Sunday, 26 January 2014

Spring is calling me

I refuse to look outside while I type this. My curtains are drawn and I am sat in mood lighting, pretending its evening. It looks like evening. My fairy lights are on (not just for Christmas!) and so is my bedside lamp. My Yankee candle flickers beside me and my room smells of lavender and lemon. 
For me, Winter is great before Christmas. It adds to the atmosphere and the build up. Putting on my winter coat and looping my scarf around my neck for extra warmth. I get to wear my boots and thick comfy socks and, I find this hard to discuss post New Year, my beautiful Christmas jumper. However, after we've entered the New Year, the world becomes a little bleak for me. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I miss the family time and being home and food and wine and Christmas TV but also, I start to yearn for the Spring and Summer. Maybe it's cause my birthday marks Spring for me, but every year I get like this. I dream of longer evenings, daffodils, having the windows open, fresh grass (as cliched as that sounds), the smell of BBQ's and sitting in the park with my friends drinking Fraps and enjoying the blue sky. 
I start to think of how my wardrobe will change. Good bye boots! See ya later winter coat! Au revoir socks! I want to wear summer dresses and pastel colours and sun glasses and wear a bag with an extra long strap that hits against my leg when I roam the town or walk beside the beach and in this bag, with the extra long strap, will be a nice summery book and sun cream peeping out the top and my skin will smell of coconut again. I wanna wear pumps without people moaning at me because they aren't "appropriate" and put little flowers in my hair and listen to summer music without feeling impatient or nostalgic because Spring is here and I am happy. I want sun and heat and warmth and outdoor living. Cold beers. My hair in every kind of plait you can imagine. Basically, I just want Winter to sod off cause Spring is calling me but it's still so far away.

I write this to you because I have a serious case of the Winter blues.
I'd like for someone to tell me I'm not the only one!
For now I will have to dream of all those things and when Spring does come, I will link back to this post and feel rather happy. In the meantime I will leave you with a song that makes me happy(ish).


Harlynn said...

Lovely post!
Spring is definitely calling me too!


Anonymous said...

beautiful photography. xo


Beautiful I love you post