Sunday, 2 September 2012

Autumn/Winter Trend Report 2012

I love reporting on upcoming trends for the season, Autumn and Winter being my favourite. I'm sure you must be sick of me talking about how great Autumn is, whilst frequently dropping words such as texture and boots in every other sentence! However, instead of treating you all to an essay on why I love the upcoming season I will try and cover a larger amount of trends. There are so many versatile looks to inspire you from rich regal colours to edgy leather. I am aware that some people don't like to follow trends and I get this entirely. Trends inspire me and informs me/ prepares me for what the shops are going to be flooded with. If you aren't a trend follower to any degree, maybe you could share your favourite look for Autumn or which trend you like best (shown below).

From the ASOS website
Trend 1 Ox-blood

Ox-blood is apparently the colour we are going to be sick of hearing about by 2013. Think nail polish, lipstick, leather pencil skirts, scarves, skinny jeans, brogues - you name it! I think this will be a very interesting trend adding a new dimension to the Autumn colour palette as we get so used to seeing the same burnt and berry hues. This colour creates a real grunge style but transforms it into a rather more elegant look. Everywhere is doing it, you don't have too look far!

Try a quick flash of colour on your nails to liven up your look or to make a real statement, wear a cute skater dress in ox-blood teamed with some elaborate jewellery.

Taken from the Christopher Kane catwalk

Trend 2 Purple Haze

Purple is everywhere this season. We are used to seeing those berry purples that sway towards pink and red, but this year we are experiencing purple in it's purest form. There are a lot of beautiful bright purple pleated skirts, soft lilac dresses and a variety of shades of nail varnished on the high-street.

Christopher Kane show cased a beautiful collection of vivid purples at London Fashion Week A/W 2012. To find out more about this collection click here.

Try a bright purple dress with a jewelled purple necklace (it's all about the necklaces!). This trend has a real fantasy quality so don't be scared to mix in some different shades of P and be very creative with your make-up. (Other jewelled colours are also in for A/W 2012).

From the Topshop website

Trend 3 Studs

I love studs because not only are they effortlessly cool, but also ridiculously easy to get hold of. Everyone seems to be D.I.Ying old pairs of boots by attaching studs. If you are not the customising type you can find reasonably priced studded clothing and accessories right across the high-street so really, no matter what your skill or budget is, this trend can work for you. I have really struggled to find studs in any local craft shops but they can be found online and are most affordable through eBay.

Studded accessories are chic. Team a pair of studded boots (like the ones opposite) with a floral dress or denim shirt to toughen up your outfit. Alternatively, a studded clutch bag will add instant style and edge for an evening do. 

Me with my Cross earrings - ASOS

Trend 4 Crosses

Every high-street shop I have been in, in the last few weeks, have been swamped with crosses. Every other piece on the jewellery rack is fashioning a cross. Cross earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets all in a variety of silver, gun metal, gold and bronze. Similarly, there is an influx of t-shirts, leggings and jumpers branding the the cross motif. Topshop resembled a church more than a fashion outlet the last time I went in there. I mean, it's cool but I think sometimes more is less.

A pair of silver cross earrings toughens up and adds a strong fashion statement to the simplest of evening outfits. Cross nail art will definitely add some originality to your look and be experimental by incorporating the two biggest colours of the coming season (Oxblood and purple) in your look.  

From Newlook website
Trend 5 Leather Look

Think leather: skater skirts, paneled leggings, shorts and jackets (of course!). This is such a versatile trend which makes it interesting. I am certainly not brave enough to try leather shorts but will definitely be investing into a leather skater skirt and already have my trusty leather jacket from two seasons ago.

Slick black leather nails is such a cute take on this trend that will look great with any ensemble. Remember, you don't have to just wear black, leather in ox-blood has flooded the world of fashion so will shortly be filtering down to the high-street. Grey leather is also another great variant.

What is your favourite trend for Autumn/Winter 2012?

Let me know your thoughts! and as always, thank you for reading.

P.s this is the first post from my very own laptop.


Maiken said...

I like burgundy red and I like lilac and purple shades but also studs and crosses and leather. but I have liked those for pretty long years already and I guess will like in the future too. though I somehow lost one of my two faux leather skirts.. I haven't lost hope but it seems pretty impossible to find it :P
anyway, I like that post of yours. even though all those trends have been here for some time already. you should make a similar one about winter too ;)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

ellie said...

So love the jeans. That style is so popular this fall.

Making that adorable!

ivy's closet said...

Awesome trends! Love the pic of you!

lucy and sarah said...

Gotta have the ox-blood in my fall wardrobe!

Great post!

mazzy may said...

Oh wow, love your picks!

Maddie said...

Great post!
I just love deep red pants right now! Also leather skirts are cool! :)

Courtney Erin said...

I am just beyond excited for fall fashion (hello studs and faux leather!). In fact, I did some shopping over the weekend and loaded up on fall items.

Courtney ~

Gabriela and Chris said...

We love that leather skirt!!!