Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Smokey Eye Make-up Tutorial!!

Benefits Sexy Eye & Brow Makeover Kit - £28.50 (a lot I know, but I believe completely worth it!)

I have finally done my first Make-up tutorial!!! It was pretty scary! and watching it back I look like such a prat - I am putting this down to nerves!! and that I wanted it to be natural and not too perfect! I'm not sure how good it is, so that is up to you all to decide??
I'm afraid I pull some dreadful faces, go cross eyed and forget the brands I am using...also in advance want to apologise for the time I spent on my mascara. I hope you all enjoy it or have some contructive criticism to give me.

P.s You may or may not have noticed my Blogs name has now firmly changed to 'Hailes Hearts Fashion'. It used to be called 'The Heart Of Fashion' but after some research I realised I shared my name with too many fashion blogs so made a risky decision to change to my username.


ANN said...

I love this! I have to keep this tut in mind, I suck at the smokey eye haha

Ashley said...

Nice tutorial! I don't watch too many of them, so I don't know, but the only suggestion I can think of is maybe a bit better lighting?

I like that you paired the smokey eye with pink cheeks and lips...anything else would be way too harsh! I might have to try something like this out tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration! ;)

HailesHeartsFashion said...

Hey thank you both for the great feed back! I agree :) I will definately find better lighting for the next time I make a tutorial. xxx

The Blushing Fox said...

Great tutorial vid post dear, i like it so much!!! It looks so so dainty <3



Mandy said...

Fantastic! Good to know it!