Sunday, 16 June 2013

Wedding Outfit Looks

So in the Summer I have a wedding to go to. Hooray!! I've been wanting to go to a wedding for years (having only been to two in my whole life) and now finally I have one to go to. My sister is being a bridesmaid for one of her best and oldest friends. I know it's going to be a great day. I love weddings and I can't wait to see the bride looking beautiful in her wedding dress as well seeing my sister finally getting to be a bridesmaid (having wanted to be one all of her life).

So these are the two outfits I have planned and am going to choose between. I originally bought a beautiful blue and white china print fitted dress that was lovely and fitted me like a dream apart from it being too short. If I liked my legs/ or had nice legs, it would be perfect but unfortunately I hate them and for good reason. I considered tights but tights in August are a terrible idea. Then I debated a petticoat but I wanted to be able to wear this dress casually throughout the Summer and I don't think I'd be able to do that with a petticoat. So my third option was to return the dress, cry a bit about the return and the order another dress which brings me around full circle to the two dresses above. Both are from a line called Samya, which is being sold in Newlook, Debenhams and House of Fraser, and are each £45. I have styled this dresses quite similarly but somehow they look quite different.

So my question to you is:

Which "look" do you prefer and why?

I'm struggling to decide which so I am turning to you all for some help. There is no one I trust more! I am also going to put a poll in the sidebar (on the left) so if you don't fancy commenting, just vote and if you do comment then please vote as well!

Thanks guys,


ellie said...

I love Look 2. I think you'd be great in that color.

Courtney Erin said...

Honestly, I really love them both. I suppose I'd edge a bit more to look 2...can you imagine how amazing that colour palette will look with your hair???

Courtney ~

What.Jessica.Loves said...

I really like the 2de look , the dress is really beautiful and i love the purple !

Mori Bunny said...

Gosh, that's hard-- nice accessories for the first set! I'm sure you would look great in both of them, but I like the purple floral dress just a tiny bit more (I think it would bring the color of your hair out a lot more).

I personally like going to weddings too, it's not too often for me to go to one. I wore a floral dress for my cousin's wedding a few months ago.