Sunday, 27 May 2012

An extraordinarily sunny week.

As a lot of you will know, the UK has been ridiculously hot, especially the South East. Since last Monday the temperature has been lows of 21 and highs of 27 degrees Celsius *cue sun-cream, scantily dressed Brits and a sudden shortage of ice-cubs in Tesco!*. Seriously. Every person in the country has clearly had the same idea as me. Of course I am talking about Pimms! Although there is plenty of the stuff to go around, they forgot to stock up on lemon, limes and ice-cubs so I had to do a bit of improvising with strawberries and oranges. Still tasted good though. This week for me has been busy to say the least. I have been out for lunch three times, Dinner twice, one BBQ, two shopping trips, one photo shoot and two trips to the seaside for ice-cream. Just thought I would share with you the pics I have been taking on my iPod this week and sharing on Instagram (add me?! - @hheartsfashion). Just thought this would be an easier way to share my unusually busy week because I have been so dreadful at blogging the last few days!

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On a side note: As previously mentioned, I have been featured in a Summer Trend Report on the blog, Fashables, highlighting the yellow trend for S/S 2012 and thought you guys may fancy checking it out? There are quite a few of us and you have to scan down a bit to find me but sure enough, I am there!!

Monday, 21 May 2012

bricks, scarves and spotty sunnies.

Today I wore a black dress, black cardi, brick coloured scarf, gold jewellery and cream spotty sun-glasses. The scarf , sunglasses and necklace are all new. I really needed some new sunnies (my brother stole my aviators!) and I fell in love with this scarf instantaneously. It is actually more of a brick colour than the orange  it looks in a few of the photos. The necklace has Aries written on it which is my star sign. I just saw it and thought it was cute, I mean, at £2.99 you can't really complain! I wore this down into town this afternoon for lunch with my family. The sun came and so it is finally starting to feel like Summer is on its way. Here are a few snaps I took today:

(Sunglasses - Accessorize, Scarf - Accessorize, Necklace - Newlook, Dress- City Chic, Cardigan - Newlook)

Hope you all had a beautiful sunny Monday!? Just wanted to add that I am soon to be featured on a blog highlighting the yellow trend! I will be linking to it when the post is up. I can't wait!!!

Let me know what you think of my pictures and also my new pieces!! Happy Monday.

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Monday, 14 May 2012

Hailes Hearts Bobby Glam Vintage Jewellery

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I am such an indecisive person. I think everything through to the extreme. There are only a few areas in life that the term 'indecisive' doesn't apply to me. So when Bobby Glam asked me to do a product review and pick my favourites I spent a good hour browsing through the vintage jewellery section trying deciding what I liked best. I finally managed to narrow it down 5 beautiful things. I quickly began to plan outfits and hairstyles around each piece because each, is such a statement. Above are the items I chose, alongside the simple but glamorous pink packaging they came in. There are: the bow earrings, the rabbit studs, the bicycle pendant, the fox ring and the golden leaf head band. Below is how I wore them! (WARNING: Large photos of my face!)

The Ring.

bobby glam jewellery, plus size fashion blog, fashion and beauty blog
Shy Fox Double Ring - £14
This double ring caught my eye immediately. I love the unique fox design and how the off gold colour really transforms this into a real statement piece. The ring is sturdy, comfortable and fashion forward. Such a great accessory! Perfect for the Summer. 

The Necklace.

bobby glam jewellery, plus size fashion blog, fashion and beauty blog

bobby glam jewellery, plus size fashion blog, fashion and beauty blog
Vintage Bicycle Necklace - £19
You may have noticed a theme through out this post. I love vintage style, novelty jewellery! This isn't just a plain necklace - it adds so much to an outfit. I've teamed it with so many different styles and it is such a versatile piece. I also have a lot of love for old fashion bicycles - sadly they cost a good few hundred pounds so this was more than a perfect substitute and a lot easier to take away with me during my travels.

The Hair Band.

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Antiqued Greek Goddess Hair band- £22
I love really feminine pieces of jewellery so when I saw this headband I knew it was ideal for me. Like the fantasist I am, my mind drifted to a beautiful Greek goddess in a long flowing white maxi dress standing at the top of Mount Olympus, golden hair blowing in the warm breeze (a girl can dream...). I love hair accessories and thought this off gold colour would really compliment my auburn hair. It sits well and is actually really comfortable although I always find I have to re-position these bands because they put a bit of pressure behind my ears. This hair band adds instant style to my hair. 

The Earrings.

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Pearl Encrusted Bow Earrings - £9
Ever since I got my ears pierced 9 years ago, I have been obsessed with earrings! Similarly an obsession with pearls also escalated. These earrings are great because they can be worn casually or dressed up really easily. They aren't too heavy and sit really well but most importantly, the look so cute, right? 

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Magician's Rabbit In Hat Stud Earrings - £8
As mentioned, I have a little obsession with earrings. As well as a growing collection of animal related jewellery it appears! Animal novelty is a growing trend in Fashion at the moment as we have seen splashed across recent Fashion Weeks. Feathers are everywhere, owls hanging around many a neck in the country and animal clothing hitting the streets. These earrings really inspired my approach to this shoot and are the perfect company for a cute Spring/Summer sun-dress.

My outfit.

bobby glam jewellery, plus size fashion blog, fashion and beauty blog

bobby glam jewellery, plus size fashion blog, fashion and beauty blog

I decided to wear a cute, brightly coloured and printed tea dress teamed with a cropped, fitted black cardigan. Like usual, I styled my hair messy and kept my make-up simple with a hint of colour to tie in with my dress. I wanted my outfit and this post to have a vintage urban feel - a mash-up of styles because that is my look and what I like to wear.

Let me know what you think of the pieces I bought! Which was your favourite?!

To check out the Bobby Glam website - click here!!

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Recently, my post Top Tips from Bloggers Lips: Part 1 was featured on IFB's LINKS À LA MODE! It was my first time submitting any of my blog posts so to be picked was more than amazing. It was great to receive more traffic and to be told that I was doing something...interesting?! It felt good. I just thought I would share the other posts that were picked! They are worth checking out :) 

Let me know your thoughts! and which posts you checked out!

Also, thank-you to the girls who helped me with my post! Now I have to find something new to work on - any exciting suggestions for collaborative posts!?

On a side note: this is my 102nd blog post!! onwards and upwards, right!?

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Best Beauties of the Met Gala 2012

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Here Emma Stone wears a beautiful custom made creation by Alber Elbaz. I love the fact that she opted for a shorter dress and as usual, chose a really show stopping colour. 

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(I do not own this image - taken from  )

This dress (a Christian Dior Couture gown from the Spring 2012 collection) captured my attention amongst pages of dresses from last nights Met Gala. A beautiful shape and colour on her. One of my favourite looks I have seen in a long time. Saying this, Marion Cotillard usually always gets it right!

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Scarlet Johansson wears a stunningly embellished and embroidered Dolce & Gabbana gown. She looks very naturally beautiful with this 1920's dropped waist. Her hair and make-up is simple and flawless.

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Although heavily slated by others, I really love this floral couture gown by Valentino. I am not SJP's biggest fan, however I think she really looks beautiful and elegant.

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I love this beautiful Louis Vuitton lavender gown. A perfect choice of style for Dakota Fanning and the colour is AMAZING.

Who wore your favourite look from last nights Met Gala??

To check out all the other looks, click here!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Back to the 90's.


The REAL fashion icons of the 90's
Whilst flicking through my ASOS MAG and familiarising myself with a few new trends coming in, I was shocked to see a lot of 90's inspiration. Seriously, in my mind the 90's were a collection of pretty hideous fashion but totally amazing TV shows (Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Friends!), I personally think they resurrected the wrong one of the two. Of course it isn't exactly the same as before. It does have this cool modern 21st century edge but how far can you re-invent the backwards baseball cap...

I saw a few things I really liked, some interesting shaped dress and a real elegant quality to the casual wear but I hope this trend isn't around for too long. We look back on 'the decades' with nostalgia, trends have the habit of doing a full circle but to me the 90's feel too close to miss and certainly to close to have done that 'full circle' I was talking about. I think we have this, affection for the 1920's-80's because they represent an unfamiliar world to one we now live in. A world without phones, computers and an excess of technology. We romanticise them. Our Grandparents say to us, ''Ohh back in the old days...'' or ''When I was young...'' and suddenly we find ourselves longing for a time when things were apparently simpler (or better?).

The one thing that can be said for the 90's, other than cool TV shows and a few great bands, is the grunge look. This trend has featured quite a lot in the last few years. Think long fitted dresses, layers, dark smouldering eyes, long hair, heavy boots and heavier make-up.

Here are a few examples of the 90's inspired fashion I have found whilst browsing ASOS. I can't say I LOVE any of them. But they are items I found, well, inoffensive.

Vintage reclaimed (ASOS_I do not own this image)
Tinted lenses and round frames (ASOS_I do not own this image)
High-waisted denim shorts (ASOS_I do not own this image)
High-waisted colour block shorts (ASOS_I do not own this image)
Cassette leggings and heavy boots (ASOS_I do not own this image)
Let me know your thoughts on the 90's and whether you think this will be a good trend for the Summer???

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What's in my bag?

(Bag: Henry Holland, Book: Norwegian Wood, Journal: Paperchase, Body Spray: Soap and Glory, Purse: Cath Kidston, Headphones: Typo, Correction cream & Smokey eye kit: Benefit, Hair Spray: TRESemme, Nail Polish: Topshop, Pen: WHSmiths, Lipbalm: Nivea)

I finally decided to do a What's in my bag? post. You may notice there is no mobile... simply because I, er, don't have one. I know, what a bad 19 year old I am! I just cannot keep one running. Above, are the possessions that get me through my day and help me survive delayed transport. I do not know how I would live without my iPod though! It comes everywhere with me. What would I do without my music...

What do you have to have with you? What helps you get through tough days and long delays?