Thursday, 22 July 2010

Mixing denim! LOVE it or LEAVE it?

When I think about mixing denim, 90's quickly springs to mind. At first I cringed at the thought but then, as most shocking new things in fashion, I grew to love it and then... to wear it! I haven't quite managed to take my mixed denim look outdoors just yet but I'm working on it.

Whether you love it or would prefer to leave it, I am sure we can all agree on the fact when done wrong(an easy mistake) it is a ''let the ground open up and swallow me'' kind of embarrassing! [as shown below]
(I do not own this image)
However, then we have Chloe on runway do it totally right (below). Its brave, bold and if done well - an amazing look for almost any season.
(I do not own this image)
But I wanna know what you guys think of it? Do you LOVE it or would you rather LEAVE it?


Jessica Weingarten said...

Hahahah I totally used that pic when I did my denim-on-denim post. It`s so horrible! At first, I was dead set against it. I`ve tried it with a chambray shirt and dark skinny jeans and it actually works!


Hayley said...

lol im guessing you be the britney one :) i know i just felt so cringed at the thought of it but i think that when its done right it look so good! x