Sunday, 7 April 2013

Spring Fling!

This weekend has been great. One of the best this year. After a miserable Easter, in terms of weather, it was paradise to see the sun again and remember what it's like to feel warm. On Saturday (yesterday) me and my friends went to the local zoo for my 20th Birthday. It's a zoo that we all used to go to as kids so it was a bit of a blast from the past, in fact I think we seemed more excited than any of the little children that were visiting. I love these three photos of us all because firstly, I love what we are wearing and secondly, it's so sunny and looks like we are in Barbados as opposed to a little British zoo in the middle of the countryside.

Below is a phone snap of my outfit, you can see my denim shirt and my high-waisted floral skirt a little better, it's just a shame that the quality of the photo isn't as good.

Hope you all had a great weekend! What have you been up to?


Courtney Erin said...

I love that you went to the zoo...that's my kind of birthday celebration!

Courtney ~

Lala H said...

hope you had a great birthday!!!

Delightful Ideas

Maiken said...

hah, it does look like Spain or something like that but then again you were dressed too warmly :P anyway, I'm glad you had a lovely birthday and I love zoos.
yeah, I just can't get over the weather you have there. our spring is more like winter :|

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