Saturday, 27 April 2013

Today I'm wearing: The Biker Jacket.

You know, I drive myself crazy. I love doing outfit posts for so many reasons. One, it freaks me out because it pushes me out of my comfort zone (which can only be a good thing). Secondly, it shows people what my actual style is like. Thirdly, I really enjoy looking through my old posts and seeing how my fashion has changed over the last three years.

Now back to my outfit, I wanted to show you guys my new biker jacket. It's from Newlook and although I have had it for a month, I have only started to actually wear it in the last two weeks. I love floral and leather together and was really excited to team my new(ish) Primark skirt with this biker. I also added in my new spiky necklace which I love. Statement jewellery seems to transfer an outfit from being cool to fashionable, don't you think? Take the necklace away from this outfit and it's suddenly very casual. I also decided that based on my last post about S/S 2013 trends[click here to check it out], I would try out the Triple Threat! trend by mixing up styles and being experimental.

So for a little catch up, I only have a month left in halls at university. I have finished my classes for my first year but am just seeing out the last semester and will then be back home for the entire summer! I have taken a few days back home as my brother has moved to Thailand and I wanted to see him, but I return back up to Cheltenham on Tuesday. It will be great spending some time with my uni friends and enjoying the nice weather that seems to have appeared from nowhere. I am so excited to head down to the park and sit in the sunshine and do some writing and maybe read a book. Nothing beats the smell of the summertime; sun cream, cut grass and smoke.

Do you like they way I have styled my biker jacket?

What are you most looking forward to doing in the summer time?

Thanks for reading guys!

P.s I've decided to start posting music I am loving at the moment. I've noticed a few people sharing music on their blog's and it's opened me up to some really amazing bands! So take a listen to the video below...


Courtney Erin said...

I absolutely love that jacket - I've seen a lot of biker jackets online and in the stores and I think this is one of my favorites - the quilting detail on the shoulders in just perfect. And I love how you styled it. And congrats on being almost done your first year at uni, I hope you get a lot of well-deserved down time over the summer.

Courtney ~

Joyce said...

LOVE that biker jacket, it looks so cool paired with the floral skirt! And I agree, it's so fun to look back on old outfit posts to see the evolution haha.

Fabrizia said...

And you're definitely rocking it!
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