Saturday, 3 May 2014

my new river island purse

River island, fashion blog, river island purse, lime green purse

My lovely Cath Kidston purse broke a few weeks ago. The zip went crazy and started refusing to open/close so yesterday, while watching Modern Family, I decided to get ready and go buy a new one. I've been eyeing up the lovely purses in River Island since February and was caught between a plain black (goes with everything), a white claspy (seems grown-up) and a lime green tassel purse (doesn't go with everything) and ultimately decided on the last. Who cares if it doesn't go with everything. It's a purse. Its main function is to hold my money and cards and hoard receipts and old train tickets. It stays in my bag most of the time so when it does make an appearance, it should be worth it. I also like that it is very different for me. I love the floral-pastel-kitsch-little-bubble I've been living in but it comes a time when you need to mix it up a bit, right?
River island, fashion blog, river island purse, lime green purse

River island, fashion blog, river island purse, lime green purse

If I had more money and a better (or worse?) rationalising system, I'd have bought a beautiful Kate Spade wallet and it would go everywhere with me and it'd be my best friend forever and I'd never be mean to it or replace it. However, if I get bored with this purse in six weeks, six months or a year then the fact it only cost me £15 makes buying its replacement a little easier on my conscience. All in all, I'm rather happy with this 'purse'chase.

As an after thought, I feel I should mention that River Island don't do student discount. Firstly, what the hell? and secondly, I found this out the hard way. The lady at the till had just beckoned me over to the counter with the Anyone waiting? line. I go to the counter where she stands, old purse in one hand, new purse in the other. I pass the new purse I am buying to her and she tells me that's fifteen pound. I say, oh I have my student discount card and pass said card to her. She takes it, looks at the terrible picture of me and says (very loudly so everyone in the line/shop/town can hear) we don't do student discount so it's still fifteen pound. To this, I put my debit card in the machine and quickly leave while refusing to make eye contact with anyone in the shop. 

Anyway, Happy Saturday!


daisychain said...

that's a really snazzy purse! x

Emmanuella said...

I am loving this clutch, perfect for summer :)

Joyce said...

So gorgeous! i love the neon color and the cut out detail :)

June said...

What a sweet wallet! No places in my city did student discounts when I was a student either. And now I see them offers everywhere when I'm waay too old to claim to be one even though I look like one. haha
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Georgie Piccaver said...

I've been looking for a new purse, you may have just steered me in the right direction. Thanks so much Hun! Xxx loving the blog x
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