Sunday, 22 August 2010

Your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

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I am so excited for Autumn. I love summer, I do, but the thought of going into the next season and wearing different colours and styles makes me quite excited. The expense of it doesn't as much but I try to forget about that part. I have already started buying into my Autumn wardrobe (the days are drawing closer!!). Yesterday I purchased a deep ribena purple creased dress, the colour is so Autumnal as is the material and now, I am dying to wear it. I also bought some brogues. A beautiful beige suede. September is looking up.

The trends that are in this coming Autumn are easy enough to wear and follow. Even though, yes, I do try to keep up with current fashion, I believe that you should also wear what you feel comfortable in. If they say one season ditch your cream for white then I will still wear my cream as well as white, why? Because I love it.

5 simple style trends

Trend 1

Buttons are out. D & G to Vivienne Westwood are using alternate methods to fastening cardigans and coats. Safety pins, badges and medals(?!) have all been used. An easy trend.

Trend 2

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Back combed and big hair are in for A/W this year. Its an easy look to style and a harder look to wash out. From Chanel to Mulberry models have all been seen wearing frizzy, big hair down the catwalk.

Trend 3

We've seen the tangerine trend this summer. And thank god its lasting throughout A/W. Asos described it as adding a 'ZING' to your style, so whether its a tangerine bag, nail polish or pair of shoes - give it a go.

Trend 4

One word. Tassel's. Add it to your outfit, bag or shoes. Simple.

Trend 5

Cinch in your chunky knits with a skinny belt. This instantly shows of your shape and adds texture to your outfit.

Next seasons colours

1. Caramel, mushroom, beige and mink. Mix up the textures in any of these colours

2. A burst of berries. Lilac, blackcurrant, blueberry, plum and raspberry. Bright, fun and wearable. Gives our Autumn wardrobe a juicy touch.

3. Dark hues. Charcoal, platinum, navy, and black. Once again mix up the textures and cuts of these colours for instant style.

Autumn Make up

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Lips should be Berry, Cherry soda, 80's and full.
Eyes should shout Strong, powerful, full of attitude, smokey and smudged.
Keep it simple with pink, playfully youthful cheeks and nutty/grey eyes.
Get frosty, give the ice cold, glistening snow queen effect. Keep it magical. Silver, grey, even pale blues (and I mean pale).
Keep brows natural. Shaped but not over kept.
Keep all the looks well textured and but not mixed. Can I state that im not suggesting all of these at once, heavy eyes, lips and cheeks is a bad combo unless your going for a clown-inspired look?


Lace meets tailored. Wear your lace top with tailored trousers, or a lace dress with a military styled jacket.

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Leather. Go big collared, fur lined, brown/ black leather jackets, trousers, shoes, bags and even dresses. If it's leather it's in.

Wear your coat as a cape. If its cold, wear a jumper or cardi underneath for warmth and drape your coat over your shoulders.

The Maxi is still in. Thank goodness. Just opt for more Autumnal colours and we're set.

Grunge glamour. We've seen grunge before. But this season is less dark (which is odd) and more delicate natural tones (which is great). Slouchy cream jumpers, camel coloured skinnies, beige over sized knitted cardigans and earthy coloured coats.

Let me know what you think of the A/W trends? Or have you got more to add to my post?


RIA S said...

Wow, great post! :)
I'm agree with you! We should wear what we feel comfortable in. It's the main thing (besides the trend) that I will consider when it comes to clothing.

Thanks for your lovely comment and for following my blog :)
I'll follow you back!

Courtney Erin said...

Great trend forecast - I'm excited for pretty much all of the fall trends, but I usually get really jazzed up about the fall looks every season!

xoxo ~ Courtney

HailesHeartsFashion said...

Hey thanks :) yeah its about what you feel right in, I think thats what people don't like about fashion - but you be stupid tp stop wearing something you love because a magazine say so. And yeahh me too but then every season is exciting cause its new and a good excuse to shop lol :)


Closet Fashionista said...

Great post! you did a great job of going over all the trends for autumn! I'm sooo excited! :D

The-Chanel-Girl said...

Thank you so much for having comment in my blog:D

By the way nice post!


Janelle said...

Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. :) I like that cherry red lips. Oh great, at least now I know I'm in trend with the lips.. I've been patronizing red lips for quite a while now. awesome. :) hope you follow my blog if you haven't yet. take care and keep in touch :) - Janelle