Saturday, 29 June 2013

denim days

Today I decided to wear a very denim inspired outfit, teaming my denim coloured skater dress with my denim shirt and denim coloured shoes. To add an edge I wore my spiky gold necklace and bangles. I also wore my favourite black cat-eye sunnies and put my hair into a messy side fish-tail plait. It was one of those days that was warm but became suddenly very chilly so I was a little puzzled as to what I should wear. Dare I admit that everything I am wearing here is from Newlook...maybe I'll just keep it a secret.

It is a month and a half until I go away on holiday to the south of France, so at the moment I am attempting to build up some more summer clothes. I am so excited to get away and enjoy some sunshine. We do not get enough in this part of the world. I think I am suffering from a vitamin D deficiency. It'll be lovely to go to the beach and pool and drink cocktails and just relax.

A little catch up? Well as you know, I have been back from uni for a few weeks now and have just been doing home-y things like meeting with friends, going for walks, reading and making new recipes for dinner. Last night, me and two of my friends went to a park near the seafront to watch an out door showing of Glastonbury. It was a nice evening but very Eastbourne-y. That's that only way I can describe it. Here is a picture I took last night that I thought was pretty cool.

What have you been up to? Are you going anywhere exciting on holiday this year?

P.S Below is one of the bands we were listening to last night that I really liked and You Tubed when I got home -


Maiken said...

I have to say blue works beautifully with your red hair and that golden necklace is just the perfect addition to your denim inspired ensemble. oh and how lucky are you! France sounds like the perfect holiday :) I'm going back to work on Monday and my other vacation will start in the end of August. that's a long time to wait though.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Regine Karpel said...

Love your dress!

Mori Bunny said...

I like your ensemble, especially with the necklace!

Take me with you to your trip! Haha, just kidding, but have fun with your vacation!


What.Jessica.Loves said...

Love your necklace !!

Kate said...

I love this outfit, the denim shirt is the perfect detail to this outfit, & I love your necklace!
I follow you too ♥