Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Perfume collecting

Marc Jacobs, Perfume, Daisy, Dot, Honey, Fragonard,

I've always wanted to collect perfumes. I imagine them all haphazardly arranged on a off white vintage dressing table. I'd, of course, have my day fragrance. The one I'd wear for shopping or meeting for a coffee. I'd have my evening out fragrance, this one would be used for meeting up for drinks and dinners out. Then I'd have my special fragrance for important days of the year. And the rest would be to use when I felt like it. See. I have it all planned out. Problem is, I'm lacking in two things. That lovely dressing table and a vast collection of perfumes. I am only just starting to build up one. It's small and basically just Marc Jacobs but I've decided to make perfume collecting my new hobby for 2014. I think it's the best change I can make for the new year. Here's what I have so far... 
Marc Jacobs, Perfume, Daisy, Dot, Honey, Fragonard,

Daisy - Marc Jacobs
I first got Daisy for my 18th. I'd been wearing Britney Spears Fantasy for most of my secondary school years and felt it was time for me to get a more grown up perfume (plus I'd got sick of the sweet vanilla smell and the fuchsia pink bottle!) When I opened this present and tried on the fragrance, I immediately fell in love and knew it was going to suit me well. Now, whenever I smell it, it reminds me of being 18.

This perfume is my favourite. Ever.  I have worked my way through three bottles since. The smell is light and floral and immediately conjures a warm carefree Spring day.  

Marc Jacobs, Perfume, Daisy, Dot, Honey, Fragonard,

Honey - Marc Jacobs
This was the perfume I was given this Christmas. Having been a big Marc Jacobs perfume fan, I knew that I would love this. I had tried it before in Debenhams and it had the same sweet whimsical floral smell and the cutest bottle. This is probably my favourite bottle design. The dot one is a little bulky and the Daisy is quite simple. This has a nice nice mix of the two designs.

This is a little stronger than Daisy but not as strong a Dot. It is fruity and a little more tart as a smell, rather than sweet like Dot and fresh like Daisy. It is florally and fruity and perfect all year around. In the summer it accompanies the weather and that lovely sunny feeling you get and in the winter it transports you, taking you away from the rain and the cold and those horrible grey clouds.

Marc Jacobs, Perfume, Daisy, Dot, Honey, Fragonard,

Dot -Marc Jacobs
I got this perfume last christmas after pining after it all summer. It first smelt it while on holiday and it seemed the perfect scent for me, however I didn't have enough money to invest in it. When I smell it now, it reminds me of being a Fresher at uni and a series of images flash through my head. My room. My friends. The view from my window. Working at the racecourse. My 20th.

The smells is very fruity and fresh and sweet. It is quite intense but, I like how it adapts to me personally. It always smells different on each person I have smelt it on and it's nice to feel. 
Marc Jacobs, Perfume, Daisy, Dot, Honey, Fragonard,

Bell Cherie - Fragonard
Finally! A perfume that isn't Marc Jacobs. This perfume is somewhat more original and hard to come by than the others. It was purchased last summer while holidaying down in the South of France. My family and I took a trip up to a small village called Grasse and visited a famous perfume factory, Fragonard, where perfumes and soaps are made. After taking a tour and smelling all the different perfumes, I chose this. Unlike the others, this is Eau de Parfum (meaning it is the most concentrated type of perfume).

The smell is similar to the ones above, in the sense that I always tend to choose fruity, florally smells. However this is stronger but more subtle. The smell has a note of vanilla and Jasmine but smells quite soft and fragrant, rather than over powering. The best thing about this perfume is it only requires one to two sprays for a whole evening and stays on my skin, developing over the evening.

Are you a perfume collector?
Would you like to get into it?
Have you tried any of the perfumes above and if so, do you like them?

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!


Harlynn said...

This is a hobby I've wanted to get into for awhile now. So cool seeing your collection!!


RedRoom said...

I've smelt Daisy before at department stores. I think it's cute but I just can't get into the smell enough to buy it. I collect Nina Ricci perfumes like mad though. My goal is to purchase every limited edition variant of the 'Nina' perfume.

Mila said...

Aaaaaaaaaah love your collection!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love marc jacobs perfume, they just tick all the boxes for me. Oh and the packaging is always super cute :) Nice post dear!

xo Mélane
Selfhelp | Inspiration | Positivity

SheerBeauty (Kayla) said...

Daisy is on my list of perfumes I want to try :)


Dez Offril said...

love your collection! its so pretty i wouldn't want to use the perfume! hahaha

Iliyana Licheva said...

love the marc jacobs perfume!

Linderella said...

I love the look of those bottles, they're all so pretty. I'm probably one of the few people who isn't overly enthusiastic about the actual fragrances though. Definitely pretty bottles for the dressing table though.

Ester Durães said...

Can I just steal every single perfume you have from Marc Jacobs? haha they smell so good!
Ester @ Drawing Dreaming