Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Heel VS. The Flat

So you are planning to head to the town for a night out at the weekend. Maybe you will have a few drinks, hit a few bars and reach your last and final stop of the evening at the club. Maybe you are going out for a meal with your family or you have a job interview in the week. Do you decide to wear heels or flats? For me, it is always a hard choice. I usually end up choosing heels but after last time I went out, I have decided to opt for flats Friday night.

ASOS - £22
The timeless Heel.

It goes perfectly with my outfit, makes me taller and lengthens my legs. It stops me from being 'the short one' in my group of friends and gives me a little bit more confidence. All of these things are, of course, a positive but I hate it when I get to that point in the night where the pain hits me. My feet ache and all I want to do is take my heels off and chuck them at someone (preferably a girl who is managing to conceal her distress better than me). I can walk in heels but it gets to the point where I struggle to mask my absolute hatred for them. I then become conscious of my, suddenly, approachable face.  However, the next day when I look through photos of the night before, I am happy I wore them and resisted the temptation to hurtle them across the room. I am also very happy that they are off my feet...until the next time of course.

The effortless Flat.
Topshop - £19

I love my flats. They are comfy. I can walk, dance, run, skip and cartwheel in them (okay so maybe not cartwheel but I can do the rest). They are like tiny pieces of fashion hugging my feet. They are cute and so beautifully effortless, but  more than that - they are usually cheaper than heels. My biggest problem is that being one of the shortest in my group of friends usually means that heels leave everyone towering above me. Most of my friends wear heels when we go out and it creates an even bigger difference in the level of their head and the level of mine. They aren't as fun to walk in, don't compliment your outfit as much as some feisty heels and certainly do not lengthen my legs. I prefer my legs to be lengthened. I never regret wearing heels though when other people are moaning about how their feet are killing them. I just look down at my flats and feel like I made the best choice! If only I could do a cartwheel...

What is your opinion on The Heel VS. The Flat? Which do you usually chose and why? Maybe you mix it up and wear both (obviously not a the same time!?)

Let me know what you think - or maybe you have an alternative to both? I am very interested in hearing what you all think.


Anonymous said...

great analysis of both.. :) I dont wear heels, i wear flats. But...I think i prefer heels, they make you look so nice! :)

Vina Yabut said...

I love wearing heels too! Although, like what you said it gets to a point when you just wanna sit on the floor just to rest your feet haha so I give my feet a rest a little while then wear them again after a few days :D


TheUrbanUmbrella said...

Great post. Heels are beautiful but so unrealistic to wear all the time, I can barely handle a full day at work in them!

The Urban Umbrella


safire said...

I love wearing heels but I wear flats when I have to do a lot of walking. I actually need to go buy a few more cute flats to wear every day. I have so many heels but they aren't practical for sightseeing!

Since I'm 5'1 though, I love how heels make me feel taller and leaner.

yiqin; said...

i love flats more :D

Courtney Erin said...

I usually go for flats...but I also like the wedge option as a way to get a bit of height and dress things up without having to go full on heel.

Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

underthewillowtrees said...

I love the look of the heel, but always regret it half way during the night. If sense prevails whilst I'm getting ready, I always opt for flats- at least I last longer, and clubs are usually dark anyway, so the longleg effect is lost!


Anonymous said...

hihi, yes - i think so. :)

...and i like the shoes!

xx! <3

ellie said...

These..Heels are gorgeous..but you can really hurt your feet in the long run. Be kind to them. Invest in some sort of pad on the inside. Especially, if you are flat footed like me. Even in flats I have to have some sort of arch support.

ivy's closet said...

So glad you did a post on this. I definitely can't handle high heels nor platforms like I used too. I trust my flats more. Yet there are those beautiful high heels I have on the shelf, looking at them as if they are art.

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad to see a lot hear do favor the flats. Actually, I love my Toms best. Usually, I like to be prepared to run, if I'm out. It never pays to dress up too much at a concert. Especially, if you get near a mosh pit.

I'm not sure you'd want to hear how I prepare for a concert.

Loved the post!

Maiken said...

awesome article! so interesting to read. and to think about..
so, I definitely wear both but if I don't feel like heels or flats, I pick wedges - a perfect combination of both ;) and comfy too! my opinion is that you should always think about the occasion. with heels I feel like other people are one metre shorter than me though :P

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Joyce said...

Sometimes I wear heels and sometimes I wear flats. I love wearing wedges because they are actually even more comfortable than my flats!

christine said...

I have a lot of both heels and flats as well as the in-betweens. As far as aesthetics, I prefer the heel. Realistically if I know that I'll be on my feet for a long time and or walking I'll wear flats. I've been wearing a lot of flats lately ever since I discovered skinny jeans! lol Also, thanks for following and commenting on my blog!


LyddieGal said...

I love heels when I go out - even if my feet get tired, the look isn't completely without them.
Chic on the Cheap

Sara said...

I am a flats girl myself :)

Emmanuella said...

I'm def a flats girl haha but doing my best to be more a heels girl!