Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Trend Report: Spring/ Summer 2013

Trend One: Floral Crazy

I debated whether I should include floral in my trend report…I’m sure most (if not all) of you know that floral is always a massive trend for Spring and Summer. It’s diverse, it’s simple and it cannot help but be effortlessly fashionable. If you follow my blog you will know that I LIVE out of floral print.

Tip: Seen as though this trend has been seen time and time again, be BOLD with it. Don’t play safe. Mix florals. Wear it head to toe. Most importantly, experiment with different items of clothing (don’t stick to that same maxi dress or sheer blouse!) 

Who does it best?
ASOS...for a wide range of sizes, styles and prices.
Topshop...for the quirky girls out there.
Next...for beautifully tailored items.

Trend Two: Triple Threat!

Feminine, Flirty and Fierce. This trend is all about mixing and matching to showcase your fashion personality. Like to wear sheer blouses? How about a tough leather jacket? Maybe denim hot pants? Well this trends is the excuse you've been looking for to wear all three. 

Tip: You still need your fashion eye for this trend. It doesn't mean combine random items to make the worlds most bizarre outfit, you will get no street cred for that monstrosity. Instead be clever and use it as a chance to try out some new pieces together and possibly some different fabrics and cuts.

Who does it best? 
You (of course!) can't buy this style in a shop.

Trend Three: The Nineties Revival

This trend was massive last year, as I'm sure you all remember. Need some inspiration? How about a trip to the past with a few episodes of Saved By The Bell, Fresh Prince or Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Top tip: Awaken 90's fashion by all means, but try and leave the bushy 90's hair-do's buried deep. 

Who does it best?
Your older sisters old wardrobe...if you are like me and were a nineties baby, then it may be time to rummage through your sisters old clothes from the 90's, alternatively try a charity shop or a clothes sale?
ASOS...for some great quirky pieces, from distressed denim to oversized tee's!

Trend Four: BE BOLD!

Be Bold says it all, right? Colours, prints, fabrics, styles, shapes...this trend has it all going on. I sourced the photo (above) from ASOS where people can share photos of their outfits (much like blogging), problem is, I have no idea how to give credit to the owner. I don't wanna be a photo thief, so if the owner of the photo is reading this, I hope me posting your outfit is enough credit because it's bloody incredible and the only photo I could find to showcase how insanely cool this trend is.

Top tip: The tagline that keeps getting attached to this trend is, Go Bold or Go Home. 

Who does it best?
ASOS...Most of the outfit above is from ASOS (enough said?)
Topshop...for the most eccentric prints and accessories.

Trend Five: Art Attack

Think...Zany-Pop art-Novelty -Colourful -Reminiscent-Boldness. For me, this trend mixes well with both 'Be Bold' and 'The Nineties Revival' as it is all about standing out, being experimental and having a bit of fun with fashion, as well as this, it just happens that it also looks very 90's (see tie-dye above)

Top tip: This may be a chance to bring out some of your old clothes from hiding. Maybe that insane dress you bought three years ago that you never wore or that Minnie Mouse jumper you just had to have when you visited Disney Land last Summer. 

Who does it best?
Anywhere and everywhere...Try charity shops and some customisation to save on the pennies!

These are my picks of the top trends out there at the moment for Spring and Summer. It would be great to hear your thoughts and feel free to share any tips you may have.


Anonymous said...

I love florals! and nineties gear! May have to look through the charity shops to find some goodies! great article :D

Maiken said...

great post, Hailes! I really enjoyed reading it even though I'm not someone who would follow a trend because.. well, it's a trend. my only tip would be that one should wear everything she or he likes and not just because it's "in". "in" doesn't mean beautiful or suitable for that person. so fashion shouldn't be taken too seriously. watching trend should be fun and not obligatory. those are my thoughts :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

HailesHeartsFashion said...

Thank you for both of your comments :) I like to follow trends but I agree that everyone should wear what suits them and what they like, not just what is 'in' :) Fashion is definitely about having fun and if it becomes like a military operation, getting too caught up in keeping up with trends, then it probably isn't worth doing :P