm sure you will share my passion/obssesion with it and if you don't then prepare to be blown away!! It is a quirky online shop that provides and show cases current fashion. The prices vary but the quality is worth every penny. The best thing about it, is that it caters to everybody. Not only does it do the normal 8-16 sizes, but has recently brought in a plus-size range, maternity and petite, menswear, kids and reclaimed vinatge!

The accessories and the shoes are amazing. But the I love the fact that it does outlets of designer fashion. Although these items are way too expensive for me at the moment, I love looking through them and thinking about what I will buy one day. It also delievers internationally and the prices are reasonable. I spend the majorty of my internet time surfing ASOS.COM and love the Curvy Range! I have brought a black and gold, gladiator style maxi for £55, a brown hand bag £35 and a chanel style white quilted bag £15.

My favourite item I have found so far is this Lace trilby hat for £18.00

They also do a brilliant FREE magazine. Sign up and enjoy!!

Whether you are a lover, a hater or newbe - please let me know what you think of this website, anything I have said in my post and if you think ASOS should start using me to promote their website lol (this isn't me officially trying to promote them, I just love them...).