Tuesday, 21 August 2012

'You wanna be on top?''

I don't know if you have watched Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, but I'm sure you've seen America's. They have a pretty similar set up with Elle McPherson in the role of head judge, the same position held by Tyra Banks. The have a challenge, they have a photo shoot, they are judged and then one is eliminated, sounding familiar?  The difference between the two shows is quite simply their attitude. The American show challenges bullying and doesn't stand for divas. The British show however, seems to indulge both...

To start with I feel I should say, I have a lot of belief in British fashion, designers and models. I think our high-street is the best in the world and London's style easily rivals that of Paris, New York or Milan. However, since watching the most recent series of the show, I have seriously started to question what the producers and audience see as entertainment...in other words, I am losing faith in humanity. Modelling is a hard and competitive job. Fashion is undeniably, a tough industry - you enter into it knowing that you need either a thick skin or a hearing problem to survive. Fashion takes no prisoners so you can't quit every time someone criticises you. There would be no one left if this were the case. This however, doesn't excuse rudeness, favouritism and in extreme cases, bullying!

In the last episode I watched, there were 'certain girls' storming out of challenges, questioning the importance of tasks and generally being ungrateful, childish and outspoken. For every brat, there is a girl trying her hardest, just wanting to learn and taking every piece of advice she can get her hands on. Who gets rewarded? Who leaves the competition? I think you know the answer to both. After watching last night's episode, I really don't know how I feel about continuing with watching the series. I don't find diva behaviour amusing and similarly, I can't stand to see a hardworking person be humiliated and pushed out because she isn't obnoxious. Maybe they should re-name it Britain and Ireland's Next Top Bitch because they way the show is going they are putting attitude over talent and there is nothing fashionable about that!

The media loves to rave on about the eating disorder epidemic and creating positive body image for young girls. ''Let's challenging size 0!!'', but what about this bitch culture that seems to have been created simultaneously that no one seems to want to challenge? You know those pictures of celebrities looking 'fat' in their bikinis or person A's spotty face...that is the bitch culture. What kind of moral code are these magazines instilling in their readers? For me, this program is showcasing similar attitudes that disgust me. Attitudes that are breeding a generation of ignorant, rude and judgemental individuals that use this, as their way of climbing to the top. I don't want to see and read about these people in my favourite magazines - I will just stop buying them! I don't want to wear clothes worn by bullies - I would rather wear a bin bag. Most importantly, I don't want to watch the undeserving process of them become successful on TV - yeah, I'd rather read a book. I have no time for a beautiful model if she is only beautiful skin deep (these people are supposed to be role models?).

So many people criticise Fashion, accusing it of being shallow, trivial and cruel. The problem is, the beauty gets lost behind the ugliness of the people creating and wearing it. How sad is that?

What is your opinion or thoughts on this subject?
Do you agree that mean models are ugly models? 

Let me know your thoughts...

P.s I know that this isn't my usual topic for discussion but my blog is a place to express myself and this is an issue that I am keen to hear all your thoughts on...


Maiken said...

I'm a fan of ANTM and this year I was also watching Estonian version of the same show. there are girls who are sweet and unique (I mean their personalities) but there are always girls who are 100% stupid and full of themselves for no reason. those divas are just annoying and should go home and learn something, grow, become a normal person, not be a shallow idiot. because who wants to work with someone like that or be friends with her etc. only people who act the same or are just desperate/strange.
I know arguments sell on tv shows and in magazines but there should be a line between an argument and a really nasty attitude. stupid people should not be role models.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

TheUrbanUmbrella said...

I dont really watch these shows honestly, I think they stopped playing in Canada =| Or maybe I am just out of touch hahaha
But I think anyone that enjoys being mean is an ugly person. You can be the more gorgeous looking person in the world but if you are filled with hate and anger than no one will want to be around you... Beauty fades, personality doesn't.

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella


Anonymous said...

I prefer ANTM sooo much to the BINTM. The british one always makes me cringe, the models back stories aren't as humbling and cute as the American ones and Julian Macdonald oh man...I just want to suffocate him with a plastic bin bag!! I haven't been watching this season lately because I get bored and thats exactly why...boredom. When I want the British version it just drains the life out of me. The American version is much more fun. Goes to show you can't beat the originals!

Gemma x