Sunday, 20 April 2014

how to wear a head scarf

how to wear a head scarf

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My  mother's lovely friend, who I've known since I was a kid, bought me the pretty floral hair scarf (you can see me wearing in this post) for my birthday and it got me thinking about the other ones tucked away in my room that I haven't worn in ages. I dug around and found two of my old favourites and decided to try them out.
Hair scarves can be difficult to tie. Often they slip off or loose their shape or just look like you've tied a cloth to your head but I find that the (amateur) method I use works really well for me. It stays in place, is comfortable and looks right to me.
the method
You can achieve this by placing the middle of the scarf under your hair (putting your hair up first can make it a little easier) and bringing up the ends to the part of your head you want it to sit. I like it to cover the part where my fringe/bangs meet the rest of my hair but if you don't have any, you could take it a little further back). Make a simple knot and then repeat. Take the ends and bring them back around under your hair and tuck in or tie if they are long enough. Secure with bobby pins of your hair is slipping. It's easier to do this with day old hair as opposed to freshly washed as it has more grip.
a tip
You can find these pretty hair scarves in practically every charity shop on the planet. They will be inexpensive and unique. I've picked most of mine up for as little as a couple of pound as opposed to the £5-10 you'll pay on high-street!

Happy Easter and Happy Sunday :)


Emmanuella said...

This is super cute, I love it on you!

Joyce said...

Ooo the head scarves look so great! I'll have to try this, for some reason I can never get it right, hahah.

Chelsea Jade said...

They really suit you! I don't know if they'd look right on me not having a fringe.

Also I wanted to get back to you about the jelly sandals. I would say that my Juju pair are the comfiest. Having said that though it might be worth trying a cheaper pair if they are super cheap like Primark have some in for £6 at the moment! So I'd say try those out and if they don't feel right splurge on the Juju pair :)

Chelsea x

Sandy Beech said...

Really adore this look, perfect for the summer :D