Tuesday, 20 May 2014

how I deal with a bad hair day

Today I woke with terrible hair. It was a bit greasy at the roots and seemed to have acquired a lot of volume overnight. I consoled myself with a plan to hide out in my house in my onesie but then my mum and sister suggested we went out for lunch and ruined everything! I'm trying to not wash my hair everyday (like I used to) cause firstly, it's bad for your hair and secondly, my shampoo and conditioner are quite expensive. Although today was actually my hair wash day, I'm going to London tomorrow to The Ritz for afternoon tea and I want my hair to look lovely and fresh so I was going to drag it out for another day but then everything went wrong and I needed a change of plan *breaathees*.

I decided to implement my back up plan. The messy bun that hides everything, takes no time and can be passed off as a nice casual hair style...that is, until you post about it online and reveal everything. This is how my hair looked this morning (after I showered and did my make-up of course). All the pics were taken on my iPhone so excuse the quality...

First I brushed all the knots out of my hair. Then sprayed a rather generous amount of dry shampoo throughout. I then rubbed it in to make sure there were no white powdery areas and put my hair into a tight high ponytail. I then put the bun over the ponytail, wrapped my fluffy hair around it so the bun could no longer be seen and secured with another hair band a couple of hair grips. 

Here's the finished result! 
Disclaimer: I know this isn't a revolutionary solution, post or hair style however it does exactly what it needs to do and takes no time so, when/if you are in this situation, try it!

Happy Tuesday!


Emma Walker said...

Dry shampoo is my lifesaver!

Emma| With A City Dream

Danielle said...

love batiste!

xx fameliquorlove

Rachel said...

Great go-to style.. works every time!! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

Talía Cardeña said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! :)http://outsidefashioncatwalk.blogspot.com.es

Maiken said...

buns are my saving angels too when I'm having a rather crappy hair day but the buns I make are even more simple, without any of those bun thingies :P I have never used a dry shampoo though since I have to wash my hair only twice a week anyway (sometimes even once since it doesn't get greasy easily). but yeah, those bad hair days are something that definitely visit me, haha.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Sophie // Tomorrow at Dawn said...

I think your hair looks great like this =)