Thursday, 5 April 2012

My Little City List

My top 5 cities to visit (in no particular order):

1) Paris 
(I do not own this image)
2) Tokyo

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3) New York

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4) Prague

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5) Rome

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Okay, so I have a tinsy little addiction to cities. I love how vast they are. They are little worlds away from everything - how could that not make me excited? They represent everything I have ever wanted. Not money or fame! Just pure adventure. The funny thing is, when you throw me into a city I struggle. I revel in the challenges that confront me but I think I look a little bit like a lost sheep. Growing up in a small-ish town, I can't say I am used to busy streets, cars everywhere you look, home-less people on every corner of every street and at times feeling like you cannot see your nose in front of your face. When I was in Sydney last year, I got slightly more used to the city environment. I spent 9 weeks there and in-between jetted of to Perth, Melbourne and Cairns. The more time I spent in them - the easier it became! But the days my Sister was working, I would just stroll down to the green grocers or catch the bus down to the beach. Small town life is what I am used to. It felt like I could breathe again. Maybe you are reading this and thinking that it doesn't sound as if I love cities at all. I guess I could say to you,  ''I was born to be in the city, I take to them like a duck to water! etc etc'' but that would all be lies. Just because I am not used to it, doesn't mean I don't enjoy the excitement and adventure of exploring a new city! Because believe me, I do.

Other than the excitement of adventure they bring, cities are full of fashion. Everywhere you look you are seeing fashion through culture and culture through fashion. It is impossible to walk through a city and not feel overwhelmed with inspiration. What more could a Fashionista want from a Holiday?! And the best part is, I am not likely to run out of them any time soon!

Do you love cities? What ones would you love to visit?


Courtney Erin said...

Edinburgh and I have a long-standing love affair going...

Courtney ~

christine said...

I've always been a "city girl". I don't think I could picture myself in a very rural area part of the world...maybe for vacation. New York is a wonderful city where there's always something different to see no matter how many times I go there. Boston is my second home. I'd love to go to Paris, Tokyo, Prague, and Rome....and more of NYC!

Mikimoto Angel said...

I also want to visit those places you've mentioned, especially Paris, Prague and New York. :-)

Thanks for your concern about that theft who stole some of my blog posts. It's a good idea that we team up and make Google do some legal actions about them or something. There are also some who steal blog names. So be careful.

Much love from Mystic Nymph.

t said...

I'd love to visit those places!

Maiken said...

Paris, New York and Rome would be awesome in my opinion as well! I have been to Greece but not in Rome. I would also love to visit London and Barcelona.. honestly there are too many cities I would love to see :) next month I'm going to travel to Prague and stay there for 5 days, yay! :P definitely going to make lots of blog posts about the trip!
btw, when I'm in Estonia I don't enjoy visiting our biggest city, Tallinn. I live in a very small one and I actually like it because when I travel I can see how versatile the world really is :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Emmanuella said...

I'd really like to visit Tokyo and New york someday too, I'm def a city girl.
Happy easter Hailes

Fashion R&D said...

Haha, your comment on my blog was funny--you're not forcing me to read here dear! I love your blog! I really love this post since one of my dreams is to travel! I would love to visit any of these cities, plus Los Angeles and London also make my list!

Alex Elizabeth said...

Ahhh I've never been to Prague. I always seem to forget about it, but it's somewhere I really want to get to, too! A lot of my friends have been for study abroad and loved it.

Arianne said...

Oh my god, I feel so bad. It's been such a long time without stopping by your blog! I'm so sorry but I've been really busy lately!
So, yeah, I TOTALLY agree with you! I wish I could travel all around the world but specially Paris, Tokyo and New York. And by far, London haha
I hope you are doing well girl!
xo -A

ellie said...

Love your banner.

Oh, I think I'm less and less of a city girl the older I get. But I'd still love to go to Paris and London. Maybe even Rome too.

ivy's closet said...

Sweet post!

I did visit Tuscan recently and I'd like to live there.

lucy and sarah said...

Love that you've traveled so much. I'm not sure I'm a really big traveler. I stress so much...before getting there. Then I do find I love the little things, about the places I go.

The largest city I've ever been to was Guadalajara, and as amazing as the market was, so was the amazement of what I saw in poverty too. So there are two sides of the coin in these huge cities.

♥ Lauretha of Myrrh Goldframe ♥ said...

I'd like to visit your 5 citi lists . ALL GREAT PLACES !