Tuesday, 10 April 2012

a catch up

I love blogging but I hate posting everyday. It just feels like it isn't enough time for people to read your thoughts and see your pictures. It isn't enough time to get feed back and despite all of this...it is hard work. I like time to read your blogs and catch up on your lives. If I am writing everyday I never get time to read or...live? Those of you who post everyday or most - I applaud you. What are your secrets?!

On Friday night me and a good friend headed up to the cinema to see Titanic in 3D. Simply amazing and simultaneously devastating. We walked out and strategically kept our 3D glasses on...! Yesterday, despite the dire weather - was a brilliant day. I bought some lovely nautical accessories for my bedroom and it is in the process of looking very stylish. We then hired out two films, Hugo and The Help. As previous mentioned, I read The Help over Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been debating as to whether I should see the film but then decided that if it corrupted my images and memory of the book, I would just have to re-read during the Summer! 

Anyway, here are a few snaps from Sunday...

My lovely Grandad
On a side note, I am now up to 123 followers! I am very proud of this number and pleased to be getting new readers every week. Thanks to all of you who read, support and inspire me! I hope you all had a great Easter and I will be posting a new outfit this week.

Let me know what you though of my snaps from Sunday!



loved the cup cake, grandfather looks like a grandfather even kisses...


Emmanuella said...

Hey Hailes I agree with you I'm like you I want to take my time to read the posts especially when you follow many blogs. Anyway the food looks really yummy and your grandpa looks adorable, lucky you I don't know none of my grandpas.
Have a nice day

Fashion R&D said...

Great pix! I cheated and just saw The Help (didn't read it). Loved it! Looks like you had a great weekend! I post every other day and that seems a bit much for me some days. Congrats on the growing blog!

JanM ♥ said...

I love the pictures! And about blogging everyday, I try not to either but I like having new things on my page so when people visit it, it's updated.

I read all the blogs I follow and find new ones whenever I have down time - that's after I work out and before I go to sleep :)


daisychain said...

Aw, how cute does your Grandpa look?!

GlamorousGirl said...



theheadlessstylist said...

Hey, Ive just found your blog and its awesome, love them cakes. Would love if you could come and check out my blog and if you like it maybe we could follow each other, just follow and leave me a comment. Seriously awesmoe blog, so happy to be reading it


LPFashionPhilosophy said...

So pretty! Everything looks really amazing!

PS. We’ve a Gift Card Giveaway to LYLIF on our blog! Check it out, if you’d like :)

ox from NYC!


christine said...

Halies what wonderful photos! I love them especially your Grandad - so cute! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Posting everyday is tough work. For me, it work besides my 40hr a day work and my Etsy work. Yea who has the time right? BUT I did think the same way.. who the heck has time? Blogging everyday? Here's what I learned the past few months:
1. keep a running inspiration journal to write in..future posts, inspiration, etc
2. schedule your posts a week ahead..if something comes up and you want to post it soon, make the changes.
3. I only post Mon-Fri ..Saturdays and Sundays are when I actually do the writing for the following week. Sometimes it doesn't happen as planned but it's good to have some kind of schedule.
4. Take a break if you need it....there's no set rules for blogging.
5. Not everything has to be "written" sometimes a picture says more than anything...

I'm still a newbie blogger, and I really learn from other bloggers and take pointers and notes as I go. Plus, more than 100 followers is awesome...I definitely don't have that yet... any pointers for me?!


Ly said...

I've been wanting to see Titanic in 3D!! I'm glad to hear that is was awesome since 3D movies are so expensive around here.


Maiken said...

to be honest posting every day is definitely not my thing.. it's just too much, and yeah, people are not so quick to read the posts when every day comes a new one. and I really enjoy reading posts from my favourite bloggers. I'm not a fan of people who just come and say "cool!", "nice" etc and I can see he or she didn't care about the post. I think you know what I mean ;)

now, when it comes to your photos, I totally like those. beautiful colours and genuine emotions are always my favourites :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

TheUrbanUmbrella said...

Great photos, your grandpa looks like a sweetheart. Makes me miss my grandpa!

I definitely know what you mean about posting everyday, sometimes I feel like that too but for some reason I end up posting everyday anyways!

The Urban Umbrella


samecookiesdifferent said...

looks like a perfect easter holiday =D
<3 -- your grandpa is cute
xx the cookies

Kiki Janku said...

Hello there sweetie! Thanks for the lovely comment over my blog, it means a lot to me!
Great post and pics! I don't post everyday either, even if I would have time. I like for people to take their time 2 and check my posts! :D
P.S : Check my new recipe in my cooking blog (traditional Albanian recipe)
Hope to hear again from you!

Hope you're having a great evening!

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xoxo Kiki

FashionCherry said...

these baked goods look really delish!!


Ella said...

Looking forward to the outfit! Your grandad looks so sweet :) oh my those cakes look so good xx
Ella @ Belle Vintage

Bonnie said...

Congrats on reaching 123 followers! Keep up the good work. :)

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

sigit hermawan said...

love this blog...

sigit hermawan said...

love this blog...

HailesHeartsFashion said...

Thank-you for all the lovely comments, I will be sure to let my Grandad know what a cutie he is! :) I have been telling him it for years!


Jessica said...

I LOVE these photos! There is something about cupcakes- sweets- that just makes me smile- well, obviously because they are delicious! I find it hard to post every day as well, and because lots of bloggers tend to follow lots of other blogs, they may not get to read every single post....I just blog when my schedule permits or whenever I feel like it. If I try to stick to a schedule, it begins to feel like a chore or forced and that's not why I started blogging... =) -Jessica


FashionStudent18 said...

Hahah nice to get a mention on your blog babe :) twas great to see you so much over the holidays and a nice revisit to childhood memories watching tintanic! Dont blog everyday but do it often as I like to see what your getting up to in my absence :P
lott a love
...big tubbs ;)