Tuesday, 17 August 2010

My Vintage Finds!!!

This is a post about vintage items :) One of those things that like most in fashion you will LOVE or HATE. I hope if you are a hater then my take on it can turn you to the dark side, so please read on and let me know what you think.

I'm sitting here casually listening to MGMT (currently a favourite band) and suddenly I start thinking about vintage clothes. I love vintage. I don't wear it too much because I rarely find things I like enough to spend my money on. I always hear that somebody has found their amazing dress/bag/coat/hat/shoes in a charity shop or in reclaimed vintage. So off I go to my local charity shops and more often than not I come away disappointed. A few months back however I was flicking through my Vogue when I read that Eastbourne (a local town of mine) was one of the best places to find vintage. The next I caught the bus into Eastbourne with a friend and (shockingly) found so many amazing things. My favourite item was a 1940's War style tea dress. It is navy with white, grey and red flowers on. It cinches in at the waist and had (yes had) long puffball sleeves. I wore it like that a few times but then decided to customise it. It is still in this process
but I have included in this post anyway. When it is finished I will
re-post it to show you what I have done to it. This is it to the right.


The next item I found was a pair of indie boots. I had been looking for brown ones everywhere and unfortunately these were black (off black) but also only £3 in comparison with £40 at Topshop. They are comfy, cool looking and practical - what more could you ask for in a shoe?

I then also found an amazingly cool red and black dog tooth jacket. It sadly, didn't come out as beautiful in my photos as it looks in really life. Looks a bit frumpy and orange-like. Oh well. It has cute little gold and black vintage buttons, is a lovely material and makes me feel slightly like Emily Gilmore from The Gilmore Girls but all in all - I love it. It cost me £4!! And I thank the stylish granny who decided it wasn't for her anymore.

These are my vintage items. I am planning to do a feature on my latest reclaimed vintage maybe every month of two? I can't imagine me finding stuff worth buying too often! So get out on the street. Look in your charity shops because you might find something stunning or even designer (it has been known). No harm in looking and if it's not for you then that's fine but give it a try.

So, Please let me know what you think of this post and my items above. If you hate them, let me know! If you love them then I would love to hear why. 


Courtney Erin said...

Congrats on all your finds - they all look amazing!

xoxo ~ Courtney

HailesHeartsFashion said...

Thank you :)

Christine Lilwood said...

i love ur banner!!! And i love those pieces...shoes are my favorite!! http://fashionismyway.blogspot.com/

HailesHeartsFashion said...

Thank you :) yeah the shoes are one of those great things you can put with anything and look oddly cool lol xx

Catita said...

those shoes are great!!! that is why you should never throw anything fashion, it always comes back!!
and i love the belt around the cute dress ;)

HailesHeartsFashion said...

Yes I totally agree :) however if you shop a lot then you have to throw things away otherwise your house will keep filling :P problem is i throw the wrong things away. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey I have no blog, but i'm gonna comment anyway!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE CHARITY SHOPS, recently went to south kensington hunting for charity shop bargains as I heard it was the best place to go for designer bargains. But to be honest, I prefer eastbourne, if I had £125 to spend on a second hand dress then i'd be shopping vintage... so think I'l stick to peasent charity shops from now on :)
However it wasn't a wasted trip, well worth exploriing :) As did find a gorgeous black & bronze brocade dress for £10.99 in oxfam!
Beckie x

Kirstin said...

I wish I had such luck when it comes to thrifting. Great blog you have here. Check out mine:)