Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Acceptable punctuation ;)

Just a quick thought? How do you all feel about people using abbreviations and punctuation faces in posts? I mean, it is the norm on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr but it is acceptable to use it on here? I refrain from writing 'lol' in my posts but do use faces!

LOL :) :D :P :L :O :S D: TBH OFC :( ;(

It is something I have been meaning to ask you all.Thoughts please?


Maiken said...

well, in my opinion it's alright when a person uses some smileys in his or her text because sometimes this just adds necessary emotions. on the other hand I actually dislike those LOL-s and stuff like that.. it's kind of annoying when some bloggers use those around thousand times in one post, haha. anyway, this is simply my quick opinion ;)

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ellie said...

Usually, I just use them in comments. Sometimes. But you know, just have too.

lucy and sarah said...

I guess they are OK..just wouldn't over use them.

mazzy may said...

I really haven't thought much about it. Good question.

ivy's closet said...

Definitely, interesting to think on. I can see why people would use them..or not.

Josie said...

I don't mind them! As long as I know what they mean haha xx

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

I use them once in a while in my posts but i do try to refrain from being excessive

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HailesHeartsFashion said...

Hey thanks for all your great feedback! It seems that we are all on a similar page with this subject. It is just using them on the appropriate occasions.