Monday, 25 March 2013

Birthdays, breakdowns and bucket lists.

Me (on the far right) on my birthday night out at Uni with two of my friends! (I do not own this photo)
Tomorrow is my birthday. Tomorrow I turn twenty. This very fact has caused me to have a slight breakdown over the last few weeks, with thoughts such as "Shit, I am no longer a teenager" and "Duuuude, I really need to sort my life out." You see, people tell me that the twenties will be the best years of my life which will make me put an immense amount of pressure on myself to have fun over the next ten years (only ten years until I am thirty?!) and to make the most out of it all. It's clichéd but I often find myself wondering where all the years have gone? Time seems to have flown by and I don't want the next ten years to go as quickly as the last twenty have. You see, my mum got married when she was twenty one and had her first child when she was twenty three. Admittedly  I am at university and I have big plans for my career so starting a family isn't really on the agenda just yet but it makes me feel like I need to start planning my life and where I am heading. So I thought I would make a little bucket list of ten things I want to do/ achieve in the next ten years (before I turn thirty)...

  1. Get my degree (preferably a 2:1+)
  2. Do a years working visa in Australia
  3. Get a job in Fashion Journalism
  4. Get married or engaged
  5. Travel to New York, Paris and Tokyo
  6. Attend London Fashion Week
  7. Have decent, respectable, grown up fingernails (mine are currently hideous)
  8. Be able to drive and own a car
  9. Have a published novel
  10. Own a designer bag (a Mulberry Alexa satchel, please?)
Saying this, I know that turning twenty is a good thing, I just find age a scary thing at times. Anyway, I shall tell you all about my birthday in my next post - wish me luck!


ellie said...

Oh, just enjoy 20 and being with your friends!

Such a great list!

Berri said...

Oh don't worry about being 20, it's not such a big deal :D
now 21 is, I'm turning 21 in July and I suddenly feel soooo old q.q
but yeah, not that tragic 10-9 years is quite a lot of time to have fun :D