Monday, 8 October 2012

It's Autumn so grab your scarf!

Autumn is finally here guys! I mean, I guess it started a few weeks ago but only now is it really starting to get that chill in the air. I have already bought my winter coat as well. It is very chic. A black collared swing coat (a post to follow soon!) But my favourite accessory of every season, but particularly Autumn, are scarves. There are so many shapes, textures and colours to chose from. They are everywhere and you can range from £1-100! My favourite place to buy scarves from is Accessorize they are reasonably expensive but always create a statement and feel crazily luxurious.  I wanted to show you my three favourites that I will be living out of for the coming months - you may recognise these pictures because they have been featured in previous posts.

The pashmina
The fair-isle knit
The chunky snood

What is your favourite Autumn/ Winter accessory? 
Which is your favourite type of scarf? The snood, the knit or the pashmina?

Let me know your thoughts! Thank you for reading,


JanM ♥ said...

We still don't have scarf weather but I can't wait to wear my scarves!


ellie said...

What a great update. Love these scarves. I've been crocheting circular scarves.

Maiken said...

tough questions! I think I don't have one certain autumn accessory.. scarves are great though, that's true! I like the regular ones which look pretty much like your knit one but are not knit, hehe. I like the lighter versions. the one I wore today was mint coloured and it's thrifted, very cheap. maybe I can show it in my blog ;)

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Fashion R&D said...

I'm a bit late---oops! I love your scarves! My fave fall/winter thing is not really an accessory--it's my converse. I don't wear them a whole lot in summer. I like snoods and plain 'ole scarves.