Sunday, 16 October 2011

Trying out the city life.

I didn't grow up in a city. I grew up in a small town, near a slightly bigger town which is close to a small and buzzing city called Brighton. You may have heard of it? Well I have always wanted to live in a city. For years I have been obsessed with them. The fashion, the lights, the noise and the rush. Now I am living in a bustling city for two months and seeing it from a different side. I'm in Sydney and I'm sure you have heard of it. The fashion is amazing, with price tags to match. I love the shops out here and the different brands that just mirror Australia's exciting but down to earth spin on life. Country Road; A collection of clothes and well known bags that despite their modern and popular edge have an easy vintage feel. However, although I love the shops, I miss the English High Street. I miss popping into H&M, New Look or DP's. Maybe heading down to my local charity shop to find a good buy or down the Brighton Lanes to find a one of. I miss English prices. Maybe London will be a good city for me? But despite all of this, I love city life. I have bought a couple of things since I have been out here as well as the new purchase I stuffed my suitcase with. All I seem to do is daydream about cool city outfits I could put together. Some casual, some smart--casual and another maybe more dressed up for an evening. I picture myself sauntering  through the busy streets, sun blazing down; skyscrapers around me. Modern buildings next to grand old buildings. Quiet locations and hectic locations. Sitting outside a coffee shop with a drink or reading my book in the park. This is the plan for my future and somewhere amongst this all is a job in fashion that I work hard at and love. Below is a skirt I recently splurged out on. I think this look is effortless and has a real summer city vibe. But I will leave you to agree or disagree with that comment.

Skirt and Cardigan - City Chic, Top - Newlook, Belt - Stolen from my sister

A close up of the belt, top and skirt combo

Simple make up, defined eyes and postbox red lips

Watch - Fossil
I know the quality of these pictures aren't great. I struggle to take photos of myself without my tripod and had no one to assist me. I love this outfit but would prefer to have pictures of me wear it out....with shoes....and a bag! I will get a few snaps of me in it whilst out in the city one day.

Thank-you for reading,

Please let me know what you think of this post and the outfit above!?


Maiken said...

I would love to visit Australia and Great Britain some day :)
and I really like your Fossil watch - very classy! oh, and the red lipstick is beautiful!
enjoy your time there ;)

wait until the sunset said...

You look lovely! I'm now following you- awesome blog!

Olivia :) x
Wait Until The Sunset